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(not found) 4 Nov 1824 (O243)
CHRISTIAN SCHNEDER, JR. Earl tp., farmer
Wife: Elizabeth. Children: Barbara, Daniel, George, Christian, John, Jacob, Samuel, Ann, _____ @ John Beam, ______ @ George Davis, _______ @ Christian Good, & _______ @ John Keefer. Land: all lands in Earl tp. to sons Daniel and George.
Ex. SON Daniel, FR John Wallace
Wit. David Metzler, Isaac Ronk
Schneder, Christian (I46905)

28.Johannes WAGNER was born 1751 in Berks Co.,Pa., and died 1831 in Berks Co.,Pa.. He was the son of 56. Elias WAGNER and 57. Margaret.29.Susannah LIEZE was born 1752, and died 1823. She was the daughter of 59. UNNAMED.

Children of Susannah LIEZE and Johannes WAGNER are:

i.Abraham WAGNER Sr was born 9 SEP 1778, and died 8 JUN 1865. He married Anna Maria GRUNEWALT 18 AUG 1801 in Schwartzwald Ch.& Cem.,Berks Co.,Pa., daughter of Peter GRUNEWALT and Anna Elizabeth. She was born 2 FEB 1781, and died 12 APR 1871.

ii.Catharine[Susan] WAGNER. She married John MAURER 20 OCT 1801 in Berks Co.,Pa..

iii.John JOHANN HENRICH WAGNER was born 19 NOV 1786.

iv.Elizabeth WAGNER was born 6 MAY 1783, and died 21 JAN 1859. She married Peter EHRGOOD 27 MAR 1804, son of Christian EHRGOOD Jr and Elizabeth CATHERINE RETGE. He was born 29 SEP 1781, and died 19 FEB 1850.

v.Ellanor? WAGNER.

vi.Henry WAGNER was born 1789 in Pa., and died 1855 in Hardin Co.,Oh.. He married Mary Anna RHOADS. She was born 1808 in Md., and died 28 JAN 1868 in Hardin Co.,Oh..

vii.Daniel WAGNER Sr was born 20 MAR 1795, and died 2 JAN 1869. He married Margaret MOORE, daughter of Henry MOHR and Anna Maria BEISCHLEIN. She was born 11 MAY 1800, and died 22 AUG 1850. He married Elizabeth. She was born 12 JUN 1798, and died 5 JUN 1856.

viii.Samuel WAGNER was born 11 AUG 1800 in Berks Co.,Pa.. He married Mary Ann HOSMAN 25 DEC 1834 in Hardin Co.,Oh., daughter of Levi HOSMAN and Mary Harvey WILSON. She was born 24 APR 1817 in Hardin Co.,Oh., and died 10 AUG 1895 in Oh..

ix.Isaac WAGNER was born 17 NOV 1790, and died 16 NOV 1821 in Cumru Twp.,Berks Co.,Pa.. He married Sarah[Salliy] GRING, daughter of Henry GRING and Elizabeth YEICH. She was born 28 JUL 1791, and died 8 AUG 1869.

x.Susanna WAGNER was born 18 JUL 1798. She married George WEIDNER, son of George WEIDNER and Elizabeth SCHWEITZER. He was born 23 MAR 1794, and died 23 SEP 1878.

xi.Elias WAGNER was born 13 FEB 1789.

xii.Nelly WAGNER was born 14 MAR 1793.

xiii.Johannes WAGNER was born 11 OCT 1781. 
Wagner, Johannes (I33291)

3-68: John Bear, yeoman, of Leacock tp. his son Andrew Bear, yeoman, of same
--Two tracts: (1.) 102a Leacock tp. and (2.) 125a Leacock tp.
1. HISTORY: Part of a larger tract pat. 11 June 1748 to John Stump (Ref. PB A-14-11). By his last will & testament, John Stump devised the same to his eldest son George-subject to paying equal shares to all his children, to wit, three sons and two daughters: George, Elias, Peter, Christiana, and Mary. In 1759, said son George Stump refused to accept the same before the Orphans Court. The said court then confirmed the property to second son Elias Stump and Wolfgang Newcomer (the latter of whom had purchased part of the right thereto). On 31 Dec 1759, Elias Stump [alias Jehis Stump] granted 102a Leacock tp. to John Bear, the party hereto.
2. HISTORY: Part of 216a Leacock tp. pat. 25 June 1740 to Hans Good (Ref. PB A-9-205) and also 225a Leacock tp. pat. 16 Oct 1740 to the said Hans Good (Ref. PB A-9-264). On 19 Dec 1747, Hans Good granted 239a Leacock tp. to John Bear, the party hereto.
--1 Oct 1803
--[Note: See Deed 3-74 for later conveyances. The said Andrew Bear died intestate leaving a widow named Mary (who next married Abraham Royer) and seven children, to wit: John, Jacob, Andew, Catharine wife of John Meyer, Elizabeth, Mary, and Sarah. See Orphans Court records dated 3 Aug 1809.]

D3-204: Andrew Bare, yeoman, of Leacock tp. his son John Bare, innkeeper, of Earl tp.
--Two tracts: (1.) 120a Leacock tp. and (2.) 19a Leacock tp.
1. HISTORY: Part of two tracts patented to Hans Good, one dated 25 June 1740 (Ref. PB A-9-205) and the other 16 Oct 1740 (Ref. PB A-9-264). Hans Good later granted 239a to John Bare, Sr. On 6 Mar 1752, John Bare, Sr., & his wife Catharine granted 120a to Andrew Bare, the party hereto.
2. HISTORY: Part of 200a acquired by Henry Landis via Deed U624. On 2 Apr 1785, Henry Landis & his wife Mary granted 19a to Andrew Bare.
--10 Apr 1798
Bear, Johannes (I45160)

5. Johann Frederick Wurtz (Johannes ) was born in 1708 in of Herbitzheim, Bas-Rhin, France. He died in Jun 1793 in Cocalico Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Johann married (1) Anna Eva Schickner daughter of Jonas Schickner and Anna Elisabeth Freund about 1736 in of Mackweiler, Bas-Rhin, France. Anna was born in 1711 in Mackweiler, Lorentzen, Bas-Rhin, France. She was christened on 15 Nov 1711 in Lorentzen, Bas-Rhin, France. She died about 1783 in of Cocalico Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

They had the following children:

21 F i Maria Margaretha Wurtz was born in Feb 1738 in of Mackweiler, Bas-Rhin, France. She died on 15 May 1740 in Mackweiler, Butten, Bas-Rhin, France. She was buried in 1740 in Butten, Bas-Rhin, France.
22 M ii Johannes Wurtz was born in Dec 1739 in of Mackweiler, Bas-Rhin, France. He died on 27 May 1740 in Herbitzheim, Bas-Rhin, France. He was buried in 1740 in Herbitzheim, Bas-Rhin, France.
+ 23 F iii Maria Margaretha Wurtz
+ 24 M iv Johann Henry Wurtz
+ 25 F v Anna Maria Wurtz
+ 26 F vi Anna Christina Wurtz
27 M vii George Michael Wurtz was born in 1753 in Cocalico Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He was christened on 12 Aug 1753 in Cocalico Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Johann married (2) Margaret Fix on 27 May 1784 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Margaret was born about 1717 in of Cocalico Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She died after 1800 in of Cocalico Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Herbitzheim Reformed Lutheran Church Records.
Lorentzen Parish Lutheran Church Records.
1742 Census of Bas-Rhin, France.
1790 Census - Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Land Records.
Lancaster County Church Records - Christenings of #5,6,7.
Ship Passenger Lists - Bilander Vernon, 1747.
Probate records of Nicholas & Anna Barbara Schonenberger lists sister Anna Elisabetha, wife of Jonas Schickner and their children - one being the wife of Frederick Wurtz in America.
Death record of Ann Elisabetha Freund Schickner, 1758, lists a daughter who resides in America, the wife of Frederick Wurtz.

Marriage Record of Parents.
1790 Census - Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Ship Passenger Lists - Bilander Vernon, 1747.
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Land Records. 
Wertz, Frederick (I22855)

July 21, 1814. August 6, 1814.
Nuncupative will: To wife Eve all estate, real & personal, as long as
she remains a widow; afterward to be divided among children, none of
whom are named. Executors: Wife Eve Alibaugh and John Shirk of
Brandywine. Wits: John Grier, Joseph Mackelduff, Jr.
Allenbach, Daniel (I23757)

American Eagle, arrived 12 Jul 1847 in the Port of New York, originating in Deutschland, last from London
F. Wievode, age 38, male, from Germany, to U.S.A. (as are all listed below)
An. M. Wievode, age 37, female
Joh. C. Wievode, age 10, male
Fka. M. Wievode, age 7, female (or Fka. N.?-very difficult to read)
Ma. B. Wievode, age 4, female
Gotli Wievode, age 1, male

1850 Federal Census: Susquehanna, Dauphin, Pennsylvania; Roll: M432_775; Page: 231B; Image: 34.
Fredk Vevotto (indexed as Watts: very difficult to read), age 40, laborer, born Germany
Mary Vevotto, age 40, born Germany
Conrad Vevotto, age 10, born Germany, attend school within the past year
Godleip Vevotto, age 4, born Germany
Mary Vevotto, age 9/12, born PA
--Enumerated next to Peter Fox. According to Susquehanna tp., Dauphin County, tax lists from 1848 to 1853, Frederick Wewota was an inmate residing on the property of Peter Fox.

1860 Federal Census: Susquehanna, Dauphin, Pennsylvania; Roll: M653_1104; Page: 620; Image: 15; Family History Library Film: 805104.
Samuel Machen, age 37, farmer, owns real estate, born PA
Mary Machen, age 33, born PA
Eliza Machen, age 10, born PA
Mary Machen, age 7, born PA
George Machen, age 5, born PA
Catharine Machen, age 3, born PA
Solomon Machen, age 4/12, born PA
Elizabeth Moor, age 16, born PA
Mary Moor, age 60, born PA
Conrad Weaverduff, age 23, farmhand, born Wirtemburg
George Herold, age 20, laborer, born Wirtemburg

1860 Federal Census: Susquehanna, Dauphin, Pennsylvania; Roll: M653_1104; Page: 618; Image: 13; Family History Library Film: 805104.
David R. Elder, age 26, farmer, owns real estate, born PA
Mary Elder, age 28, born PA
Henrietta Lynch, age 4, born PA
Godfrey Weverwitte, age 13, born Wirtemburg
Sarah Hoke, age 22, born PA
Catharine Hoke, age 50 (residing on the same property but in a different residence), born PA

1870 Federal Census: Susquehanna, Dauphin, Pennsylvania. Roll: M593_1335. Page 621B. Image 366. Family History Library Film: 552834.
John Dunkel, age 53, works on farm, owns real estate, all born PA
Susan Dunkel, age 52, keeping house
Emma Dunkel, age 12, at home
-----------------(next door)
Conrad Wevdau [sic], age 33, works on farm, born Germany
Sarah Wevdau, age 26, keeping house, born PA (as are all children)
Solomon Wevdau, age 9, at home
John Wevdau, age 7, at home
George Wevdau, age 5, at home
Fredk. Wevdau, age 3, at home
William Wevdau, age 9/12 (born Sep), at home

1880 Federal Census: Susquehanna, Dauphin, Pennsylvania; Roll: 1124; Family History Film: 1255124; Page: 128D; Enumeration District: 111; Image: 0440.
Conrad Wevodau, age 42, married, laborer, Wurtemberg-Wurtemberg-Wurtemberg
Sarah Wevodau, wife, age 38, keeping house, PA-Wurtemberg [sic]-PA
George Wevodau, son, age 14, single, laborer
Frederick Wevodau, son, age 13, single, laborer
William Wevodau, son, age 10, laborer
Sarah Wevodau, daughter, born April 1880

1900 Federal Census: Susquehanna, Dauphin, Pennsylvania; Roll: T623_1403; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 94.
Conrad Wevodeau, born May 1835, married 28 years, PA-Germany-Germany, laborer, rents a home, can speak English
Sarah Wevodeau, wife, born Jan 1838, eight children-all yet living, PA-PA-PA
Mary Wevodeau, daughter, born Feb 1882, single
Charles Wevodeau, son, born Jan 1888, single
Wevodau, Frederick M. (I33817)

Chalkley’s Chronicles, Volume I:

Augusta County Court Records: Order Book No. XVI.

August 19, 1778, page 350, witnesses summoned to prove the will of Gasper Eaker. [Note: This indicates that Casper had died before this date.]

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia: extracted ..., Volume III
By Augusta County (Va.), Lyman Chalkley


Page 100.-4th June, 1778. This is to certify that Casper Eakert, of Augusta County, taner, who is know Going out on Command under Thomas Right in Service against the headin and I do propose to Give unto my Broder fillips Eaker, all my land and crops that is now in the ground, likewise to horses, 8 head of cattle wit the increds (?), &c.-Casper Eakert. Teste: Randell Slack, Sarah (mark) Slack. Proved, 17th August, 1779, by the witnesses. Administration granted Phillip Ekert.

Page 132.-1st November, 1779. Casper Ekert's estate sold at vendue- Now belonging to his brother, Philip Ekert, by Christian Ruleman, Henry Stone. Michael Willpink.
Eckert, Caspar (I45376)

Check for possible origin here on


A Sebastian Borg had a son named Joachim baptized there in 1709. For his other children, Sebastian's surname is given as Borger. A Joachim and wife Elisabeth had children baptized in 1735 and 1738--and then there is not more record.

Also, a Joachim Burger appears in the New Holland records, with a child born in 1749. 
Burger, Joachim (I45489)

Cocalico tp. tax records:
Jacob Mellinger, 1763-1775, 25A to 40A
Widow Mellinger, 1778-1782, 25A

Susanna Mullinger, widow of Jacob Mullinger, m. 16 May 1770 [sic] Johannes Border, son of the deceased Johannes Border

OC 7 Mar 1780:
JACOB MELLINGER, decd., yeoman (236)
Adm. Susanna Mellinger & Jacob Mohler
PA-BAL-DISTR according to law, to wit, to said Susanna Mellinger (the widow), Magdalena Mellinger, Elizabeth Mellinger, Susanna Mellinger, & Anna Mellinger

OC 26 Mar 1780:
JACOB MELLINGER, decd., late of Cocalico tp. (243)
MC: Magdalena Mellinger (above 14) chooses Daniel Bowman of same GDN
MC: Elizabeth, Susanna, & Anna Mellinger (all under 14) CA Jacob Keller of same GDN

OC 26 Mar 1783:
JACOB MELLINGER, decd., late of Cocalico tp. (150)
MOT/o Jacob Keller, the GDN of MC Elizabeth, Susanna, & ________ Mellinger: Referees are appointed to value the rents of 25a of patented land in Cocalico tp. (now in the possession of John Porter, one of the administrators of the deceased) for the term of one year beginning on 22 March instant.

OC 3 Sep 1783:
JACOB MELLINGER, decd., late of Cocalico tp., blacksmith (211)
REP/from referees: The rents of the real estate are value & appraised for the term of one year.

OC 28 June 1784:
JACOB MELLINGER, decd., late of Cocalico tp., yeoman (353)
MOT/o Frederick Doublebaues (one of the creditors of the deceased) and Adm. Jacob Mohler: CIT to John Porter & his wife Susanna (one of the daughters of the deceased), John Breneisen (the GDN of MC Magdalena Mellinger), & Jacob Keller (the GDN of MC Elizabeth, Susanna, & Anna Mellinger) to appear on the first Tuesday in September next to show cause why they will not reimburse the said administrator Jacob Mohler monies out of the personal estate of the deceased so that he can pay the said Frederick Doublebaues a debt due him from the estate and discovered since a previous settlement.

OC 1 Nov 1785:
JACOB MELLINGER, decd., late of Cocalico tp. (209)
PET/o John Breneisen (who is married to Magdalena, a daughter of the deceased): Said Jacob Mellinger died intestate seized in possession of a 25a tract of patented land in Cocalico tp., which the petitioner desires to hold. The deceased left a widow Susanna and four children, to wit, the said Magdalena @ John Breneisen, Elizabeth Mellinger, Susanna Mellinger, & Anna Mellinger (the last three are yet minors). RTBM at next OC.

OC 6 Dec 1785:
JACOB MELLINGER, decd., late of Cocalico tp., yeoman (223)
REP/from SHF: 25a Cocalico tp. (patented land) confirmed to John Breneisen (who is married to the deceased's eldest daughter Magdalena); he to pay the other heirs.
--The widow Susanna is to receive a yearly sum.
--The debts of the estate are to be paid before the remaining balance can be distributed.
--Michael Kneisley & Jacob Mohler are security for John Zuber.

OC 8 Mar 1786:
JACOB MELLINGER, decd., late of Cocalico tp. (271)
Adm. Susanna Porter & Jacob Mohler
PA-BAL: monies owed to the accountants-to be charged against the estate.

GG-1: Jacob Keller, yeoman, of Cocalico tp. [the guardian of Elizabeth Mellinger, Susanna Mellinger, & Anna Mellinger, the minor children of Jacob Mellinger, deceased, yeoman, late of same] quitclaims to John Breneisen of Allen tp., Cumberland County [the husband of Magdalena, late Magdalena Mellinger, the eldest daughter of said Jacob Mellinger, deceased]
--He acknowledges having received his wards' shares in and of their late father's real estate.
2 Apr 1787: Jacob Mosser & AN

N468: Jacob Keller, yeoman, & his wife Barbara of Cocalico tp. Jacob Mellinger, blacksmith, of same
27-¾ a. Cocalico tp.: HISTORY: Part of 1,647a pat. 12 June 1734 to John White, merchant, of Philadelphia (Ref. PB A-6-349). Said John White granted 260a thereof to Henry Crebill (Ref. Philadelphia Deed F-10-357, recorded 29 May 1739). Said Henry Crebill and one Rudolph Negle made an agreement to exchange their plantations; however, no conveyance was made before Henry died. The following heirs of Henry Crebill released their right & claim to the 260a to Rudolph Negle: (1.) only son John Crebill, yeoman, of Earl tp., on 23 Dec 1757; (2.) Conrad Hildebrand & his wife Elizabeth [the late widow of Henry Crebill] on 7 May 1759; and (3.) Abraham Eby & his wife Barbara of Leacock tp. on 7 May 1759.
On 25 Aug 1760, Rudolph Negle granted 100a (part of the 260a) to Jacob Keller & Joseph Mellinger. Said Joseph Mellinger & his wife Dorothy later assigned their undivided moiety to the said Jacob Keller.
28 Mar 1771: JJ & Henrich Mohler

T236: Adam Naess, yeoman, of Cocalico tp. Samuel Miles & William Wistar, merchants, of Philadelphia
--Two tracts: (1.) 147a Cocalico tp. and (2.) 100a Cocalico tp. [reserving 50a that Adam Naess previously granted to Jacob Molinger]
1. HISTORY: Same tract pat. 15 Jan 1749 to Michael Nuss, alias Nise [Ref. PB A-14-375]. By his last will & testament dated 5 Dec 1760, Michael Naess devised the same to his son Adam-subject to certain legacies paid to Adam's brothers and sisters. On 21 May 1777, the other heirs [not named] released the same to Adam Naess.
2. HISTORY: On 28 Feb 1774, Adam Bower granted the same tract to Adam Naess.
--23 Oct 1776: PMR & AS
Mellinger, Jacob (I41579)

Compiled by Teresa Martin Klaiber

22937 Long Branch Road, Rush, KY 41168

Family Chart #760

Christophel Ludwig Franciscus was born 23 December 1680 in Gratschaft, Rohrbach, Germany. Christophel [Christopher] had a prior marriage and a daughter Johanna. Once settled in Pennsylvania Christophel married Anna Margaretha Schwab and had nine more children.

Christophel was on board the ship Maria Hope from London in 1710 along with daughter Johanna. At the request of William Penn to the British Ambassador of the Netherlands fifty to sixty Swiss Mennonite had come from Holland in order to travel to Pennsylvania. Others among the 94 passengers were German. A journal kept by the Rev. Chalkley commented on the difficulty of communication between the two groups. The ship arrived in Philadelphia on 29 June 1710. Christophel migrated to Lancaster County along with the Mennonite group.

Christophel settled in Lampeter Township. At the time he settled Lampeter it was a portion of Chester County, Pennsylvania. By 1718 it was included in Conestoga Township which covered almost the entire portion of Chester County taken to form Lancaster County. Lancaster County was finally established in 1729. Today Lampeter Township has been divided down the middle, creating East Lampeter and West Lampeter. Christophel signed an oath of Allegiance to be a loyal subject in the Province of Pennsylvania the same year Lancaster County was created.

According to the History of Lancaster County, written in 1844, The American Weekly published an article in 1729 about the character of Christophel Franciscus. The author of the 1844 publication embellished the story by adding that daring ran through the blood of the Franciscuses, and that his sons, and grandsons were stout men. The news article describes in great detail how Christophel challenged a wolf.

"At Conestoga near the beginning of this month a stout action was performed by Christopher Franciscus. He had gone to bed and soon after heard a ...disturbance among his sheep...sent out his dog and later hastened after to his sheep pen where a large wolf was ...leaping over the fence just as the careful husbandman got there. The wolf being delayed by slipping a foot into a cranny of the fence the man had time and resolution to take him in a strong grasp of the neck with one hand and by the hind leg with the other so pulled him down and shifting his hand from the wolf’s leg to his ear and forcing his knee on the struggling animals body so held him without being bitten ...he was heard by a daughter...who had the courage and faithfulness to bring a knife and relieve his father by letting out the entrails of the wolf...the place where the wolf was slain is marked by the

head of a fine spring near Lampeter Square where Daniel Zimmerman who bought of Franciscus erected a substantial sandstone house in 1750..."

Christophel was among a long list of gentleman who applied for a license to sell rum by the quart in May 1730. And on the first day of May 1733 Christophel and Margaret appeared at the Lancaster Quarter Session for beating Garratt Coffrond? Both were found guilty and Christopher fined 20 shillings while Margaret was made to pay 1 shilling.

Christophel was once again in court in February 1736 when John Tangler was prosecuted for assaulting and beating Christophel. Christophel brought along his son Ludwick to be a witness on his behalf.

When Augusta County, Virginia was formed in 1738, Christophel invested by purchasing 3800 acres from Jacob Stover being a portion of a 5000 acre grant Stover had received. The property was in Mill Creek Valley which would later be a portion of Rockingham County, Virginia. Several of his sons migrated to Virginia and managed the property.

In 1748 John Craig purchased land from the Fanciscos on Cub Run. And in July 1752 he conveyed his son Ludwick land on the north side of the Shenandoah River on Cub Run. Utilizing another son Stophel, as his attorney, Christophel sold Peter Hull 230 acres of the holdings in 1752. And Valentine Pence purchased land at the mouth of Cub Run from the Franciscos in 1754.

Christophel/Christopher Franciscus died 27 September 1757 in Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He gave his children all the tract of land in the Colony of Virginia "containing three thousand acres be the same more or less." To Johanna now called by her Anglo name Hannah he left only one shilling sterling and "no more." He provided Margaret with a house and Lot in Lampeter Township along with household goods. After her death the house and lot were to go to daughter Margaret and son John. All other personal property was to be sold at his wife’s death. His younger children were still under age 21 and he provided for their education. Daughter Esther was to receive rents for a piece of property set aside for her.

Children of Christophel Franciscus and Anna Schwab are:

i. Ludwig Francisco, born Abt. 1719 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; died Bef. April 1799 in Botetourt County, Virginia; married Elizabeth --?--.

ii. Christophel Francisco, born 07 October 1720 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; died Abt. 1799 in Botetourt County, Virginia.

iii. Esther Francisco, born 24 February 1721/22 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; died 24 November 1804 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

iv. Stophel Francisco, born 17 February 1724/25 in Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

v. Catharina Francisco, born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

vi. Margaretha Francisco, died 24 July 1762 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

vii. Michael Francisco, died 1819 in Montgomery County, Virginia; married Johanna Roesler 30 January 1759 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; born Abt. 1740 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

viii. Johannes Francisco, born October 1737 in Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; died 26 November 1814 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

ix. Johann George Francisco died Abt. 1806 in Woodford County, Kentucky.

Rev. War Soldier.
Franciscus, Christoph (I44929)

Copied from a translation of the German text found in the Bible:
· We substantiate that our son George Michael saw the light of the world and was born on the 27th of August in 1729.
· In the year 1732 a daughter was born. Efa Barbara was born 28th of February in the sign of the virgin on Monday.
· Today ditto 1734 on the 9th of January Johann Philip was born into the world in the sign of the hunter on Sunday.
· In the year 1736 on the 27th of February to me was born a little son and the same died on the 4th of March and did not become 8 days old.
· In 1737 on the 6th day of May a son Johannes came to light of the world in the sign of the fish on Mon. before daybreak.
· On the 21st of January 1740 was born to me a daughter Anna Margaretha was born in the world in the sign of the ram.
· In the year of 1742 on the 19th of July a son Samuel. He saw the light and was born in the sign of the crab.
· In the year of 1745 on the 21st of May was born a daughter Anna Christina in the sign of the twins.
· In 1747 on the 20th of September is my son Valentine born at night between 10 and 11 o'clock. On the 25th was baptized by Cromhart Zerll and Heinrich Hibst and Heinrich Beck and Heinrich Stohr-godparents.
· In the year 1750 on 13th of December is my daughter Anna Maria born in the night at 11 o'clock and on the 18th thereof got baptized by Christian Chranch.
There is a break and from here on, the births recorded are children of John Michael's son Valentine.
· The ninth of March in 1781 a son came to light this evening at 9 o'clock in the sign of the virgin. His name was Daniel.
· The 21st of May 1783 a daughter Barbara came to light and was born in the sign of the fish between 9 and 10 o'clock.
· The 28th of November 1785 a son George came to light on Monday morning between 9 and 10 o'clock in the sign of the balance.
· The 15th of November 1787 a son Johannes born on Thursday morning between 6 and 7 o'clock in the sign of goat.
· The 18th of July in 1790 a son Heinrich came to light and was born on a Sunday at 8 o'clock in the sign of the balance.
· The 12th of March 1793 is my son Michael come to the light and was born on Tuesday noon around 12 o'clock in the sign of the fish.
· The 19th of September 1796 a son Samuel was born in the afternoon between 3 and 4 o'clock in the sign of the ram on Monday.
· The 27th of September 1799 my daughter Marie Katrina came into the world in the afternoon at 4 o'clock in the sign of the virgin. Around 6 o'clock the same day the mother died on the 27th of September on Friday.
· Father Valentine Ranck - Valentine married with Mother Jeijerin (sic) the 9th of April 1780.
Ranck, Valentine (I48256)

Data From

Noted events:

• He signed a will 13 May 1820 in , Jefferson County, Ohio, USA. Will of Jacob Springer - Jefferson Co. Ohio

General file 264 (some portions unreadable or missing due to age.)

In the name of God, Amen. This13th day of May in the year of Our Lord, One thousand eight hundred and (20) twenty I Jacob Springer Senior of Jefferson County in the state of Ohio being in perfect mind and good memory although a ____ in body. Therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testment, that is to say:

Principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it, and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a Christian like manner at the direction of my executor, nothing doubting but at the g------- I shall receive the same ------- of God ------.

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--------- I do devise and dispose of it in the following manner and forever. (Item) I do allow my lawfull debts and funeral expenses to be paid out of my estate (Item) I do allow and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth two beds and bedding, the clock in the house, spinning wheel and -------- all the kitchen furniture with the cupboard, one table, one chest and desk, one cow, one of the rooms of the house with the priveledge of passing and repassing to the yard and on the premises at any time, and her maintenance of the place during her natural life in clothing and living and fifteen dollars in money yearly during her natural life. I do allow and bequeath to my son Jacob Springer, Jr. all my lands with the mills and improvements which is lying and being in the County of Jefferson, Ohio and in Section #30 SE 1/4 and SW 1/4 Sec. 24 Twp. 11 and 4th range to and for the ------- properly--------- and behoof of him the said Jacob Springer Jr. his heirs and assigns forever excepting the maintanance of his mother Elizabeth Springer and her living also to provide her with firewood with every necessarys and also to pay yearly unto her fifteen dollars during her natural life excepting as ------ be provided. And after my decease to pay to my other children here mentioned namely -Barbara, Christina, Catherina, Sarah, and Nancy, ------- each one hundred dollars to be paid to ---------- of them within three years after------ excepting my daughter Barbara. (bottom lines torn and unreadable)

(page 3)

----------- Hundred acres of land lying below me. Island Creek in Taylor County, Virginia, I do bequeath to my daughter Barbara's children to be qually divided amongst them. Namely his sons Solomon, Samuel and Charles Duel and his daughters Ruth and Rachel and to pay to Benjaman Duel the sum of five dollars. I also bequeath to my daughters each namely Catherine, Sarah & Nancy each to have one hundred acres of my land lying in Taylor County Virginia, and also to my daughter Christina I bequeath her share of money and one hundred acres of the aforesaid land to her three children to be equally divided between William, Elizabeth and Christina ( the said Christina being married to John Ramsburg) I also bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth married to Henry Isenaugle one hundred acres of land where he now lives to be laid off on the east side of the quarter section. I also bequeath to my daughter Sarah Married to John Miller fifty dollars to be paid by Jacob Springer the said Sarah after my decease. I also give and bequeath to my son Jacob Springer Jr. two horses, all my carpenters tools, shovels, halters, and picks for his use. Lastly I do likewise constitute, make and ordain my son Jacob Springer and John Showber to be my whole and sole executors of this last will and testament, giving and investing them with full power to sell and convey my estate both real and personal not otherwise provided for. I do hereby utterly disavow all and every other wills and bequeath ------- my last will and testament in writing whereof I Jacob Springer Sr. have hereunto set my hand and seal. The date first written, signed, sealed in the presence of who at his request have signed our names as witnesses,

Wm. Heald Jacob Springer (suignature)

Joseph Springer (signatures)

Codocil to the foregoing will of Jacob Springer.

I Jacob Springer of Springfield Township in Jefferson County and State of Ohio do this twenty eighth day of July A.D. 1828 make and publish this codocil to my last will and testament in manner following, that is to say I give and bequeath unto Margaret Springer my daughter in law and widow of my son Jacob Springer deceased, the full right of living on the premises she now lives until the children she now has become of age------ and also sixty bushels of wheat yearly until the youngest child she now has becomes of age, and also that what is bequeathed to my son Jacob Springer in my last will and testament shall be bequeathed to his children and delivered to them when they become of age by by executor and lastly it is my desire that this my codocil be delivered to and made a part of my last will and testament to all intent and purpose in witness thereof I have ------ and seal on the ----- Signed sealed published and declared by the above named Jacob Springer as a codocil to be assigned to his last will and testament in the presence of

William B. Powell

William Springer (x mark)

• He had a residence 28 Jul 1828 in Springfield Township, Jefferson County, Ohio, USA. As stated in codocile to last will and testament.

• He had an estate probated 2 May 1831 in Steubenville, Jefferson County, Ohio, USA.
State of Ohio Jefferson County

At a court of Common Pleas begun and held at Steubenville within and for said County, on Monday the 2d day of May in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty One. the foregoing last will and testament was brought into court and the subscribing witnesses thereto being called, William Heald says that he did see the said testator sign the said will and that he did sign the same as a witness in the presence of the testator, that the testator at the time was of sound mind above the age or twenty one years, and under no restraint. And the court being satisfied with the said proof do order that the same together with the will be recorded. Thereupon John Showber one of the executors named in said will was duly sworn in open court according to law and Solomon Stine, John Hagerman and David Johnston were appointed the appraisers of the personal Property.

• Biography of Jacob SPRINGER-[993]
History of Belmont & Jefferson Counties

By J. A. Caldwell F#896779

Pg 575 Springfield Twp. Pioneers

In mentioning the names of the first settlers of Springfield, we wish to say that our information is from memory of the oldest living settlers. Solomon Miller, from Fayette county, PA, settled in 1800, and was one of the first prominent settlers within the present limits of this township. He settles on section 10, but being too poor to buy the section, and nothing less at the time could be entered, after having lived two years on it, and made considerable improvements, the section was entered by Henry Miser in 1802, and Mr. Miller was dispossessed, and had to commence anew on section 11. In 1801 Stewart McClave settled on section six, and from 1801 to 1806 came John Stutz, Joseph Gorden, Jacob SPRINGER, Thomas Peterson, James Allman, Henry ISINOGLE, George ALBAUGH, James Rutledge, Mr. Davidson, Mr. Wells, Robert Young, Adley Calhoon and son, William S. Jenkins, James Campbell, S. Dorrance, Philip Burgett and several others, whose names we are unable to obtain, but all of these old settlers have passed away and almost forgotten, but the noble deeds of these old fathers should be perpetuated, and their hardships recorded that they may live in the remembrance of posterity.

• He has conflicting birth information of 1750.
Sprenger, Jacob (I40363)

David Eppler of Paxton tp., Dauphin County, writ 31 Aug 1812, probated 25 Nov 1822
1. To his wife Catharine: Al his real and personal estate during the rest of her natural life.
2. 2. Upon his wife's decease, his real and personal estate is to be sold at public vendue and the proceeds divided into five equal shares and distributed as follows:
a. One-fifth share to the children of his deceased brother-in-law Peter Sweitzer
b. One-fifth share to the children of his deceased brother-in-law Peter Beam
c. One-fifth share to the children of his deceased brother-in-law Thomas Segner
d. One-fifth share to the children of his deceased brother-in-law Peter Bobb
e. One-fifth share to the children of his deceased brother John Epler
3. Executor: Friend George Zeigler, innkeeper, of Harrisburg
4. Witnessed by B. Kurtz and Henry A. Kurtz

Brecknock Twp. Tax Records:
Andrew Schweitzer, 1750-1763, 50A
Frederick Schweitzer, 1769-1773, 100A [missing '72]
Nicholas Schweitzer, 1772-1773

1767 Berks County Tax Lists:
Robeson Twp.: Melchior Switzer
Brecknock Twp.: Frederick Sweitzer

Note: Another Schweitzer family in region. I've tried to keep the records separate.

Lancaster County Probate:
May 20, 1771 December 30, 1771
Children: Peter, Melchoir, Frederick and Mary. Son-in-law: David
Ebler (wife's name omitted).
Ex. Melchoir Sweitzer and David Ebler. Brecknock Twp.

Church Records:

MCL, Iling--none for this family [well...a Peter Schweitzer & wife Barbara in Illing.]

Most of these records are assumed family members--only a few are certain.

New Holland Lutheran KB:

Anna Schweitzerin & Andreas Koch, both single, sp ch/o Christian Hufner & A. Marg. on 12 Jan 1782

Peter Behm, son of the late Jacob, m. 25 Aug 1760, Susanna, d/o the late Andreas Schweitzer, residing in Brecknock tp.

Peter Popp, son of Philipp, m. 6 Oct 1761, Maria Barbara, d/o Andreas Schweitzer, all of Brecknock tp.

Allegheny Reformed KB:

Christina Riehm daughter of Abraham and Elisabeth, b. August 25,
1774, bapt. October 25, 1774. Sponsors: Peter Schweitzer and

Barbara Burckhart daughter of Joh. and Margareth, b. March 27, 1791,
bapt. June 2, --. Sponsors: Borkert Schweitzer and Barbara.

Maria Kramer daughter of Heinrich and Barbara, b. January 7, 1795,
bapt. September 6, 1795. Sponsors: Peter Schweitzer and Barbara.

Wilhelm Seegner son of Melchior and Catharina, b. February 14, 1796,
bapt. April 10. Sponsors: Friedrich Schweitzer and Barbara.

Catharina Schweitzer daughter of Friedrich and Barbara, b. October
13, 1796, bapt. February --, 1797. Sponsors: Catharina Schweitzer.

Elisabeth Simon daughter of Joh. and Susanna, b. August 19, 1799,
bapt. September 28, 1799. Sponsors: Elisabeth Schweitzer.

Barbara Schweitzer daughter of Friedr. and Barbara, b. September 27,
1799, bapt. October --, 1799. Sponsors: Heinrich Burkret and wife.

Schwartzwald Reformed KB:

25 October 1788 - Friedrich Schweitzer and Barbara Burchhard of Brecknock,
Berks County.

10 March 1795 - Johannes Härter [ Harter ] and Anna Maria Schweitzer of
Robeson, Berks County.

11 April 1797 - Johannes Zimmer and Susanna Schweitzer of Brecknock, Berks

12 November 1799 - Jacob Neunzehnhöltzer [ Neunzehnholtzer ] and Magdalena
Schweitzer of Robeson, Berks County.


Magdalene of Peter Schweitzer and Elizabeth, b. November 2, 1781,
bapt. March 30, 1782. Sponsors: William Grickel and Anna Maria.

John Peter of Philip Hertmann and Christine, b. October 27, 1783,
bapt. December 7, 1783. Sponsors: Peter Schweitzer and Barbara
Siegethaler, both single.

Berks County Probate:

JOST, LEOPOLD, Brecknock. February 13, 1768 - March 16, 1771.
Wife Barbara to have 1/2 of estate when 3 children have had £30 per
advance and the remaining 1/2 to be to the 3 children.
Dau. Barbara first having £30 per advance.
Son in law Adam BOHM to be overseer of my son Andreas, that he May not
squander his estate.
Exrs: son in law Adam BOHM and Peter SCHWEITZER.
Wit: Henry BAR and Peter BOB.

JOST, ANDRES, Brecknock. February 22, 1773 - August 16, 1774.
To bro-in-law Adam BOHM 1/2 of estate.
And the other 1/2 to my sister Barbara JOST.
Exr: Henry BARR.

MILLER, JACOB, Brecknock.
October 10, 1782 - January 25, 1783. B - 76.
To wife Barbara, all estate during widowhood.
Son Jacob shall have a share and a half and the first refusal of the
plantation. Son George shall have 20 shillings more than the others
except Jacob, the others to share alike.
Exrs: wife Barbara and Daniel DICKINSON.

June 30, 1797 - August 9, 1798.
To son Frederick 100 acres of the upper part of plantation.
To son Peter the remainder of land, including buildings, both tracts to
be appraised.
Provides for wife Elisabeth.
Sons above named to have £50 each in advance and then all estate
equally divided among all children.
Dau. Barbara, widow of John ZERBE, only one mentioned by name.
Exrs: Friend John BEAR and sons Frederick and Peter.
Wits: Bernhard BEELER and Henry BOHLER.
(This will in wrong year in files.)

BEAM, PETER, Robeson.
March 8, 1809 - April 3, 1809.
Provides for wife Susanna.
Mentions having sold his real estate to sons Samuel and John, dividing
estate among 11 children.
Children of deceased son Jacob and deceased dau. Barbara to have their
parents shares.
Others not named.
Exrs: Son Samuel and son-in-law Philip FORMAN.
Wits: Christian TREAT and Peter SCHWEITZER.

SCHWEITZER, Peter, Brecknock.
October 22, 1824.
Adm. John and Peter, sons.

ZERBE, JOHN, Jr., Cumru.
January 30, 1797.
Adm. to Peter SWEITZER, brother-in-law, and David ZERBE, brother.
Barbara the widow renouncing.

MOHR, JOHN, Robeson.
September 8 - November 26, 1823.
Provides for wife Elizabeth.
The plantation where I live, 122 acres, and grist mill, and 17 acres
adjoining 100 acres with 10 acres of woodland, valued at £2500, the
plantation now occupied by Fred SWITZER valued at £900, formerly
occupied by son Daniel near Adamstown, containing 44 acres with grist
mill at £2500, in all £5900. Above real estate devised to 5 sons: Jacob,
John, George, Peter and Conrad. They to pay certain legecies in my
brother Conrad MOHR'S will, amounting to £840 to heirs of son Daniel
deceased £540, to heirs of Michael FREES married to dau. Catherine
£540. To Frederick SWITZER married to dau. Elizabeth, £540.
£540 each to dau. Hannah and Mary MOHR.
Exrs: Sons Jacob and John.
Wit: Nathaniel DICKINSON and Evan EVANS.
Caveat filed by FREES AND SWITZER September 22, 1823. Withdrawn October
2, 1823.
Schweitzer, Andreas (I38959)


Johannes Eckmann, son of Ulrich Eckmann, married 18 Aug 1711 Dorothea Seitz, daughter of Johann Martin Seitz

Johannes Eckman & his wife Dorothea had baptized:
1. Johannes, baptized 7 June 1712
2. Hieronymus, baptized 13 Mar 1718
3. Catharina, baptized 23 July 1720
4. Anna Christina, baptized 8 Mar 1722
5. Eva Elisabeth, baptized 20 Jan 1724

Note: Johannes Beckman [sic] & his wife Eva Dorothea Seitz had a daughter Eva Dorothea baptized 18 Sep 1715 in this church book.
Eckmann, Johannes (I45644)

Exeter Township, Berks County, PA
Marriages 1730 - 1800

14 Nov 1759
Edward George
Martha Wooliston

June 5, 1768 - July 4, 1768. Vol 2- 44.
To son Samuel, 6 acres of land off the plantation where I now live and a dwelling house to be erected thereon.
Also £3 yearly during life and after his decease to Rebecca his wife if she survive him.
To son Joseph £60.
To dau. Gobitha wife of Thos. WITHERS, £3 yearly during life and at her death £100 to her children.
To son in law Wm. DAVIS, husband of my dau. Elizabeth, the upper half of my plantation in Bern, the whole containing 236 acres and allowance. To son in law Edward GEORGE, husband of dau. Martha, the remainder 1/2 of my said plantation.
Exrs: sons-in-law Wm. DAVIS and Edward GEORGE.
Trustees: friends Jos. PENROSE and Samuel HUGHES.
Wit: Samuel EMBREE, Moses EMBREE, John PRICE.

Edward George, III (Richard - Edward - Richard - George )

b. c1732, Pennsylvania. m. 11 mo. 14, 1759, Martha Woolaston, at Maiden Creek MM, Berks co., Pennsylvania.

They migrated to North Carolina settling in an area that later became located in E. Tennessee.

Edward GEORGE, died Abt. 1798 in Will dated 6-25-1798. He was the son of Richard GEORGE and Rebecca ELLIS. He married Martha WOOLASTON November 1757 at Maiden Creek Meeting, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Martha WOOLASTON, died after June, 1798. She was the daughter of Samuel WOOLASTON and Gobitha POWELL of Bern, formerly of Haverford. Edward and Martha died in Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Edward George wrote his will in 1798. Both Edward & Martha died in Jefferson co., Tennessee.

See ~

From Will Book - 1 - Jefferson co., Tennessee: page 65
Will not dated but the Wills on adjoining pages are dated in 1801 & 1798:

- Will of Edward George -

A ll just debts paid by exectors. Son: Silas George, a 200 acres land on north side of French Broad River; son Edward George and dau. Rebecca Sellers, bottom land, 200 acres to George, remainder to Rebecca; son, Samuel George, 200 acres n.e. of the old place to the spring and creek also 37 acres on the island joining Silas; dau. Elizabeth McCollough 70 pounds; dau. Amy Kerr 70 pounds; dau. Martha Wallace 70 pounds, wife Martha George all other real estate and personal property.

Executor: wife, Martha George

Witness: Samuel McSpadden and John Donald

Children of Edward and Martha George - Assume birth order

Lost Creek MM, Jefferson co., East Tennessee - 1798, 10, 20, Edwards children dis joined Presbyterian church

+A68. I. Silas b. 1760/65 - m. Mary -------; Lived in Jefferson Co., Tennessee. Received Land Grant from NC of 150 acres north of French Broad River.

+A69. II. Rebecca b. 1760/70 m. John Sellers

+A70. III. Amy b. Nov. 19, 1767 m. Robert Kerr

+A71. IV. Elizabeth b. 1770-80 m. James McCollouch

+A72. V. Edward,IV. b. 1760-70 m. Polly Hambright / Hammond

+A73. VI. Martha b. 9-14-1770, d. at Maryville, Tn, 12-26-1848 married Jesse WALLACE in Jefferson Co., Tn. Jesse was born 10-4-1767 at Mecklenburg Co., NC; died at Maryville, 2-13-1854. ~ Their Children: Rebecca, Sarah, Barclay, Martha, Elizabeth, G.W. Campbell, William, Jane, Samuel, and Mary.

+A74. VII. Samuel 1776-1840, moved to Tn. Married 1-24-1799, Barbara Leith 1780-1845. 8 children, youngest Isaac Wright George.
George, Edward (I18956)

From 1886 Cumberland Co. History:

LEWIS BRIKER, retired farmer, Mechanicsburg, was born in Newville, this county, August 6, 1812, a grandson of David Bricker, a native of Lancaster County, Penn., who married a Miss Erbe and moved to Newville in 1806, where he kept a hotel and died. He had five children: Jacob; Elizabeth, wife of Henry Gebler; David; Mary, wife of Peter Dock; and John. Jacob, the eldest, was born in Cocalico Township, Lancaster Co., Penn., December 25, 1781, and married Miss Mary, daughter of Martin and Mary (Cap) Fry. He was a miller at Newville, and afterward built the Silver Spring mills, in Silver Spring Township; he died April 3, 1868; his wife was a member of the Lutheran Church. To this couple were born five children, one now living, Lewis. Lewis Bricker, the subject of this sketch, moved with his parents to Silver Spring Township, this county, when nearly a year old, and, when he was old enough, worked on his father’s farm and in the mill here until his marriage with his first cousin, Miss Elizabeth Fry, who was born January 1; 1815, in Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, daughter of Peter and Sarah (Hauck) Fry. After his marriage, Lewis Bricker settled on his farm in Hampden Township, this county. Mrs. Bricker was a member of the Lutheran Church. Of the twelve children born to this union nine are living: Sarah, wife of John Smith, a baker and grocer of Princeton, Ill.; Martin, married to Miss Martha Mosser, resides on a farm near Camp Hill, this county; Mary, wife of George Martin, resides on a farm near Don Cameron, Perry Co., Penn.; Elizabeth, wife of Andrew Clark, on a farm in Silver Spring Township, this county; Jacob, married to Miss Susan Long (they reside on the old family farm in Hampden Township, this county); Theresa, wife of Franklin Fry, who works in the bessemer steel works at Steelton, Penn.; Clara, wife of Dr. John Sibert, of Steelton, Penn.; Ida, wife of Thomas L. Long, a brick manufacturer at Oskaloosa, Iowa; and Rebecca, wife of John Becker, dentist, Steelton, Penn. Mrs. Bricker died November 2, 1874, and Mr. Bricker then married for his second wife Mrs. Emeline Smick, widow of George Smick, a farmer, who died March 7, 1868. Mr. and Mrs. Smick had two children: one son, John W., born December 16,1852, is a miller in Adams County, married to Miss Hannah H., daughter of Absalom and Sarah (Plank) Asper. Mr. and Mrs. Bricker are members of the Lutheran Church. He is one of the few old settlers remaining, and has lived to see this county undergo many interesting and important changes. He stands high in the estimation of all, and is a descendant of one of the oldest families in Pennsylvania. 
Bricker, David (I4601)

From Lists of Swiss Emigrants to the American Colonies, Volume 1:

page 99

From the Parish Zell, against all warnings and admonitions, there left for the purpose of going to Pennsylvania, Carolina, etc., the following persons:

Departed 29 Aug 1734


Hans Conradt Zuppinger
wife Babelj Meyer, born 19 Mar 1689
Their children:
1. Margertlj, born 12 July 1718
2. Hans Uerech, born 20 Sep 1722
3. Heinrich, born 19 Feb 1730
4. Hans Caspar, born 21 Dec 1732

Bernhardt Furer, born 19 Sep 1697
wife Babelj Zuppinger, born 8 Aug 1697
1. Heinrich, born 6 July 1731
2. Hans Rudolff, born 27 Jan 1737

Casper Peter, born 27 Oct 1698
wife Maria Zuppinger, born 28 Feb 1699 (they married 17 July 1722)
1. Hans Jacob, born 4 Mar 1723
2. Caspar, born 13 Aug 1724
3. Rudolf, born 25 Dec 1728
4. Margret, born 9 Sep 1734
5. Anna, born 19 Jan 1738

Note: I may have misread the test--the last two couples apparently migrated after 1734. 
Zuppinger, Ulrich (I22584)

From the work of other researchers:

(Not verified or checked)

George first appears in Frederick Co., VA 08 Sep 1775 when he purchased 307 1/2 acres of land on Cedar Creek from William Vance (@6).

George is shown as an assignee for John Ragley in the purchase of 3 acres of land one mile from Cedar Creek 14 Aug 1779 (@7). In this transaction George's last name is spelled Mauk and indicates the property was adjacent George's.

In a Frederick Co., VA deed recorded 13 Sep 1779 George leased 115 acres (@8). In another deed 01 Oct 1779 George purchased this 115 acres and an additional 100 acres (@9). George and Sophia leased this land 01 Dec 1779 (@10) and sold the
land 02 Dec 1779 (@11).

George appears in the records of the St. Paul Lutheran's Church in Strasburg, VA starting in 1782, when he is listed as having paid money to the church.George's children and several grandchildren also appear in these church records, into the
early 1800's. Of interest is several of the children of Peter Mauck Sr. of Tom's Brook, Frederick Co., VA appear in these same church records during this time period.

George was granted power of attorney 22 Apr 1784 for George Volk for the administration of Volk's property (@12). One of the witnesses was Alexander Hite.

George purchased an additional 10 acres on Cedar Creek adjacent his land 09 Mar 1790 (@13). In this deed George's last name was spelled Moke.

George appears in the personal property tax lists of Frederick Co. VA from their inception in 1782, yearly thru 1807. This, with the below Will dates, would indicate he died between 1807 and the time the Will was proved in 1808. George also
appears yearly in the property tax lists of Frederick Co., VA from 1782 through the time of his death.

George's Will in Frederick Co., VA was dated 13 Sep 1803 and proved 04 Oct 1808 (@14). His will identifies his children as Daniel, Christopher, Catherina the wife of Jeremiah Eberly, Christina the wife of Jacob Harman, George and Susannah. In
his Will George states that his son George married a woman contrary to his wishes and was otherwise disobedient, then leaves George Jr. only $1. George Sr. also mentioned owning land in both Frederick and Shenandoah Counties.

George's personal property was appraised in Sept. 1808 (@15) and his estate sale was 28 Oct 1808 (@16). One of the buyers at George's estate sale was a Michael Mauck. This is very likely Michael Mauck, son of Frederick and Motlena Mauck, who
owned property near Middletown, where George and Sophia lived. It would appear these two families of Mock/Mauck's knew of each other. It is possible they were related but the connection is not known or proven. Sophia also appears as a buyer
at this sale.

On 26 Dec 1818 Abraham Nisewander, executor of the Will of Christopher Mock, and Rosina Mock, sold Christopher's land on plot #11 in Middletown (@17). This deed states that Christopher had wanted this land rented until the death of his mother,
after which it should be sold and the proceeds divided between his brothers and sisters. Sophia appears in the property tax lists of Frederick Co., VA residing adjacent Abraham Nisewinder and Isaac Hite (lived at Belle Meade) yearly from 1812
through 1821.

The above Michael Mauck appears in these property tax lists adjacent George from 1806 until George's death, then adjacent Sophia through 1821. The tax lists are in order of visit alphabetical by the first initial of the last name, meaning the
tax list cannot be used so show they lived adjacent each other. However, in the 1822 tax list Michael Mauck was charged 1800 dollars extra for buildings that had belonged to Sophia Mock. These tax lists show Michael owning 330 acres near

Of interest is that this family's last name is often spelled Muck or Muk. George's son Daniel appears in the 1810 census Frederick Co., VA as Muck and his descendants adopted this spelling in Fairfield Co., OH from 1820 onward. George's son
George appears as George Muk in the 1810 census of Montgomery Co., VA and his descendants in Harrison Co., IN adopted this spelling from 1840 on. Perhaps it was because of the way it was pronounced.

Research Notes: 1) Lancaster Co., PA Church Records of the 18th Century; Muddy Creek Lutheran Church Records; by F. Edward Wright
2) The History of Lancaster Co., PA by Ellis & Evans 1883
3) The Ancestors and Descendants of Israel and Barbara Kline LDS Film #1429817 which quotes; a) Lancaster Co. Historical Society Vol. 16 p.51 and b) Pennsylvania Germans Vol. 13 pp. 737-738.
4) Stover-Stoever-Staver-Stiver by Vernon Stiver
5) Rhineland Immigrants by Don Yoder
6) Frederick Co., VA Deed Book #17 p.160
7) Northern Neck Land Grants Vol III p. 37 by Gertrude Gray
8) Frederick Co., VA Deed Book #18 p.307
9) Frederick Co., VA Deed Book #18 p.309
10) Frederick Co., VA Deed Book #18 p.358
11) Frederick Co., VA Deed Book #18 p.360
12) Frederick Co., VA Deed Book #20 p.188 & 256
13) Northern Neck Land Grants Vol III p. 131 by Gertrude Gray
14) Frederick Co., VA Will Book #SC2 p.145
15) Frederick Co., VA Will Book #SC2 p.190
16) Frederick Co., VA Will Book #SC2 p.193
17) Frederick Co., VA Deed Book #41 p.341 
Mock, George (I19539)


This file was submitted to the Berks County List by: Mary Jo

CHRISTLE WEBER (b ca 1707) and ANNA MISCHLER (b ca 1710) emigrated from Schwarzenburg, Bern, Switzerland at ages 28 and 25 on the Bilander Oliver entering the port of Philadelphia on 26 Aug 1735. With them were 7-yr-old son Hans (born April/bapt May 1728) and 3-yr-old son Christian (bapt 13 Nov 1732) (see ship's list and Wahlern, Bern Switzerland Church Records). This family may have settled first in Berks then moved to Warwick/Cocalico, Lancaster Co. Certainly Christle (Christian) and Anna Weber had more children. Could Hans born 1728 actually be Hans George Weber of Berks/Lancaster County?

On 8 Oct 1754, Christian Weber (b 1732) m Anna Maria DORNBACH dau of Anton Dornbach (Waldschmidt Ch Rec; they lived on 100+ acre farm betw E. Cocalico and Brecknock Twp, Lanc Co). Any relationship b/w Anton Dornbach and Dornbachs of Munnerbach in parish of Hochstenbach (to America in 1744) or Johannes Dornbach from Wied in the parish of Altstadt (came to America as a widower)?

Children of Christian Weber and Anna Maria Dornbach who married 8 Oct 1754 were:
Anna Maria Weber (m Peter Frey on 6 May 1784, lived Lanc Co Brecknock Twp / Elizabeth Twp, ch Elizabeth b 13 Dec 1789 --Royer's Ref);
Jacob Weber;
Susanna Weber (m Peter Reist);
Maria Weber (m Heinrich Gut on 24 Oct 1783 Muddy Creek Ref);
Elizabeth Weber (m Philip Jung/Young);
6- Johnannes Weber;
7- Johan Heinrich Weber (born 15 Jan 1773 Lancaster Co and died 24 Apr 1851 Lancaster Co); married Eve/Eave (who was b 15 June 1780 - d. 21 May 1862); both buried Muddy Creek Cem.

- 06/19/00 19:02:57
Looking for Christian Weber, b ca 1707 Switzerland; wife Anna Mischler b ca 1710; they were married in 1728 acc to Schwarzenburg, Bern church records. To America on the Bilander Oliver in Aug 1735 with two sons Hans and my progenitor Christian who marries Anna Maria Dornbach in 1754 (Waldschmidt Ch Rec); lived Cocalico, Lancaster Co. Christian d Feb 1814; left wife Anna Maria and 5 ch - 3 sons, 2 dau.
Weber, Christian (I37154)

If not the same man, then certainly a relation:

A paper given at the Georgia Workshop in Early American History and Culture
August 27, 2004
Peter N. Moore
Georgia State University

Among these emissaries were the “Gifted Brethren (for they
pretend to Inspiration),” who “now infest the whole Back Country, and have even penetrated
South Carolina.” Woodmason was fond of hyperbole, but he was not far from the mark in
connecting Pennsylvania to the Dutch Fork. One emissary in particular was Israel Seymour, a
fugitive from the Ephrata community, a Radical Pietist commune in Lancaster County,
Pennsylvania. Seymour was a man of “special natural gifts” who was ordained at Ephrata and
quickly gained a following there. He ran afoul of the leadership, however, over his questionable
relationship with a young female convert, and the subsequent dispute “caused him to lose his
senses” before he finally fled to South Carolina. There he settled in a community of Seventh
Day Baptists on the Broad River opposite the Dutch Fork. Members of this congregation also
had ties to Ephrata and had migrated from Pennsylvania in the early 1750s. The eighteenthcentury
Baptist historian Morgan Edwards described Seymour as “a man of some wit and
learning, but unstable as water.” He preached at Broad River “while he behaved well.”
Apparently he did not last long, for he later confessed to committing “all kinds of wickedness”
before he finally reformed, moved to the Pee Dee region of South Carolina, and “returned to his
former faith.”26
It is certainly possible that Weber came into contact with the Ephrata Sabbatarians; he
may well have been converted through the charismatic preaching of Seymour, who served the
Broad River congregation in the mid-1750s, during Weber’s spiritual crisis. There is no direct
26 Hooker, ed., Carolina Backcountry, 78 [Woodmason quotations]; Chronicon Ephratense: A History of
the Community of Seventh Day Baptists at Ephrata, trans. by J. Max Hark (New York, 1889, reprint 1972),197-99
[Seymour quotations]; Morgan Edwards, Materials toward a History of the Baptists, vol. 2, South Carolina
(Philadelphia, 1770, reprint Danielsville, GA, 1984), 153-54; Bach, Voices of the Turtledoves, 22.
evidence that the Weberites adopted the peculiar practices of this sect – which included love
feasts, ritual foot washing, pacifism, and seventh-day worship – but Weber would have found
something familiar in their Reformed sentiments, and given his penchant for spiritual drama, he
would have been mesmerized by Seymour’s powerful preaching. In addition to the Broad River
Sabbatarians, there were congregations of Dunkers in the vicinity of the Dutch Fork, with whom
Weber could easily have had contact. Weber hardly had to leave the Dutch Fork to gain access
to a range of Radical Pietist influences – from the simplicity and intimacy of the Dunkers to the
inspired, prophetic preaching of Seymour and the mysticism of the Ephrata emissaries.27
The Weberites were not the first of South Carolina’s “deluded fanatics” to come by their
beliefs via Ephrata. Around 1722 the Dutartres, a French Protestant family from the low
country, came under the influence of a traveling Pietist preacher who “filled their Heads with
many wild and fantastic Notions,” as Anglican Commissary Alexander Garden later told it.
Although in one account Garden identified this preacher as Christian George, it was very likely
Michael Wolfhart, a Radical Pietist from Pennsylvania who took a missionary journey to South
Carolina in 1722 and later became one of the key figures at Ephrata.28 In any event, George or
27 Edwards, Materials toward a History of the Baptists, 154; Leah Townsend, South Carolina Baptists,
1670-1805 (Florence, SC, 1935), 167-74.
28 Alexander Garden, A Brief Account of the Deluded Dutartres (New Haven, 1762), 5. There is a
compelling case to be made that Christian George was actually Michael Wolfhart. First, Wolfhart was known to
have taken a missionary journey to South Carolina in 1722; see Bach, Voices of the Turtledoves, 18. Second, the
Dutartres’ preacher relied heavily on the work of Jakob Boehme, a seventeenth-century German mystic who was
central to the spirituality at Ephrata and with whom Wolfhart was very familiar. Third, a second account of the
Dutartres attributed to Garden and reprinted in the nineteenth century does not name the traveling preacher, simply
identifying him as a Moravian. Yet the Moravians did not come to America until 1735. For this account see George
Howe, History of the Presbyterian Church in South Carolina (Columbia, SC, 1870), 194-97. The earlier account by
Garden identifies Christian George more uncertainly as a “strolling Moravian, Dutch, or Swiss Enthusiast,” which
more accurately describes Wolfhart. These two accounts are very similar but not identical; it is quite possible that
they were based on two different sermon manuscripts.
Wolfhart came and went, but over time the Dutartres grew reclusive and eventually came to
believe that “they were the alone Family upon Earth who had the true Knowledge and Worship
of God.” Soon enough one of their number, Peter Rombert, began to prophesy. Through a series
of revelations he announced God’s intentions to destroy the world save for “one Family, whom
he would preserve as he did Noah’s, for raising up a Godly Seed again upon it.” God also
revealed that Rombert was to divorce his wife, who had been previously married and widowed,
and “take to Wife her Youngest Sister who is a Virgin,” all in order that the family’s “Holy Seed
be preserved pure and undefiled.” To this the family reluctantly consented. But when Rombert
announced that the Dutartres were no longer to submit to civil authority and that they must
refuse to participate in the militia, the magistrate swore out a warrant for their arrest. Rombert
urged the family to resist arrest and persuaded them that they were impervious to the bullets of
“the Men of the Earth.” They learned otherwise in the violent encounter that followed, when one
of the Dutartres women along with the militia captain were killed. Five were arrested, convicted,
and condemned to die. Yet “they confidently persisted in their Delusion till their last Breath,”
Garden noted, for “they had obeyed the Voice of God, and were about to suffer Martyrdom for
it.” After the martyrs failed to rise from the dead, the surviving family members “became
sensible of their Delusion . . . and were pardoned.” Yet one son suffered a relapse and murdered
again “for no other Reason . . . but that God had revealed it to him, it was his Duty to do it.”29 
Seymour, Israel (I20840)

In February of 1793 Jacob Zartman made his last will and testament, and died either in February or March of the same year. He is likely buried on this farm where he lived from 1768 or 1769 to 1793. He has no tombstone. Following is a translation of his last will and testament:

In the name of God, Amen. I, Jacob Zartman, of Mahanoy township, in the county of Northumberland, having taken to heart how that all men must die, but the time of death uncertain, have therefore thought fit to make this my last will and testament that my family may know how it shall be had with my estate after my decease. First, I give and bequeath unto my two sons, Martin and Peter, my land and plantation whereon I now live, and to their heirs and assigns forever, as tenants in common, on the following condition, that is to say, they shall bring all my affairs into order, and finally settle everything and then clear the land out of the land office, and after this is performed, then my true friends and neighbors, Martin Hoyl, Peter Forster, Philip Moyer and Samuel Weiser shall appraise the same, and after my sons, Martin and Peter have deducted their reasonable cost, as also twenty pounds for the new barn, then the overplus shall be divided share and share alike between all my hereinafter mentioned children, to-wit: Henry, Martin, Peter, Jacob, Margareth, Maria and Susannah, at and upon such time as the said men shall appoint, who shall have respect in the appraisement of the dower which my said two sons must give to my wife, Anna Mar- gareth, according to a writing, which I gave unto her, dated the 23d day of July, 1791. Second, I give and bequeath unto my son Henry the sum of one shilling and six pence sterling as my first born, and as such he shall no other or more demand. Third, It is my will and I give my little movables which I am yet in possession of, and which I have not yet distributed among my children, to my said sons, Martin and Peter, with this proviso, that if the horse which I have destined for my said wife Anna Marga- reth during her natural life, be yet living at the time of her decease, the same shall also be appraised and the money divided as aforesaid. I ordain and constitute herewith my aforesaid sons Martin and Peter executors of this, my testament, and make void all former wills by me made, be they in writing or verbal, and constitute this above. In witness whereof I have signed this with my own hand and put my seal thereto the llth day of February, 1793.


Jacob X Zartman.

The witnesses were Martin Hoyl and Sam. Weiser. The will was probated March 30, 1793. 
Zartmann, Jacob (I43869)

John Milton Weaver does not appear to be the biological son of George Frederick Weaver. Please note the following records:

1900 Federal Census: New Bloomfield, Perry, Pennsylvania; Roll: 1450; Page: 15A;
Enumeration District: 0148; FHL microfilm: 1241450
Derwin E. Keiser, born Aug 1856, married for 23 years, PA-PA-PA, railroad laborer
Alice M. Keiser, wife, born Mar 1858, 11 children [sic]-all living, PA-PA-PA
Pearl V. Keiser, daughter, born Sep 1880, single, no children
Beaulah G. Keiser, daughter, born May 1886
Carrie G. Keiser, daughter, born May 1888
Grace E. Keiser, daughter, born Aug 1889
Florence D. Keiser, daughter, born May 1891
Ella J. Keiser, daughter, born Nov 1893
Hellen J. Keiser, daughter, born May 1897
Charles A. Keiser, son, born Jan 1900
John M. Noy, grandson, born Jan 1899, PA-PA-PA
--Note: Could John M. Noy be the same person as John M. Weaver, alleged son of George F. Weaver & Pearl V. Keiser? I sense that John M. Noy was the daughter of Pearl V. Keiser out of wedlock, and that he was adopted by George F. Weaver after he married Pearl in 1901.

1910 Federal Census: Penn, Perry, Pennsylvania; Roll: T624_1385; Page: 1A;
Enumeration District: 0136; FHL microfilm: 1375398.
Geo. F. Weaver, age 49, married three times--the last for 8 years, all PA-PA-PA, works at iron works
Pearl Weaver, wife, age 29, married once, three children--all living
John Weaver, son, age 11
Annie Weaver, daughter, age 8
George Weaver, Jr., son, age 12/12
-------(next door)
Levi Weaver, age 45, married once for 21 years, al PA-PA-PA, stocker at iron works
Margaret E. Weaver, wife, age 43, married once, three children--all living
Viola M. Weaver, daughter, age 20
Charles H. Weaver, son, age 14
Mary E. Weaver, daughter, age 11

"Pennsylvania, County Marriages, 1885-1950," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 08 Jul 2014), George F. Weaver and Pearle V. Keiser, 20 May 1901; citing , Perry, Pennsylvania, United States; FHL microfilm 21997.
George F. Weaver, age 30 years, resides in Duncannon, Perry County, PA, the son of Fred & Catharine Weaver. Marries Pearle V. Keiser, age 20 years, resides in New Bloomfield, Perry County, the daughters of Derwin & Alice Keiser. He was married before: His wife died 27 Feb 1899. Married 20 May 1901 at Duncannon, PA.

Marriage Records for Children of George F. Weaver:
1. John M. Weaver, age 21 years, of Duncannon, son of George F. Weaver (born Harrisburg) and Pearl B. Keiser (born Johnstown, PA). The groom was born in New Bloomfield. Married 21 June 1919 at Shermansdale to Emma W. Ferguson, age 21, of Centre Township, the daughter of Harry D. Ferguson and his wife Myra Burd. ("Pennsylvania, County Marriages, 1885-1950," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 30 Jul 2014), John M Weaver and Emma W Ferguson, 21 Jun 1919; citing Shermansdale, Perry, Pennsylvania, United States; FHL microfilm 22000.
Weaver, John Milton (I49087)

Lancaster Will J139:
Henry Landes, yeoman, of Manheim tp., writ 17 May 1760, probated 3 Jul 1772
1. To his beloved son Henry Landes: All his land and plantation on whereon I now live in Manheim tp., containing 216 acres, together with sundry items. The property is valued at 600 pounds. The said Henry is to make yyearly payments of 30 pounds “till he and the rest of my children being in equal shares.”
2. Henry is yet a minor. The plantation is to be rented by the executors until he comes of age.
3. His executors are to pay 100 pounds to his beloved wife Mary according to the agreement made with her before their marriage.
4. Executors: Son-in-law Arnold Becker and trusted friend Benjamin Landes.
5. Signed Henrich Landes.
6. Witnessed by Abraham Myer and Velte Metzler.
7. Codicil dated 26 Oct 1760: His big bible and testament are given to his son Henry. To his wife Mary be bequeaths his 198-acre plantation situate in Donegal tp., Lancaster County, to her and her heirs forever. His executors are authorized to issue a deed good for the same.

Lancaster County Genealogy Project Will Board

Henry Landis

Posted By: James Landis
Date: August 30 2003

Will of Rev Henry Landis (1700-1760) of Manheim Township,
Will Book J p139:

In the name of God, amen! I Henry Landis of Manheim township in the county of
Lancaster and Province of Pennsylvania yeoman, being at present of good
health and disposing mind, memory, and understanding, thanks be given unto
God therefore, recalling into mind that it is appointed for all men once to
die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in the following
manner and form. Imprimis, it is my will and I do order that in the first
place all my just debts and funeral charges shall be paid and satisfied.
Item. I give and devise unto my beloved son Henry Landes all this my land and
plantation and messueges whereon I now live, in Manheim township, being about
two hundred and sixteen acres, to him, his heirs and assigns forever,
together with two draught horses and gear, one cow, one wagon, the big chain
and handscrew, in and for the consideration of the sum of six hundred pounds,
in which he shall have his share as one of my other children.
Item, It is my will that my said son shall pay out of the same in yearly payments
the sum of thirty pounds till he and the rest of my children being in equal shares.
Item I will that after my decease my said plantation shall be lett out by my
executor, and the third share of the rent I give and bequeath unto my said
son Henry, and the other two shares I give and bequeath to and amony my other
children in share and share alick; no hieh place shall be let out till my son
Henry shall arrive to the age of twenty one years or to the day of marriage.
Item It is my will that all the rest of my real and personal estate shall be
equally divided to and among all my childrens, in share and share alike.
Item It is my will that my hereafter named executors shall pay unto my beloved
wife Mary the sum of one hundred pounds, according to the agreement made with
her before our marriage. And lastly, I nominate, make and appoint Arnold
Becker my son-in-law and my trusted friend Benjamin Landes as executors of
this my last will and testament. And I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke,
and disanull all and every other will by me at any time made, satisfying and
confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, the seventeenth day of May in
the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty. Henrich Lances.
Signed, sealed, published, pronounced, and declared by the said Henry landes
as his last will and testament in the presents of us. Abra Ayer, Valti Metzler.

I Henry Landes of Manheim township in the county of Lancaster do this twenty
sixth day of October, 1760, make and publish this my codicil to my last will
and testament, in manner following, that is to say, I give to my son Henry
Landes, my bigg Bible and testament, one heim book and Salm book, and one ax,
grubing hoe, and two mallrings, and two watches which not mentioned in my
last will and testament. Item I give and devise unto my beloved wife,
Mary, all that my land and plantation of one hundred and ninety eight acres of land
in Donigall township Lancaster county to her, her heirs and assigns forever. And I do
hereby impower my executors in my last will and testament mentioned and appoint that
they shall after my decease sign, seal, and execute and
deliver unto my said wife Mary a good and lawful deed for the same. And
lastly it is my desire that this present codicil be annexed to and macke part
of my last will and testament to all intents and purposes. In witness whereof
I have hereunto put my hand and seal the day and year first above written.
Henrich Landes.

Signed, sealed, and published by the said Henry Landes as a codicil to be
annexed to his last will in the presents of us, Joseph Groff, Abra Ayer.
Lancaster County. On the third day of July, anno domini 1772. Before me the
subsriber, then personally appeared the above named Valentine Metzler, one of
the subscribing witnesses to the above will, and on his solemn affirmation,
according to law, did declare and say that he was present and saw and heard
Henry Landes the testator above named, sign, seal, publish, pronounce, and
declare the above writing as and for his last will and testament, and that at
the doing thereof he was of sound and well disposing mind, memory, and
understanding, to the best of his knowledge, observation, and belief, and
that he also saw Abraham Ayer the other subscribing witness subscribe his
name thereto as a witness to the due execution thereof. Edward Shippen.
Lancaster County. On the third day of July, anno domini, 1772, before me the
subscriber personally appeared the above named Joseph Groff, one of the
subscribing witnesses to the above codicil, and on his solomn affirmation,
according to law, did declare and say, that he was present and saw and

Henry Landis the testator above named, sign, seal, publish, pronounce, and
declare the above writing as a codicil to his last will and testament, and
that at the doing thereof he was of sound and well disposing mind memory and
understanding, to the best of his knowledge observation, and belief, and he
also saw Abraham Ayer subscribe his name thereto as a witness to the due
execution thereof. Edw Shippen. [Ref: LancasterCoPA Wills J1-139]

U3-342: Henry Landes, yeoman, of Manheim tp. Christian Wenger & Martin Graff, yeomen, both of Earl tp.
1a Earl tp., adjoining lands of Peter Graff and David Graff: HISTORY: Part of 97a Earl tp. that Susanna Graff & others granted 30 Jul 1746 to the said Henry Landes.
--17 Jan 1755


ID: I525983391
Name: Henry LANDIS
Given Name: Henry
Surname: Landis
Sex: M
Birth: 1700 in Europe
Death: Nov 1760 in Manheim Twp, Lancaster Co, PA
Mennonite Minister at Hammer Creek Mennonite Church
residence before 1754: Hammer Creek, Warwick Twp, Lancaster Cnty
residence after 1754: Manheim Twp, Lancaster Cnty

Henry and Veronica lived on the Hammer Creek just west of the Cocalico Creek in Warwick Twp about five and one half miles northeast of the land for which John Landis received a patent... Most of this farm lies to the north of the Hammer Creek and is bounded on the east by what is now Erb's Bridge Road... Henry and Veronica's home, which no longer stands, was on the south side of the Hammer Creek about 100 yards southwest of Erb's covered bridge on Erb's bridge Road. This home, along with a portion of the farm north of Hammer creek was sold to Henry's son-in-law, John Schrantz (Frena's husband), evidently soon after the death of Veronica Groff. The rest of the farm was divided equally among his 11 children. This was later transfered to Peter Hull on 25 Sep 1783

They lived on the Hammer Creek in Warwick Twp on 184-1/2 acres he warranted in 1733 and patented 24 Jul 1741.(Warwick Twp Deed X-1-164 Lanc. Co Court House)

They were married approx. 25 years and had 11 children, 10 daughters and the last child, 1 son, Henry, Jr.

At the time of Veronic's death, Henry moved to Manheim Twp where he purchased 216 acres from Benjamin and Anna (Snavely) Landis on 20 Dec 1753 (Deed D-75, recorded in Lancaster Cnty 12 Jan 1754). This land was part of a patent obtained by John Jacob Snavely (Anna Snavely's grandfather) of Manheim Twp.

A house on the property was built in 1728 and was a restaurant for a number of years known as the Landis House Restaurant. Later was remodeled for commercial offices. The barn was renovated as a County court office for Lancaster Cnty. The house was lated sold back to a descendant of Benjamin Landis and has remained in the family. Reputed to be the second oldest house in Lancaster Cnty (Second only to Hans Herr House). Farm house is located at 2201 Oregon Pike, 3/4 mile NE of Roseville along Landis Run.

Around the time Henry moved to Manheim Twp he married his second wife Mary Shelley.

He was buried between Oct and Nov 1760 in Roseville Cemetery (on his Manheim Twp Farm?)

He signed a will on 26 Oct 1760 in Lancaster Cnty, giving his Manheim Twp farm to his son Henry, Jr.

A codicil of the will added to include land to be deeded to his second wife Mary - 198 acres on the Chiques Creek in Donegal Twp, Lancaster Cnty

Father: Jacob LANDIS b: 1667 in Canton Zurich, Switzerland
Mother: Anna WITMER b: 1671 in Zurich

Marriage 1 Veronica GROFF b: 1706 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co, PA
Married: abt 1728 in
Henry LANDIS, JR b: 4 Mar 1751 in Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co, PA
Mary LANDIS b: Abt 1732
Frena LANDIS b: abt 1733
Anna Groff LANDIS b: 1734 in Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co, PA
Christina LANDIS b: abt 1735 in Lancaster Co, PA
Susanna LANDIS b: abt 1736 in Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co, PA
Barbara LANDIS b: abt 1736 in Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co, PA
Margaret LANDIS b: abt 1743 in Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co, PA
Elizabeth Groff LANDIS b: 9 Oct 1743
Magdalena LANDIS b: 1744 in Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co, PA
Catherine LANDIS b: 1747 in Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co, PA

ID: I525983319
Name: Henry LANDIS, JR
Given Name: Henry
Surname: Landis, Jr
Sex: M
Birth: 4 Mar 1751 in Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co, PA
Death: 4 Jan 1791 in Manheim Twp, Lancaster Co, PA
Burial: Landis Valley Graveyard, Lancaster Co, PA
Henry Jr. inherited the Manheim Twp farm of his father.

Maria or Mary Erb's (Henry's wife) father, Jacob Erb, owned adjoining land on Hammer Creek to Henry Landis (Henry Jr's father)

Father: Henry LANDIS b: 1700 in Europe
Mother: Veronica GROFF b: 1706 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co, PA

Marriage 1 Mary ERB b: 1753 in Lititz, Lancaster Co, PA
John Erb LANDIS b: 18 Apr 1779 in Manheim Twp, Lancaster Co, PA
Elizabeth E. LANDIS b: Abt 1772/1773
Mary E. LANDIS b: Abt 1774/1777
Anna E. LANDIS b: Abt 1775/1781
Henry Erb LANDIS b: Abt 1780
David Erb LANDIS b: Abt 1783
Abraham Erb LANDIS b: 1788
Landis, Henrich (I42848)

MILLER, JACOB, Brecknock.
October 10, 1782 - January 25, 1783. B - 76.
To wife Barbara, all estate during widowhood.
Son Jacob shall have a share and a half and the first refusal of the
plantation. Son George shall have 20 shillings more than the others
except Jacob, the others to share alike.
Exrs: wife Barbara and Daniel DICKINSON.
Miller, Jacob (I36264)

MM-377: George Hudson, fuller, & his wife Jane of Heidelberg tp. [he the son of Charles Hudson, deceased, who was the eldest son of George Hudson, deceased, late of Caernarvon tp.] Nicholas Hudson, yeoman, of Caernarvon tp. [the son of the said George Hudson, deceased]
--His undivided third part to two adjoining tracts: (1.) 314a Caernarvon tp. and (2.) 42a Caernarvon tp.: HISTORY: Same tracts patented to George Hudson, the first pat. 1 Sep 1739 (Ref. PB A-9-86) and the second 30 Aug 1743 (Ref. PB A-11-201). By his last will & testament dated 9 Nov 1746, George Hudson devised the same to his three surviving sons, to wit, Charles Hudson (the eldest), Nicholas Hudson (party hereto), and William Hudson. By his last will & testament dated 3 Jan 1748/49, Charles Hudson devised his right & title to his three sons, to wit, Joshua Hudson, William Hudson, & George Hudson (party hereto). On 22 Dec 1768, Joshua Hudson & William Hudson (said sons of Charles) released their right & title to the said properties to their brother George.
--3 June 1772
Hudson, Charles (I44155)

Note: Children of Jean Verly and his second wife not included in database. See children below. (No evidence of migration to America for the children by his second wife.)

Waldersbach Reformed KB:

Jean Verly & his wife Marguerite Neuviller of Bellefosse had baptized:
1. Oudille, born 1 Apr 1691 (recorded among 1707 baptisms)
2. Christophe, born - Aug 1693-died 22 Oct 1701
3. Didier, born 29 July 1695, baptized 31 July 1695
4. Marie Salome, born 28 Oct 1704, baptized at Bellemont
5. Jean, born 17 May 1707, baptized 19 May 1707-cross next to child’s name

Note: Mother’s surname given as Melcker at baptism of daughter Maria Salome; however, this surname is crossed out and Neuvillers written above. Also: Parents residents of Pile at baptism of son Jean.

Marguerite Verly died 18 Mar 1708 at Bellefosse.

Married 24 July 1708 at Belmont: Jean Verly, foretier au Ban de la Roche, and Elisabeth Aschelman, demeurant. Daughter of Jean Aschelmann, resident of Belmont.

Jean Verly & his wife Elisabeth Haschelman of Ban de la Roche, had baptized:
1. Jean George, born 14 Aug 1709, baptized 18 Aug 1709
2. Anne, born 16 June 1711, baptized 18 June 1711-cross next to child’s name
3. Jean Jaques, born 27 Oct 1712, baptized 30 Oct 1712
4. Anne Margueritte, born --- Apr 1715, baptized 24 Apr 1715
5. Veronique, born 6 Jan 1717, baptized 20 Jan 1717 at Belmont
6. Jean Michel, born 5 May 1718, baptized 8 May 1718
7. Jacob, born 14 Dec 1719, baptized 17 Dec 1719
--Note: The parents resided at Belmont beginning with daughter Veronique’s baptismal record.

--Note: The mother at child Jean Jaques’ baptism is identified as Lisabeth Mischelerin. The surname is difficult to read. I presume an error for Aschelman, a surname which takes many forms in this church book.

Elizabeth Heschlmann, wife of Jean Verly, died 12 Dec 1720; buried at Belmont 13 Dec 1720

Jean Verly, the forester, died 2 Jan 1721 aged 65 years. Buried at Belmont on 3 Jan 1721.
Verly, Jean (I52604)

OC 7 Dec 1762:
MICHAEL NIESS, decd. (179)
MOT/o Mr. Atlee on behalf of children Elizabeth, Margaret, Eve, Mary, Christina, Madlina, & Catharine Niess: According to their father's last will & testament, his plantation at Muddy Creek was to be sold and the profits equally divided among the heirs; however, executor Adam Niess has not yet sold the property. The court now orders the executor to sell the said property on 27 Dec instant.

OC First Tuesday in March 1763:
MICHAEL NIESS, decd. (218)
REP/from Ex. Adam Niess: On 27 Dec last he sold the plantation at Muddy Creek to Leonard Getz (the highest bidder).

OC 6 Mar 1771:
MICHAEL NEISS, decd., late of Cocalico tp. (268)
Ex. Adam Neiss
PA-BAL-DISTR to the widow (N.N.) and children Adam, Elizabeth, Margaret, Eve, Mary, Christina, Magdalena, & Catharine
Nees, Michael (I45693)

Records of Goshenhopper Church, Upper Hanover Twp., Montgomery Co., PA, page 41 show a Jacob Knopf, age 75, died on December 18, 1737. Unknown relationship, if any, to Jacob Knoop I.

"Tax record of Cocalico Twp. showed Jacob Knopff Sr. had 140 acres with 50 acres cleared. Jacob Knopff (Jr.) had 40a with 20a Cleared. In 1772 Christian Knopf, (son of Jacob Knopff Sr.) had 200a with 80a cleared." Groff surmised that son Jacob has gone and son Christian has both tracts.
This ties in with Jacob Jr. (Jacob Knoop II) buying 300 acres in Allen Twp., Cumberland Co. September 23, 1771 from his father-in-law, Michael Gerber. I think though that Jacob Knoop I was still on his land in Cocalico and possibly this was about the time that Jacob Knoop I's wife, Anna Margaret, died. She is not listed in his Will written August 3, 1774, and he does state in it that he is a yeoman (land owner) in Mannheim, Cocalico Twp.
Groff also wrote: "14th August 1782, we found this in the tax lists for Cocalico Twp.
21st May they had misfortune to be visited by a great tempest, besides other damages the hail ruined all their rye and most of their wheat that they have lost their bread for the year.
They go on to plead for help and remember that the American Revolutionary War was still on til 1783." Groff says it was signed by many, but he could not be sure if any Knopf had signed. He never found any reponse nor tax relief, but they may have had some.

29 ½ a. Cocalico tp.
war. 2 May 1753 to Jacob Knop
sur. 16 June 1753
pat. 11 June 1761 to warrantee (AA-1-448)

176a Cocalico tp.
war. 26 Jul 1738 to Jacob Knupp
sur. 11 2m. 1740
pat. 11 June 1761 to warrantee (AA-1-448)

N188: Jacob Knup, yeoman, & his wife Margaret of Cocalico tp. Christian Knup, yeoman, of same
103a Cocalico tp.: HISTORY: It being the remaining part of 205-½ a. pat. 11 June 1761 to Jacob Knup (Ref. PB AA-1-448).
3 Feb 1769: Leonard Keller & JJ

O105: Christian Knup, yeoman, of Cocalico tp. Jacob Knup, yeoman, of same
103-½ a. Cocalico tp.: HISTORY: Part of 205-½ acres pat. 11 June 1761 to the said Jacob Knup (Ref. PB AA-1-448). On 12 June 1761, Jacob Knup & his wife Margaret granted part thereof to Christian Knup.
4 Feb 1769: JJ & Andres Rihm
--John Gundy, surviving executor of Jacob Knup, ack.sat. on 16 Apr 1800.

FF-84: Christian Knopf (or Knup), yeoman, & his wife Eva of Cocalico tp. Adam Musser, tanner, of same
3a, 127 ½ p. Cocalico tp.: HISTORY: Part of 205 ½ a. pat. 11 June 1761 to Jacob Knopf (Ref. PB AA-1-448). On 3 Feb 1769, Jacob Knopf & his wife Margaret granted 103a to Christian Knopf, party hereto (Ref. Deed N188).
20 Sep 1786: Andreas Rihm & Henry Ream

MM-374: Jacob Knup, yeoman, & his wife Ann of Cocalico tp. Christian Knup, yeoman, of same
--Two tracts: (1.) 102 ½ a. Cocalico tp. and (2.) 104a Cocalico tp.
3. HISTORY: Part of 205 ½ a. pat. 11 June 1761 to Jacob Knup, Sr. (Ref. PB AA-1-448). On 3 Feb 1769, Jacob Knup & his wife Margaret granted 102 ½ a. to Jacob Knup, Jr., party hereto.
4. HISTORY: Same tract pat. 2 Mar 1769 to Jacob Knup, party hereto (Ref. PB AA-11-68).
--1 Dec 1770

2-65: Adam Mosser & John Knop [the executors of Christian Knopf, late of Cocalico tp.] convey lands the deceased acquired via deeds N188, MM-374, and U316 to Dietrich Cockley, yeoman, of same. (Note: The deceased's last will & testament is dated 20 Dec 1802.)
--3 May 1809

104a Cocalico tp.
via two warrants: (1.) Appl. 253 for 60A to Jacob Canup and (2.) Appl. 1082 for 50A to Jacob Nupp
sur. 20 Nov 1765
pat. 2 Mar 1769 to Jacob Nupp, Jr., on warrant to accept dated 16 Feb 1769 (AA-11-68)

Patent AA-11-68: Not yet compiled.

????: Warrant to Jacob Knup, 60A
????: Warrant (2.) to Jacob Knup, 50A
1765: Survey to Jacob Knup, 104A (combined survey for two adjoining tracts)
1769: Warrant to Accept to Jacob Knup, Jr., 104A
1769: Patent to Jacob Knup, Jr. 104A (Patent AA-11-68)
1769: Jacob Knup, Jr., to Christian Knup, 52A (N187)
1770: Jacob Knup, Jr., to Christian Knup, residue of 52A (MM-374)

See Deed 2-65 below. Christian Knup's last will & testament should be consulted for the disposition of his lands.

N187: Jacob Knup, Jr., yeoman, & his wife Ann of Cocalico tp. Christian Knup, yeoman, of same
52a Cocalico tp.: HISTORY: Part of a larger tract pat. 2 Mar 1769 to Jacob Knup, Jr. (Ref. PB AA-11-68).
17 Mar 1769: JJ & Andreas Rihm

MM-374: Jacob Knup, yeoman, & his wife Ann of Cocalico tp. Christian Knup, yeoman, of same
--Two tracts: (1.) 102 ½ a. Cocalico tp. and (2.) 104a Cocalico tp.
1. HISTORY: Part of 205 ½ a. pat. 11 June 1761 to Jacob Knup, Sr. (Ref. PB AA-1-448). On 3 Feb 1769, Jacob Knup & his wife Margaret granted part to Jacob Knup, Jr., party hereto.
2. HISTORY: Same tract pat. 2 Mar 1769 to Jacob Knup, party hereto (Ref. PB AA-11-68).
--1 Dec 1770

2-65: Adam Mosser & John Knop [the executors of Christian Knopf, late of Cocalico tp.] convey lands the deceased acquired via deeds N188, MM-374, and U316 to Dietrich Cockley, yeoman, of same. (Note: The deceased's last will & testament is dated 20 Dec 1802.)
--3 May 1809

For consideration:

3-656: Agreement between Michael Bear & Christian Knop, both of Cocalico tp.: They agree to swap parcels of land, eaching containing 1a, 62p, out of their adjoinining plantations. The tracts intended to be swapped were each surveyed 2 Oct 1782.
--26 May 1783 
Knopf, Jacob (I20974)

See Deed RR-143. He and wife Maria sell land in Hempfield tp. Signed Bauman. 
Baumann, Peter (I39708)

The following indenture suggests that Philipp Brendel had a wife named Maria Ottilia. Is Maria Ottilia the same person as Maria Christman, whom Brendel married in 1745? As his children appear to be born in the 1756-1766 time period, it may suggest that his first wife child and--childless--he married a second time. However, this is pure speculation.

YY-176: Michael Kegerreitz, Sr., yeoman, & his wife Margaret of Cocalico tp. his son Michael Kegerreitz, yeoman, of same
10 ¾ a., 25p Cocalico tp.: HISTORY: Part of 356a pat. 21 Aug 1739 to William Bird (Ref. PB A-9-70). On 26 Mar 1747, William Bird & his wife Britta granted the same to Christopher Witman. On 27 Apr 1749, Christopher Witman & his wife Barbara granted 246a to William Adams. On 12 Apr 1752, William Adams & his wife Anna granted 49a to Philip Brendel. On 26 Nov 1761, Philip Brendel & his wife Maria Ottilia granted the same to Martin Eichholtz. On 6 Oct 1763, Martin Eichholtz & his wife Margaret granted the same back to Philip Brendel. On 16 May 1774, Philip Brendel & his wife Maria Ottilia granted the same to John Bucher. On 13 May 1775, John Bucher & his wife Anna granted the same to Henry Brendel. On 10 Mar 1794, Henry Brendel & his wife Susanna granted the same to Michael Kegerreitz, Sr.
--23 Mar 1796
Brendel, Philipp (I41794)

W90: James Douglass of Salisbury tp. Caleb Way, innkeeper, of West Caln tp., Chester County
--Two adjoining tracts: (1.) 100a Salisbury tp. and (2.) 90a Salisbury tp.: HISTORY: Same tracts pat. 10 Jan 1752 to Edward Douglass (Ref. PB A-17-45). By his last will & testament, Edward Douglass devised the same to his son James Douglass (the party hereto).
7 Aug 1783: Andrew Caldwell & Joseph Ash
--Caleb Way ack.sat. 13 Apr 1790.
Douglass, Edward (I48315)

Wendel Huber Tax Records:

Brecknock Twp.: 1750-1754

The below records suggest either a son or brother named Henry, who appears in Brecknock tp. tax records.

Cocalico Reformed KB:

George David of David Schaerck and Anna Maria, b. September 11, 1750.
Spon: Wendel Huber and wife Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene of David Schaerck and Anna Maria, b. June 30, 1753.
Spon: Wendel Huber and wife Mary Magdalene.

John Henry of David Schaerck and Anna Margaret, b. October 27, 1758.
Spon: John Henry Huber and wife Catharine.

Maria Catharine of David Schaerck and Anna Margaret, b. March 18,
1764. Spon: John Henry Huber and wife Catharine.

John Henry of Conrad Kopf, Luth. and Mary Magdalene, b. January 7,
1769, bapt. March 28, ----. Spon: Henry Huber and wife Catharine.

Muddy Creek Reformed KB:

Johannes Wentel of Valentin Westhöfer [ Westhofer ] and Anna
Christina, bapt. August 28, 1743. Spon: Hans Wendel Huber and Maria
Magdalena. [also in Muddy Creek Moravian]

Maria Magdalena of David Schärck [ Scharck ] and Anna Margaretha, b.
June 31, 1753, bapt. July 29, 1753. Spon: Wendel Huber and wife Maria

Mary Magdalene of Henry Huber (Lutheran) and Catharine, b. March 7,
1768, bapt. April 3, 1768. Spon: Mary Magdalene Huber, John Gerner and
wife Anna Maria.


Peter Graff, son of Joseph Graff, m. Magdalene Huber, daughter of
late Henry Huber, August 20, 1786, in my house.

Muddy Creek Lutheran KB:

Peter Huber of Muddy Creek had baptized:
1. Maria Margaretha b. Sep 1748 sp. Thomas Sharp & wife

New Holland Lutheran KB:

[no relevant entries]

April 15, 1782 April 19, 1785
Widow of Wendle Huber. Child: Margaret wife of --- Shirk.
Grandchild: Jacob Shirk.
Ex. Jacob Shirk. Brecknock Twp., L.Co.
Huber, Wendel (I24189)

WW-520: John Rehm, yeoman, of Cocalico tp.; John Bechtolt, yeoman, & his wife Mary of same; Andrew Rehm, yeoman, of Harrisburg in Dauphin County, PA; Adam Krill, yeoman, & his wife Susanna of Berks County, PA; David Landes, yeoman, & his wife Catharine of Cocalico tp.; Henry Schneider, yeoman, & his wife Eve of Cocalico tp.; Samuel Rehm, yeoman, of Cocalico tp.; and Samuel Adams, yeoman, of Cocalico tp. [the husband of Esther, who is yet a minor] (the said John, Mary, Andrew, Susanna, Catharine, Eve, Samuel, and Esther being eight children of John Rehm, deceased, late of Cocalico tp.] quitclaim to David Rehm
--Three tracts: (1.) 75a Cocalico tp., (2.) 25a, 29p Cocalico tp., and (3.) 3a, 131p Cocalico tp.
1. HISTORY: Same tract that Benjamin Lightfoot granted 1 May 1754 to John Rehm (Ref. Deed Q525).
2. HISTORY: Same tract that Philip Heft & his wife Sarah granted 10 Sep 1774 to John Rehm (Ref. Deed Z153).
3. HISTORY: Part of 60a that Nicholas Rehm & his wife Catharine granted 9 Oct 1771 to John Rehm (Ref. Deed EE-141).
--By his last will & testament dated 18 Mar 1784, John Rehm devised certain land to his son David, reserving other land to his sons John & Samuel-all subject to paying the other heirs equal shares of the valuations. Now, by this indenture, the heirs of John Rehm, the father, quitclaim their right & title to the properties devised to the said David Rehm.
--29 Mar 1786
Riehm, Johannes (I41286)
Schweitzer, Frederick (I4455)
???, Catharina (I26649)
Zimmerman, Johannes (I29003)
Franckhauser, Peter (I38892)
Werntz, George (I40573)
Kitzmuller, Jacob (I44070)
Franciscus, Christoph (I47249)
Bitzer, Dorothea (I47826)
14. Johannes Stoehr.

Johannes Stoehr, the son of Johannes Stoehr and Catharina Margaretha Elizabetha Dithmar, was born on 16 September 1687 at Rumbach in the State of Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany. He was subsequently christened on 25 September 1687 in the Evangelisch Lutheran Church at Rumbach. Johannes, who was a nagler (nailsmith) by trade, left Germany as a young man and moved to the vicinity of Langensoultzbach in Bas-Rhin, France. He was later married to a woman named Anna Margaretha Dock (also written Docken). Although no record of their marriage has been found, it probably took place in France. According to the Heidelberg Moravian Church records, Anna Margaretha had been born during the month of May 1688, possibly in the Alsace region of France.

According to available parish records, Johannes and Anna Margaretha were residing in Langensoultzbach during the early 1700's, where all of their children were christened. In 1737, however, they left France and emigrated to the New World. Johannes and Anna Margaretha, along with their two sons, and most likely their three daughters, arrived at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 26 September 1737 aboard the ship "St. Andrew Galley."

Sometime after their arrival, Johannes and Anna Margaretha settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where they appear to have resided for many years. Although Johannes is believed to have died in Lancaster County, the actual date of his passing has not been determined. It is known, however, that he preceded his wife in death. Anna Margaretha, on the other hand, died on 10 December 1753 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, the year after it had been formed from a portion of Lancaster County. She was subsequently buried in the Heidelberg Moravian Church Cemetery in Berks County.

Issue: (Surname Stoehr)

42. Johann Henrich "Henry"
b. at Langensoultzbach, Bas Rhin, Fr.
chr. 6 January 1715 in the Langensoultzbach E.C., Bas-Rhin, Fr.
m. 23 October 1739 to Maria Barbara (Frey) Bruecher in Lancaster Co., PA.
d. 7 September 1781 in Lancaster Co., PA.

43. Philipp Henrich (Johann Philipp) "Philipp"
b. 18 February 1716 at Langensoultzbach, Bas-Rhin, Fr.
chr. 20 February 1716 in the Langensoultzbach E.C., Bas-Rhin, Fr.
m. 27 April 1742 to Anna Maria Holler in Lancaster Co., PA.
d. 22 August 1781 in Lancaster Co., PA.

44. Anna Elizabeth
b. at Langensoultzbach, Bas-Rhin, Fr.
chr. 22 April 1717 in the Langensoultzbach E.C., Bas-Rhin, Fr.

45. Maria Margaretha
b. at Langensoultzbach, Bas-Rhin, Fr.
chr. 6 July 1721 in the Langensoultzbach E.C., Bas-Rhin, Fr.
m. 13 March 1739 to Johann David Buehler in Lancaster Co., PA. (?)
(See write-up in Generation Four)

46. Maria Dorothea
b. at Langensoultzbach, Bas-Rhin, Fr.
chr. 20 December 1722 in the Langensoultzbach E.C., Bas-Rhin, Fr. 
Stohr, Johannes (I20456)
15-313: By his last will & testament dated 10 Aug 1804, Jacob Keller, Sr., late of Cocalico tp., devised his real estate to his son Samuel Keller, subject to paying equal shares of the valuation to his other six children. Jacob Keller, Sr.'s, real estate consisted of the following: (1.) 70a Cocalico tp., adjoining lands of Jacob Keller, Wendel Hipshman, John Boyer, and others, and (2.) 21a Cocalico tp. [the latter being hill land].
--This record identifies four daughters of Jacob Keller, Sr., all of whom have received their due share in and out of the said real estate:
1. Salome the wife of John Bacher
2. Barbara the wife of Daniel Baker
3. Elizabeth the wife of Frederick Gleim
4. Margaret the wife of Jacob Zug
--13 Jan 1806

15-315: See the preceding indenture. Two sons of the aforesaid Jacob Keller, Sr., now give their releases, to wit: Jacob Keller and John Keller.
--8 June 1818

15-529: Jacob Keller of Cocalico tp. (the son of Jacob Keller, Jr., & his wife Barbara) Wendel Hibshman, yeoman, of same
49 ½ a. Cocalico tp., adjoining land late of John Heffly, late of John Landes, and the said Jacob Keller: HISTORY: Part of 100a Cocalico tp. acquired by Jacob Keller, Jr., on 25 May 1760 (Ref. Deed G173). On 1 Feb 1791, Jacob Keller, Jr., & his wife Barbara granted 49 ½ a. Cocalico tp. to their son Jacob Keller, the party hereto.
--12 May 1791
Keller, Jacob (I20892)
1738 Robert & Alice:
Conrad Heyt (or Hayt--none signed]
Abraham Heyt
Peter Heyt

--Several Hatt migrants from Switzerland in 1750-1751 [Ref. PA German Immigrants]. Nothing found for a George Hatt/Hart/Halt thus far.

Brecknock Twp. Tax Records:
George Hatt, 1750-1770, 150A
Casper Hatt, 1769-1773, 150A [freeman '69-70]
John Hatt, 1769-1772, freeman
Samuel Hatt, 1769-1772, freeman
Henry Hatt, 1772-1773, freeman

Earl Twp. Tax Records: NONE

The Hatt family disappears from the area. They likely migrated elswhere.

Is George Hatt the same person as George Halt, who had two sons baptized at Muddy Creek Lutheran in the mid-late 1740's? It appears so--Messners sponsor all children at baptism.

155a Brecknock tp.
26a war. 1 June 1749, sur. 18 9m. 1751 to George Hoat
128a war. 15 May 1738, sur. 15 May 1745 to George Hoat
--Both pat. 7 Oct 1762 to warrantee [AA-3-424]

Tax Records:
George Haat, 1750-1770, 150A
Conrad Haat, 1769-1773, 150A [freeman '69-70]
Leonard Mumma, 1778-1786, 140A
Jacob Mumma, 1787, freeholder
John Stock, 1788-89+, 140A

P634: George Haat, yeoman, & his wife Magdalena of Brecknock tp. Leonard Mumma, yeoman, of Earl tp.
155a Brecknock tp.: HISTORY: Same tract pat. 7 Oct 1762 to George Haat (Ref. PB AA-3-424).
9 Aug 1773: Benjamin Lessle & ZD

HH-202: John Stock, yeoman, & his wife Margaret of Brecknock tp. Leonard Muma, yeoman, of Earl tp.
155a in Earl & Brecknock tps.: HISTORY: Same tract that the said Leonard Muma & his wife Catharine granted 14 Nov 1787 to John Stock.
5 Feb 1789: Henry Frey & John Souder
--Leonard Muma ack.sat. 8 Nov 1793.

83a, 119p Brecknock tp.
war. 2 June 1738 to Conrad Hoat
sur. 24 7m. 1761
pat. 13 June 1765 to William Adams [AA-6-287-or 281?]

Nothing found-Conrad Hoat is assumed to be Conrad Haat-who is not found in tax records.

--It appears that George & Conrad Haatt--perhaps brothers--immigrated prior to 1738. I have yet to find any possibilities in Strassburg & Hinke.

Note: Hart and Hatt families are mixed in abstracted records below. I recommend reviewing ALL and searching for Hatz/Hart/Hatt together.

Muddy Creek Lutheran KB:

Johann George Halt [sic] & wife had baptized:
1. Johannes b. 1746 sp. Michael Massner & wife Salome
2. Henrich bp. 1750 sp. Casper Massner & wife Barbara

Magdalena Haltin & George Waldhauer sp ch/o Christoph Waldhauer on 28 Apr 1754

Samuel Hart & Anna Barbara Hornin sp ch/o Henrich Strehm on [c1758]
Samuel Hart & Maria Barbara Benssin, both single, sp ch/o Peter Bens & wife Catharine on 16 Oct 1763
Magdalena Hartin sp ch/o Peter Benss on 27 Jul 1766
Nicholas Hart & M. sp ch/o Jacob Zeller & his wife Dorothea on 15 Apr 1787

Jacob Greter m. 7 Nov 1738 Maria Barbara Hartin [Muddy Creek]

Muddy Creek Reformed KB:

Juliana of Johannes Kohlman and Christina, b. December 23, 1773,
bapt. February 6, 1774. Spon: Conrad Hatt (Hart) and wife Juliana.

Conf. Pentecost 1767:
Anna Margaret Hatt, age 15
Maria Cath. Hatt, age 15

New Holland Lutheran KB:

George Hatch [sic: compiler says largely obscured] had baptized:
1. George Caspar b. 1740 sp. Casper Massner & Anna Maria Schwabin
2. Samuel b. 1742 sp. Casper Massner & Anna Maria Schwabin

[Note: In both the marriage record and these baptisms, recorded by Stoever, George's surname was written over. The marriage record indicates the two names overwritten were Hatch and Schwab.]

George Casper Hatt & Maria Catharina Meintzer sp ch/o Adam Hiessner & wife Margaretha on 15 Aug 1762.

Samuel Hatt & ______ Millerin, both single, sp ch/o Philip Snoter & wife Dorothea on 2 Dec 1770

Maria Magdalena Haltin sp ch/o Jacob Beyer in Jan 1732

Schwartzwald Reformed KB: Church Records: Selected Areas of PA, 1600s-1800s

Philip Mohn son of Peter and --, b. February 25, 1794, bapt. April
12, 1794. Sponsors: Philip Hatt and wife Susanna.

Johannes Hatt son of Philip and --, b. June 14, 1794, bapt. June 29,
1794. Sponsors: Johannes Mohn and wife Elisabetha.

Henrich Hatt son of Philip and --, b. August 2, 1798, bapt. October
23, 1798. Sponsors: parents.

Jacob Hatt son of Philip and --, b. May 12, 1800, bapt. August 9,
1800. Sponsors: Jacob Weitzel and wife Elisabetha.

1791 January 24 - Matthias Hätt [ Hatt ] and Anna Maria Keim of Oley,
Berks County.

Johann Philip Hatt son of Philip and --, b. March 11, 1788, bapt. May
11, 1788. Sponsors: Conrad Hatt and wife Anna Margaretha.

1789 September 9 - Conrad Hatt, b. October 16, 1715.

1793 May 17 - Conrad Hatt's widow, b. October 16, 1711.

Johann Georg Materi son of Caspar and --, b. October 18, 1786, bapt.
May 5, 1787. Sponsors: Johann Georg Hart and wife Magdalena.

Hains KB:

Henrich of Dietrich Maschall and wife, bapt. September 24, 1780.
Sponsors: Henrich Hatt and Rosina Weizel.

Son of Michael Grauel and wife, bapt. January 24, 1756. Sponsors:
Conradt Hart and wife.

Dietrich of Dietrich Marshall and wife, bapt. April 12, 1772.
Sponsors: Philip Hart and Dorothea Esther.

Margaretha of Dietrich Maschall and wife, bapt. May 23, 1774.
Sponsor: Margaretha Hart.

Daniel of Philipp Hatt and wife, b. May 24, 1789; bapt. June 20,
1789. Sponsor: Daniel Mohn.

Waldschmidt & Illing: None


Feb. 25, 1739 - John Bontz (Bentz?) and Magdalena Hatt, Earl Town.

Oct. 30, 1739 - John George Hatt and Maria Magdalena Staengel, Earl

Allegheny Reformed KB:

Conrad Lay son of Johannes and Maria Elisabeth, b. May 6, 1771, bapt.
June 10, 1771. Sponsors: Conrad Hart and Anna Maria Kiefer.

Berks County Probate Records:

May 24, 1788 - October 5, 1789.
Provides for wife Margaretha.
To eldest son Henry, 5 shillings for his father's birthright.
To son Conrad £10 having had £60.
To son Philip nothing, having had his portion in the land.
To dau. Margareth £70.
Also to daus. Maria Elisabeth, Anna Maria, Julians, and Catharine each
£70. Son Philip and son-in-law Philip Klein-guiny.
Wits: John HEBERLIND and Rudolph HEBERLING.
Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

BANCKLE, JOHANNES, Cumry. September 19, 1770 - October 11, 1770.
Provides for wife Margaret, with son Christian who has now the
possession of my plantation.
Eldest son Johannes to have 5 shillings and remainder after the mothers
death shall be divided in equal shares.
Letters to son Christian.
Wit: Frantz KRUCH, Conrad HAT, Henrich HETZEL.
Hatt, George (I40913)
1739 Friendship: Martin Joac, age 31 (signed with mark)

Lancaster County Will C405:
Martin Yock (his mark: X), yeoman, of Earl tp., writ 25 Mar 1776, probated 5 Nov 1776
1. To his daughter Christina, the wife of Michael Difendorfer: A monetary bequest.
2. He devises the residue of his estate unto "all my grandchildren," that is, the children of his said daughter Christina, excepting Adam Diller who has already received his inheritance. The grandchildren are not to receive their shares until each comes of age.
3. Executor: Grandson Adam Diller
4. Witnessed by George Dietrich, Henrich Bauman, and Emanuel Carpenter.
Jock, Martin (I45949)
1767 tax list, Berks Co
Valentine KERBERY, shoemaker, Robeson, 50 acres.

This may be him on the 1784 tax list:
Valentine CERBY, Robeson, 59 acres
Henry CERBY, Robeson 50 acres

A real variable in spelling! But Robeson is where the Plow Church, aka Forest, St Paul's etc. I don't see their names in any of my church books, there are a few in wills:

Valentine CARBERRY witnessed will of Nicholas CUSTARD, Robeson, on 11/30/1774; probated 12/16/1774.

Valentine CARBERRY witnessed will of George RIGG, Robeson, dated 3/19/1776, probated 6/1/1776.

Henry CARBERRY witnessed will of Mary Eve GEIGER, widow of Paul, of Robeson on 6/23/1800.

Henry CARBERY and Leonard SINK witnessed will of Mounce JONES, Union Twp, dated 2/6/1788; probated 12/8/1808.

Henry CARBERRY was executor in the will of Leonard SINK, Robeson, dated 12/15/1805 and probated 1/2/1809.
Shown as a friend.

Henry CARBERRY was exec of will of Evan LEWIS, Union Twp, dated 3/24/1819 and proved 9/16/1818.

Will of Henry CARBERRY, Robeson, dated 4/19/1823; probated 5/26/1823.
To wife Catharine, all real estate in Robeson and Union Twps and all personal estate during her life, she keeping and maintaining Rebecca MAN as heretofore during her life.
Afterwards, all to be sold.
To dau Susanna, wife of ---DICKINSON, 200 pds.
The interest of remainder for support of Rebecca MAN during life and after her decease to my brothers and sisters: viz: Joseph; John; Margaret, wife of John EVANS; Else, wife of Ebenezer BEATY, Ann present wife of Wm PHILIPS, or their heirs and assigns.
Exec: David HOOFMAN
Wits: Thomas BOYD and Evan EVANS

In 'Pennsylvania Land Applications' Vol 1 East Side Applications 1765-1769:

Valentine CARBARY, 8/5/1765, Berks, Robeson, had land surveyed, acreage not shown. Survey # C-36-27. 
Carberry, Valentine (I18951)
1810 Federal Census: Earl, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Roll: 50; Page: 401; Image: 73.00.
Peter Glasse, 32201/00001/00
Gless, Peter (I40471)
1860 Federal Census: Union tp., Lebanon County
Series: M653 Roll: 1129 Page: 775
Peter Furman (may appear to read Fierman), age 52, forgeman, born PA
Hannah Furman, age 19
Harriet Furman, age 12
Harriet Lykens, age 60, born PA
Fuhrmann, Peter (I35844)
400A to Felix Landis

1716: Survey to John Estaugh & the London Company, 6,871A
1716: Warrant to Accept to the London Company, 6,871A
1716: Resurvey to the London Company, 5,553A
1718: Patent to the London Company, 5,553A (Patent A-5-306)
1718: London Company to Felix Landis, 400A
1737: Felix Landis to John Binckele, 200A (A13b)
1737: Felix Landis to his son Felix Landis, Jr., 200A (A15)
1747: Felix Landis, Jr., to Jacob Downer, 200A (B497)
1768: John Binckele's heirs to his son Felix Binckele, 200A (X1; Y177)
1768: Felix Binckele to Henry Binckele, 100A (Y180)
1769: Henry Binckele to Christian Binckele, 100A (Y183)
1772: Christian Binckele to the said Felix Binckele, 100A (Y186; Felix again holds 200A)
1788: Felix Binckele's heirs to his son John Binckele, the younger, 50A, including a mill (GG-523; TT-421)
1788: Felix Binckele's heirs to his son Johnson Binckele, 150A (GG-523; TT-421)
1790: Johnson Binckele to his said brother John Binckele, the younger, 101A (LL-93; John now holds 151A)

A13b: Felix Landus & his wife Rosannah of Lampeter tp. John Pinkly of same
200a Strasburg tp., adjoining John Bundey, Jacob Kindrick, and Dorick Johnson: HISTORY: Part of 400a that Tobias Collet, Daniel Quare, Michael Russell's heirs, and Henry Gouldney, all of London, granted 19 & 20 Feb 1718 to the said Felix Landus.
--25 & 26 Mar 1737

A15: Felix Landus & his wife Rosannah of Lampeter tp. his son Felix Landus, Jr.
200a Strasburg tp., adjoining John Bundey, Jacob Kindrick, and Dorick Johnson: HISTORY: Part of 400a that Tobias Collet, Daniel Quare, Michael Russell's heirs, and Henry Gouldney, all of London, granted 19 & 20 Feb 1718 to the said Felix Landus.
--25 & 26 Mar 1737

B497: Felix Landus & his wife Mary of Lebanon tp. Jacob Donner of Lampeter tp.
200a Lampeter tp., adjoining John Bundely: HISTORY: Part of a larger tract that Collet, Quare & Gouldney of London granted 20 Feb 1718 to Felix Landus. On 25 & 26 Mar 1737, Felix Landus & his wife Rosannah granted the same to their son Felix Landus, Jr., the first party hereto.
--1 & 2 Dec 1747

C204: Jacob Downer & his wife Elizabeth of Lampeter tp. William Allen of Philadelphia
200a Lampeter tp., adjoining John Bundely: HISTORY: Same tract acquired by Downer via Deed B498 [sic: actually B497].
--22 Nov 1751
--William Allen ack.sat. 26 Jan 1761 from Jacob Downer.

X1: Ann Pinckle (or Pinckli), spinster, of Lampeter tp. her brother Felix Pinckle
--Her undivided share of 200a Lampeter tp.: HISTORY: Late the estate of her father John Pinckle.
16 June 1764: David Jenkins & GR

Y177: Christian Binckly (or Binkle, or Pinkle) and Henry Binckle & his wife Frena, all of Lampeter tp., their brother Felix Binckly, yeoman, of same
--Their undivided parts of 200a Lampeter tp.: HISTORY: Late the estate of John Binckly, yeoman, of Lampeter tp., the father of all parties hereto.
12 Jan 1768: JM & CW

Y180: Felix Pinkley, yeoman, & his wife Ann of Lampeter tp. Henry Pinkley, yeoman, of same
100a Lampeter tp.: HISTORY: On 26 Mar 1737, Felix Landes & his wife Rosina granted 200a Lampeter tp. to John Pinkley. Said John Pinkley died leaving a widow named Barbara and issue four children, to wit, Felix, Henry, Christian, & Ann. On 16 June 1764, said Ann Pinkley granted her undivided share to said Felix Pinkley. On equal date herewith, Christian Pinkley and Henry Pinkley & his wife Frena granted their undivided parts to the said Felix Pinkley. On equal date herewith, the widow, Barbara, released her dower in and of the property.
12 Jan 1768: JM & CW

Y183: Henry Binckly, yeoman, & his wife Frena of Manor tp. Christian Binckly, yeoman, of Lampeter tp.
100a Lampeter tp.: HISTORY: It being the same tract as given in the preceding indenture.
--17 June 1769: Rosina Hubley & JH

Y186: Christian Binkly, yeoman, of Lampeter tp. Felix Binkly, miller, of same
100a Lampeter tp.: HISTORY: It being the same tract as given in the preceding indenture.
--23 Mar 1772: James Ross & JR

GG-523: Partition agreement between Johnson Binkley, yeoman, and John Binkley, miller, both of Lampeter tp.
--Felix Binkley, the father of both parties hereto, died seized of 200a Lampeter tp. By his last will & testament dated 10 Aug 1775, Felix Binkley devised the same, including a mill, to his sons John & Johnson. Now, by agreement, the two brothers partition the property as follows: (1.) 50a Lampeter tp., including a mill, to John Binkley, and (2.) 150a Lampeter tp. to Johnson Binkley.
13 Sep 1788: CS & Abraham Newcomer

TT-421: Jacob Stoner & his wife Anna of Lampeter tp. [she being the late widow of Felix Binckly, late of same] and John Witmer, Sr., & Abraham Newcomer [the executors of the said Felix Binckley, as well as the guardians of his minor daughter Anna Binckly] quitclaim to John Binckly & Johnson Binckly
200a Lampeter tp., includng the mills: HISTORY: By his last will & testament, Felix Binckly devised 200a Lampeter tp. to his sons John & Johnson, the parties hereto, subject to paying his widow Anna and his daughter Anna certain legacies out of the valuation. The said John Binckly has since been allotted 50a Lampeter tp., including the mill, and the said Johnson Binckly has been allotted 150a Lampeter tp. They have since discharged the aforementioned legacies.
--13 Sep 1788

HH-199: Johnson Binkley, yeoman, of Lampeter tp. John Witmer & Abraham Newcomer, both of same [the guardians of Ann Binkley, minor daughter of Felix Binkley, deceased]
150a Lampeter tp.: HISTORY: Not given.
--13 Sep 1788: John Binkley & CS
--Abraham Huber ack.sat. 3 May 1798 [see the following record].

HH-202: John Witmer & Abraham Newcomer assign the within mortgage [see the preceding indenture] to Abraham Huber. Said Abraham Huber is now the husband of Anna Binkley, the late ward of Witmer & Newcomer, parties hereto. 23 Feb 1789.

LL-93: Johnson Binckley, yeoman, & his wife Elizabeth of Lampeter tp. John Binckley, miller, of same
101 ½ a. Lampeter tp.: HISTORY: Part of 150a that John Binckley, the party hereto, granted 13 Sep 1788 to Johnson Binckley, via a deed of partition.
10 Feb 1790: CS Jr., CS, & Johannes Meyer

Of interest:

Y174: Michael Downer (or Dauner), yeoman, & his wife Magdalena of Lampeter tp. John Binkle, miller, of same
--Overflowed lands: HISTORY: Part of 5,553a pat. 25 June 1718 to Tobias Collet, Daniel Quare, & Henry Goldney (Ref. PB A-5-306). By sundry conveyances, Jacob Kindrick acquired 400 acres. He died intestate without issue. By law, his brother George Kindrick took right to the property. On 24 Dec 1731, George Kindrick & his wife Barbara granted 200a, located on both sides of the Pequea Creek, to Michael Downer (Ref. Phil. Deed G-1-18). // Said John Binkle has erected a milldam across the said creek, resulting in part of Michael Downer's lands being flooded.
1 Feb 1755: Hans Guth & JB

Y3-483: Benedict Mellinger & his wife Barbara of Columbiana County, Ohio (she being a daughter of Christian Binkley, miller, late of Lampeter tp., deceased). The said Christian Binkley died intestate seized of 105a Manheim & Lampeter tps., including a gristmill and a sawmill. He left a widow and 12 children (see the next indenture). Reference is made to Orphans Court records dated 15 Jan 1806, at which time the real estate was confirmed to David Binkley, the eldest son.
--17 Dec 1807

Y3-489: The following are children & heirs of Christian Binkley [see the preceding indenture, Y3-483]:
1. Felix Binkley, yeoman, of Lampeter tp.
2. Abraham Binkley, yeoman, of same
3. Elizabeth Binkley, spinster, of same
4. Anna Binkley, spinster, of Manheim tp.
5. Mary Binkley, spinster, of Lampeter tp.
6. Christian Frantz, yeoman, of Manheim tp. [the guardian of John Binkley]
7. John Buchwalter, yeoman, of Lampeter tp. [the guardian of Henry Binkley]
8. John Rohrer, yeoman, of Manheim tp. [the guardian of Christian Binkley & Esther Binkley]
9. Christian Rohrer, yeoman, of Lampeter tp. [the guardian of Martin Binkley
--9 May 1808
Landis, Felix (I32428)
All German data on the Schwab family posted herewith is taken from the following text:

A History of the Origins of the First Schwab, Schwob, Swope Families
in Early Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
and Some of Their Descendants

The compilers of this work hired German researchers to consult original German parish records.
Schwab, Jost (I46354)

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