Christoph Franciscus

Male 1680 - 1757  (76 years)

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  • Name Christoph Franciscus 
    Born 23 Dec 1680  Rohrbach in Germany Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    Gender Male 
    Died 27 Sep 1757  Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Province of Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
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    Family 1 ???,   b. one child by first wife named in will Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Hannah Franciscus,   b. Abt Mar 1708,   d. Abt 1 Aug 1785, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 77 years)  []
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    Family 2 Margaretha Schwab,   b. Abt 20 Apr 1690,   d. Abt 24 Jan 1773, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 82 years) 
     1. Christoph Franciscus,   b. Abt 12 Oct 1720, Conestoga Township, Chester County, Province of Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Abt 19 Aug 1794, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 73 years)  []
     2. Christian Franciscus,   b. Abt 1727, Conestoga Township, Chester County, Province of Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location  []
     3. Esther Franciscus,   b. Abt 1723, Conestoga Township, Chester County, Province of Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location  []
     4. Ludwig Franciscus,   b. of Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. of Augusta County, Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location  []
     5. Catharina Franciscus  []
     6. Margaret Franciscus  []
     7. Johannes Franciscus  []
     8. Michael Franciscus  []
     9. George Franciscus  []
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  • Notes 
    • His tombstone at First Reformed was destroyed, but the dates were among those written down and perserved by the church.

      Compiled by Teresa Martin Klaiber

      22937 Long Branch Road, Rush, KY 41168

      Family Chart #760

      Christophel Ludwig Franciscus was born 23 December 1680 in Gratschaft, Rohrbach, Germany. Christophel [Christopher] had a prior marriage and a daughter Johanna. Once settled in Pennsylvania Christophel married Anna Margaretha Schwab and had nine more children.

      Christophel was on board the ship Maria Hope from London in 1710 along with daughter Johanna. At the request of William Penn to the British Ambassador of the Netherlands fifty to sixty Swiss Mennonite had come from Holland in order to travel to Pennsylvania. Others among the 94 passengers were German. A journal kept by the Rev. Chalkley commented on the difficulty of communication between the two groups. The ship arrived in Philadelphia on 29 June 1710. Christophel migrated to Lancaster County along with the Mennonite group.

      Christophel settled in Lampeter Township. At the time he settled Lampeter it was a portion of Chester County, Pennsylvania. By 1718 it was included in Conestoga Township which covered almost the entire portion of Chester County taken to form Lancaster County. Lancaster County was finally established in 1729. Today Lampeter Township has been divided down the middle, creating East Lampeter and West Lampeter. Christophel signed an oath of Allegiance to be a loyal subject in the Province of Pennsylvania the same year Lancaster County was created.

      According to the History of Lancaster County, written in 1844, The American Weekly published an article in 1729 about the character of Christophel Franciscus. The author of the 1844 publication embellished the story by adding that daring ran through the blood of the Franciscuses, and that his sons, and grandsons were stout men. The news article describes in great detail how Christophel challenged a wolf.

      "At Conestoga near the beginning of this month a stout action was performed by Christopher Franciscus. He had gone to bed and soon after heard a ...disturbance among his sheep...sent out his dog and later hastened after to his sheep pen where a large wolf was ...leaping over the fence just as the careful husbandman got there. The wolf being delayed by slipping a foot into a cranny of the fence the man had time and resolution to take him in a strong grasp of the neck with one hand and by the hind leg with the other so pulled him down and shifting his hand from the wolf’s leg to his ear and forcing his knee on the struggling animals body so held him without being bitten ...he was heard by a daughter...who had the courage and faithfulness to bring a knife and relieve his father by letting out the entrails of the wolf...the place where the wolf was slain is marked by the

      head of a fine spring near Lampeter Square where Daniel Zimmerman who bought of Franciscus erected a substantial sandstone house in 1750..."

      Christophel was among a long list of gentleman who applied for a license to sell rum by the quart in May 1730. And on the first day of May 1733 Christophel and Margaret appeared at the Lancaster Quarter Session for beating Garratt Coffrond? Both were found guilty and Christopher fined 20 shillings while Margaret was made to pay 1 shilling.

      Christophel was once again in court in February 1736 when John Tangler was prosecuted for assaulting and beating Christophel. Christophel brought along his son Ludwick to be a witness on his behalf.

      When Augusta County, Virginia was formed in 1738, Christophel invested by purchasing 3800 acres from Jacob Stover being a portion of a 5000 acre grant Stover had received. The property was in Mill Creek Valley which would later be a portion of Rockingham County, Virginia. Several of his sons migrated to Virginia and managed the property.

      In 1748 John Craig purchased land from the Fanciscos on Cub Run. And in July 1752 he conveyed his son Ludwick land on the north side of the Shenandoah River on Cub Run. Utilizing another son Stophel, as his attorney, Christophel sold Peter Hull 230 acres of the holdings in 1752. And Valentine Pence purchased land at the mouth of Cub Run from the Franciscos in 1754.

      Christophel/Christopher Franciscus died 27 September 1757 in Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He gave his children all the tract of land in the Colony of Virginia "containing three thousand acres be the same more or less." To Johanna now called by her Anglo name Hannah he left only one shilling sterling and "no more." He provided Margaret with a house and Lot in Lampeter Township along with household goods. After her death the house and lot were to go to daughter Margaret and son John. All other personal property was to be sold at his wife’s death. His younger children were still under age 21 and he provided for their education. Daughter Esther was to receive rents for a piece of property set aside for her.

      Children of Christophel Franciscus and Anna Schwab are:

      i. Ludwig Francisco, born Abt. 1719 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; died Bef. April 1799 in Botetourt County, Virginia; married Elizabeth --?--.

      ii. Christophel Francisco, born 07 October 1720 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; died Abt. 1799 in Botetourt County, Virginia.

      iii. Esther Francisco, born 24 February 1721/22 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; died 24 November 1804 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

      iv. Stophel Francisco, born 17 February 1724/25 in Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

      v. Catharina Francisco, born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

      vi. Margaretha Francisco, died 24 July 1762 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

      vii. Michael Francisco, died 1819 in Montgomery County, Virginia; married Johanna Roesler 30 January 1759 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; born Abt. 1740 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

      viii. Johannes Francisco, born October 1737 in Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; died 26 November 1814 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

      ix. Johann George Francisco died Abt. 1806 in Woodford County, Kentucky.

      Rev. War Soldier.

      Posted by Marlene Domstead:

      Ludwig Christopher Franciscus was born 23 December 1680, in Germany, at Graftschaft on the road to Rohrbach. (Translation from German on the gravestone of Christopher Franciscus. Letter from George L. Heiges, Archivist of Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster PA).The translation of the Franciscus headstones read:



      The word Grafschaft means County in English.There are several towns named Rohrbach:

      Rohrbach am Gieshubel
      Rohrbach - Donaueschingen
      Rohrbach i. Schwarzwald
      Rohrbach - Sinsheim
      Rohrbach - Pfaffenhofen

      The Rohrbach - Sinsheim presents an interesting choice for Ludwig's birthplace.Sinsheim the birthplace of Anna Margaret Schwab, his second wife.Is it possible that Ludwig knew his in-laws before he left for America?

      According to Christopher's will Johanna "Hanna" was born to his first wife who probably died while they were still living in Germany.

      Johanna "Hanna" was born 1707/1708 in Germany.Hanna married Andreas Stoutzenberger on 9 November 1733 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.Hanna died in 1785 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

      Anna Margaretha Schwab was born on 18 June 1695 in Sinsheim, Germany the fifth child to Jost Schwab and Anna Katherina Wolfhardt.She was christened on August 18, 1695.
      At the time of their marriage, Christopher Francisco was living in the Conestoga Valley of Chester County, Pennsylvania.This county is now part of Lancaster.The only Schwab family living in this area was Jost Schwab who was born at Sinsheim, on the Elseng River, Kries County, Heidelberg, Baden Germany in 1656 (The Swope Family Book of Remembrance: A History of the Origins of the First Schwab, Schwob, Scope Family in Early Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Some of their descendants, Emily Swope Morse and Emily Morse McLachlan, Pg1289, 1291)

      In the Church records of Sinsheim, Germany the records for Jost Schwab and wife Anna Katharina Wolfhardt:

      Anna Margaretha born 18 June 1695

      (The Swope Family Book of Remembrance: A History of the Origins of the First Schwab, Schwob, Scope Family in Early Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Some of their descendants, Emily Swope Morse and Emily Morse McLachlan, Pg1289, 1291).This date does not compute exactly with the date listed in the Church records within Lancaster on which states that Anna died at 82 years, 8 months, 4 days, that date would be May 21, 1690.

      Jost Schwab's brother, Georg Schwab, and his wife Anna Esther have Church records in Sincheim that list:

      Anna Margaretha born 22 June 1690. [MY NOTE: I view her as the more probable spouse based on her calculated age at death--they could have married in Germany.]

      It would seem that both brothers named their daughters Anna Margaretha.

      On 25 May 1742, a known son of Jost Swope (Schwab), filed a record of intent to marry Catherine Elizabeth Greve.Johannes sisters, Ludwig Franciscus, and Anna Margaretha Klein and her husband signed the document as witnesses.Does this mean that Anna Klein was Johannes sister?If this Anna stayed married to Mr. Klein during the period when Ludwig Franciscus married it would stand to reason that the Anna who became Mrs. Christopher Franciscus was Jost Swope's niece, the daughter of Georg Schwab.Records need to be found to clear up this confusion.Why would the daughter of Georg be in Pennsylvania, did Georg move from Germany? (Copy of record in the Lancaster County Historical Society files, Lancaster Pennsylvania).

      In the "Swope Family Book Of Remembrance" it is debated when Jost Schwab and his family moved to America.When Anna Margaret's sister, Anna Maria, married Andreas Meixel on 19 September 1719,the marriage record is written as if Jost Schwab was still the citizen and baker at Leimen. There is also a mention of an inference that the entire family, except Hans Georg who left in 1627, left in May 1720.(Swope Family Book Of Remembrance, Pg1291). However, Anna Margaret's eldest sister, Anna Elisabetha, who married Johann Eberhard Riehm (Ream) on 5 April 1712, left for Pennsylvania in 1717.The year of 1717 would be in line with Anna Margaret and Ludwig Christopher Franciscus's wedding in 1718:

      Records from the First Lutheran Church of Lancaster, Pennsylvania:

      Ludwig Christopher Franciscus married Anna Margaret Schwaben in 1718

  • Sources 
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      aged 81, 6, 13