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Davies, Evan (I20136)
Tropff, Frederick (I22366)
Meyer, Johannes (I23257)
Schonberger, Balthasar (I35634)
Franckhauser, Peter (I38892)
Dieffenbach, Casper (I45695)
Bitzer, Dorothea (I47826)
Behm, Maria Christina (I74633)
Source (S202)
Source (S1175)
14. Johannes Stoehr.

Johannes Stoehr, the son of Johannes Stoehr and Catharina Margaretha Elizabetha Dithmar, was born on 16 September 1687 at Rumbach in the State of Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany. He was subsequently christened on 25 September 1687 in the Evangelisch Lutheran Church at Rumbach. Johannes, who was a nagler (nailsmith) by trade, left Germany as a young man and moved to the vicinity of Langensoultzbach in Bas-Rhin, France. He was later married to a woman named Anna Margaretha Dock (also written Docken). Although no record of their marriage has been found, it probably took place in France. According to the Heidelberg Moravian Church records, Anna Margaretha had been born during the month of May 1688, possibly in the Alsace region of France.

According to available parish records, Johannes and Anna Margaretha were residing in Langensoultzbach during the early 1700's, where all of their children were christened. In 1737, however, they left France and emigrated to the New World. Johannes and Anna Margaretha, along with their two sons, and most likely their three daughters, arrived at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 26 September 1737 aboard the ship "St. Andrew Galley."

Sometime after their arrival, Johannes and Anna Margaretha settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where they appear to have resided for many years. Although Johannes is believed to have died in Lancaster County, the actual date of his passing has not been determined. It is known, however, that he preceded his wife in death. Anna Margaretha, on the other hand, died on 10 December 1753 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, the year after it had been formed from a portion of Lancaster County. She was subsequently buried in the Heidelberg Moravian Church Cemetery in Berks County.

Issue: (Surname Stoehr)

42. Johann Henrich "Henry"
b. at Langensoultzbach, Bas Rhin, Fr.
chr. 6 January 1715 in the Langensoultzbach E.C., Bas-Rhin, Fr.
m. 23 October 1739 to Maria Barbara (Frey) Bruecher in Lancaster Co., PA.
d. 7 September 1781 in Lancaster Co., PA.

43. Philipp Henrich (Johann Philipp) "Philipp"
b. 18 February 1716 at Langensoultzbach, Bas-Rhin, Fr.
chr. 20 February 1716 in the Langensoultzbach E.C., Bas-Rhin, Fr.
m. 27 April 1742 to Anna Maria Holler in Lancaster Co., PA.
d. 22 August 1781 in Lancaster Co., PA.

44. Anna Elizabeth
b. at Langensoultzbach, Bas-Rhin, Fr.
chr. 22 April 1717 in the Langensoultzbach E.C., Bas-Rhin, Fr.

45. Maria Margaretha
b. at Langensoultzbach, Bas-Rhin, Fr.
chr. 6 July 1721 in the Langensoultzbach E.C., Bas-Rhin, Fr.
m. 13 March 1739 to Johann David Buehler in Lancaster Co., PA. (?)
(See write-up in Generation Four)

46. Maria Dorothea
b. at Langensoultzbach, Bas-Rhin, Fr.
chr. 20 December 1722 in the Langensoultzbach E.C., Bas-Rhin, Fr. 
Stohr, Johannes (I20456)
15-313: By his last will & testament dated 10 Aug 1804, Jacob Keller, Sr., late of Cocalico tp., devised his real estate to his son Samuel Keller, subject to paying equal shares of the valuation to his other six children. Jacob Keller, Sr.'s, real estate consisted of the following: (1.) 70a Cocalico tp., adjoining lands of Jacob Keller, Wendel Hipshman, John Boyer, and others, and (2.) 21a Cocalico tp. [the latter being hill land].
--This record identifies four daughters of Jacob Keller, Sr., all of whom have received their due share in and out of the said real estate:
1. Salome the wife of John Bacher
2. Barbara the wife of Daniel Baker
3. Elizabeth the wife of Frederick Gleim
4. Margaret the wife of Jacob Zug
--13 Jan 1806

15-315: See the preceding indenture. Two sons of the aforesaid Jacob Keller, Sr., now give their releases, to wit: Jacob Keller and John Keller.
--8 June 1818

15-529: Jacob Keller of Cocalico tp. (the son of Jacob Keller, Jr., & his wife Barbara) Wendel Hibshman, yeoman, of same
49 ½ a. Cocalico tp., adjoining land late of John Heffly, late of John Landes, and the said Jacob Keller: HISTORY: Part of 100a Cocalico tp. acquired by Jacob Keller, Jr., on 25 May 1760 (Ref. Deed G173). On 1 Feb 1791, Jacob Keller, Jr., & his wife Barbara granted 49 ½ a. Cocalico tp. to their son Jacob Keller, the party hereto.
--12 May 1791
Keller, Jacob (I20892)
1738 Robert & Alice:
Conrad Heyt (or Hayt--none signed]
Abraham Heyt
Peter Heyt

--Several Hatt migrants from Switzerland in 1750-1751 [Ref. PA German Immigrants]. Nothing found for a George Hatt/Hart/Halt thus far.

Brecknock Twp. Tax Records:
George Hatt, 1750-1770, 150A
Casper Hatt, 1769-1773, 150A [freeman '69-70]
John Hatt, 1769-1772, freeman
Samuel Hatt, 1769-1772, freeman
Henry Hatt, 1772-1773, freeman

Earl Twp. Tax Records: NONE

The Hatt family disappears from the area. They likely migrated elswhere.

Is George Hatt the same person as George Halt, who had two sons baptized at Muddy Creek Lutheran in the mid-late 1740's? It appears so--Messners sponsor all children at baptism.

155a Brecknock tp.
26a war. 1 June 1749, sur. 18 9m. 1751 to George Hoat
128a war. 15 May 1738, sur. 15 May 1745 to George Hoat
--Both pat. 7 Oct 1762 to warrantee [AA-3-424]

Tax Records:
George Haat, 1750-1770, 150A
Conrad Haat, 1769-1773, 150A [freeman '69-70]
Leonard Mumma, 1778-1786, 140A
Jacob Mumma, 1787, freeholder
John Stock, 1788-89+, 140A

P634: George Haat, yeoman, & his wife Magdalena of Brecknock tp. Leonard Mumma, yeoman, of Earl tp.
155a Brecknock tp.: HISTORY: Same tract pat. 7 Oct 1762 to George Haat (Ref. PB AA-3-424).
9 Aug 1773: Benjamin Lessle & ZD

HH-202: John Stock, yeoman, & his wife Margaret of Brecknock tp. Leonard Muma, yeoman, of Earl tp.
155a in Earl & Brecknock tps.: HISTORY: Same tract that the said Leonard Muma & his wife Catharine granted 14 Nov 1787 to John Stock.
5 Feb 1789: Henry Frey & John Souder
--Leonard Muma ack.sat. 8 Nov 1793.

83a, 119p Brecknock tp.
war. 2 June 1738 to Conrad Hoat
sur. 24 7m. 1761
pat. 13 June 1765 to William Adams [AA-6-287-or 281?]

Nothing found-Conrad Hoat is assumed to be Conrad Haat-who is not found in tax records.

--It appears that George & Conrad Haatt--perhaps brothers--immigrated prior to 1738. I have yet to find any possibilities in Strassburg & Hinke.

Note: Hart and Hatt families are mixed in abstracted records below. I recommend reviewing ALL and searching for Hatz/Hart/Hatt together.

Muddy Creek Lutheran KB:

Johann George Halt [sic] & wife had baptized:
1. Johannes b. 1746 sp. Michael Massner & wife Salome
2. Henrich bp. 1750 sp. Casper Massner & wife Barbara

Magdalena Haltin & George Waldhauer sp ch/o Christoph Waldhauer on 28 Apr 1754

Samuel Hart & Anna Barbara Hornin sp ch/o Henrich Strehm on [c1758]
Samuel Hart & Maria Barbara Benssin, both single, sp ch/o Peter Bens & wife Catharine on 16 Oct 1763
Magdalena Hartin sp ch/o Peter Benss on 27 Jul 1766
Nicholas Hart & M. sp ch/o Jacob Zeller & his wife Dorothea on 15 Apr 1787

Jacob Greter m. 7 Nov 1738 Maria Barbara Hartin [Muddy Creek]

Muddy Creek Reformed KB:

Juliana of Johannes Kohlman and Christina, b. December 23, 1773,
bapt. February 6, 1774. Spon: Conrad Hatt (Hart) and wife Juliana.

Conf. Pentecost 1767:
Anna Margaret Hatt, age 15
Maria Cath. Hatt, age 15

New Holland Lutheran KB:

George Hatch [sic: compiler says largely obscured] had baptized:
1. George Caspar b. 1740 sp. Casper Massner & Anna Maria Schwabin
2. Samuel b. 1742 sp. Casper Massner & Anna Maria Schwabin

[Note: In both the marriage record and these baptisms, recorded by Stoever, George's surname was written over. The marriage record indicates the two names overwritten were Hatch and Schwab.]

George Casper Hatt & Maria Catharina Meintzer sp ch/o Adam Hiessner & wife Margaretha on 15 Aug 1762.

Samuel Hatt & ______ Millerin, both single, sp ch/o Philip Snoter & wife Dorothea on 2 Dec 1770

Maria Magdalena Haltin sp ch/o Jacob Beyer in Jan 1732

Schwartzwald Reformed KB: Church Records: Selected Areas of PA, 1600s-1800s

Philip Mohn son of Peter and --, b. February 25, 1794, bapt. April
12, 1794. Sponsors: Philip Hatt and wife Susanna.

Johannes Hatt son of Philip and --, b. June 14, 1794, bapt. June 29,
1794. Sponsors: Johannes Mohn and wife Elisabetha.

Henrich Hatt son of Philip and --, b. August 2, 1798, bapt. October
23, 1798. Sponsors: parents.

Jacob Hatt son of Philip and --, b. May 12, 1800, bapt. August 9,
1800. Sponsors: Jacob Weitzel and wife Elisabetha.

1791 January 24 - Matthias Hätt [ Hatt ] and Anna Maria Keim of Oley,
Berks County.

Johann Philip Hatt son of Philip and --, b. March 11, 1788, bapt. May
11, 1788. Sponsors: Conrad Hatt and wife Anna Margaretha.

1789 September 9 - Conrad Hatt, b. October 16, 1715.

1793 May 17 - Conrad Hatt's widow, b. October 16, 1711.

Johann Georg Materi son of Caspar and --, b. October 18, 1786, bapt.
May 5, 1787. Sponsors: Johann Georg Hart and wife Magdalena.

Hains KB:

Henrich of Dietrich Maschall and wife, bapt. September 24, 1780.
Sponsors: Henrich Hatt and Rosina Weizel.

Son of Michael Grauel and wife, bapt. January 24, 1756. Sponsors:
Conradt Hart and wife.

Dietrich of Dietrich Marshall and wife, bapt. April 12, 1772.
Sponsors: Philip Hart and Dorothea Esther.

Margaretha of Dietrich Maschall and wife, bapt. May 23, 1774.
Sponsor: Margaretha Hart.

Daniel of Philipp Hatt and wife, b. May 24, 1789; bapt. June 20,
1789. Sponsor: Daniel Mohn.

Waldschmidt & Illing: None


Feb. 25, 1739 - John Bontz (Bentz?) and Magdalena Hatt, Earl Town.

Oct. 30, 1739 - John George Hatt and Maria Magdalena Staengel, Earl

Allegheny Reformed KB:

Conrad Lay son of Johannes and Maria Elisabeth, b. May 6, 1771, bapt.
June 10, 1771. Sponsors: Conrad Hart and Anna Maria Kiefer.

Berks County Probate Records:

May 24, 1788 - October 5, 1789.
Provides for wife Margaretha.
To eldest son Henry, 5 shillings for his father's birthright.
To son Conrad £10 having had £60.
To son Philip nothing, having had his portion in the land.
To dau. Margareth £70.
Also to daus. Maria Elisabeth, Anna Maria, Julians, and Catharine each
£70. Son Philip and son-in-law Philip Klein-guiny.
Wits: John HEBERLIND and Rudolph HEBERLING.
Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

BANCKLE, JOHANNES, Cumry. September 19, 1770 - October 11, 1770.
Provides for wife Margaret, with son Christian who has now the
possession of my plantation.
Eldest son Johannes to have 5 shillings and remainder after the mothers
death shall be divided in equal shares.
Letters to son Christian.
Wit: Frantz KRUCH, Conrad HAT, Henrich HETZEL.
Hatt, George (I40913)
1739 Friendship: Martin Joac, age 31 (signed with mark)

Lancaster County Will C405:
Martin Yock (his mark: X), yeoman, of Earl tp., writ 25 Mar 1776, probated 5 Nov 1776
1. To his daughter Christina, the wife of Michael Difendorfer: A monetary bequest.
2. He devises the residue of his estate unto "all my grandchildren," that is, the children of his said daughter Christina, excepting Adam Diller who has already received his inheritance. The grandchildren are not to receive their shares until each comes of age.
3. Executor: Grandson Adam Diller
4. Witnessed by George Dietrich, Henrich Bauman, and Emanuel Carpenter.
Jock, Martin (I45949)
1757 Lunenburg Victualling List
Alphabetical List of Names

Compiled by Chris Young

This is a list of foreign and other settlers victualled at Lunenburg between 24 January and 25 May, 1757. The original list may be found in Appendix B of a Report Board of Trustees of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia 1936 for year 1937 pp 20-33. This index was prepared from a typed list dated March 1967 and on file at The South Shore Genealogical Society. RH Campbell makes the note �It seems that the 1757 list in the Archives Report has been Anglicized somewhat by the people themselves or by the original copyist.�

Where a family (e.g. ACKER) appeared in multiple places throughout the list, a separate line is given for each family, and in the order in which they appeared.

The original text said 1313 names; there are 1298 names here.

LACHMUND Ebershard, Catherine, Nicholas, Catherine, Margaret, Regina 
Lachmund, Eberhard (I87041)
1767 tax list, Berks Co
Valentine KERBERY, shoemaker, Robeson, 50 acres.

This may be him on the 1784 tax list:
Valentine CERBY, Robeson, 59 acres
Henry CERBY, Robeson 50 acres

A real variable in spelling! But Robeson is where the Plow Church, aka Forest, St Paul's etc. I don't see their names in any of my church books, there are a few in wills:

Valentine CARBERRY witnessed will of Nicholas CUSTARD, Robeson, on 11/30/1774; probated 12/16/1774.

Valentine CARBERRY witnessed will of George RIGG, Robeson, dated 3/19/1776, probated 6/1/1776.

Henry CARBERRY witnessed will of Mary Eve GEIGER, widow of Paul, of Robeson on 6/23/1800.

Henry CARBERY and Leonard SINK witnessed will of Mounce JONES, Union Twp, dated 2/6/1788; probated 12/8/1808.

Henry CARBERRY was executor in the will of Leonard SINK, Robeson, dated 12/15/1805 and probated 1/2/1809.
Shown as a friend.

Henry CARBERRY was exec of will of Evan LEWIS, Union Twp, dated 3/24/1819 and proved 9/16/1818.

Will of Henry CARBERRY, Robeson, dated 4/19/1823; probated 5/26/1823.
To wife Catharine, all real estate in Robeson and Union Twps and all personal estate during her life, she keeping and maintaining Rebecca MAN as heretofore during her life.
Afterwards, all to be sold.
To dau Susanna, wife of ---DICKINSON, 200 pds.
The interest of remainder for support of Rebecca MAN during life and after her decease to my brothers and sisters: viz: Joseph; John; Margaret, wife of John EVANS; Else, wife of Ebenezer BEATY, Ann present wife of Wm PHILIPS, or their heirs and assigns.
Exec: David HOOFMAN
Wits: Thomas BOYD and Evan EVANS

In 'Pennsylvania Land Applications' Vol 1 East Side Applications 1765-1769:

Valentine CARBARY, 8/5/1765, Berks, Robeson, had land surveyed, acreage not shown. Survey # C-36-27. 
Carberry, Valentine (I18951)
1810 Federal Census: Earl, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Roll: 50; Page: 401; Image: 73.00.
Peter Glasse, 32201/00001/00
Gless, Peter (I40471)
1860 Federal Census: Union tp., Lebanon County
Series: M653 Roll: 1129 Page: 775
Peter Furman (may appear to read Fierman), age 52, forgeman, born PA
Hannah Furman, age 19
Harriet Furman, age 12
Harriet Lykens, age 60, born PA
Fuhrmann, Peter (I35844)
400A to Felix Landis

1716: Survey to John Estaugh & the London Company, 6,871A
1716: Warrant to Accept to the London Company, 6,871A
1716: Resurvey to the London Company, 5,553A
1718: Patent to the London Company, 5,553A (Patent A-5-306)
1718: London Company to Felix Landis, 400A
1737: Felix Landis to John Binckele, 200A (A13b)
1737: Felix Landis to his son Felix Landis, Jr., 200A (A15)
1747: Felix Landis, Jr., to Jacob Downer, 200A (B497)
1768: John Binckele's heirs to his son Felix Binckele, 200A (X1; Y177)
1768: Felix Binckele to Henry Binckele, 100A (Y180)
1769: Henry Binckele to Christian Binckele, 100A (Y183)
1772: Christian Binckele to the said Felix Binckele, 100A (Y186; Felix again holds 200A)
1788: Felix Binckele's heirs to his son John Binckele, the younger, 50A, including a mill (GG-523; TT-421)
1788: Felix Binckele's heirs to his son Johnson Binckele, 150A (GG-523; TT-421)
1790: Johnson Binckele to his said brother John Binckele, the younger, 101A (LL-93; John now holds 151A)

A13b: Felix Landus & his wife Rosannah of Lampeter tp. John Pinkly of same
200a Strasburg tp., adjoining John Bundey, Jacob Kindrick, and Dorick Johnson: HISTORY: Part of 400a that Tobias Collet, Daniel Quare, Michael Russell's heirs, and Henry Gouldney, all of London, granted 19 & 20 Feb 1718 to the said Felix Landus.
--25 & 26 Mar 1737

A15: Felix Landus & his wife Rosannah of Lampeter tp. his son Felix Landus, Jr.
200a Strasburg tp., adjoining John Bundey, Jacob Kindrick, and Dorick Johnson: HISTORY: Part of 400a that Tobias Collet, Daniel Quare, Michael Russell's heirs, and Henry Gouldney, all of London, granted 19 & 20 Feb 1718 to the said Felix Landus.
--25 & 26 Mar 1737

B497: Felix Landus & his wife Mary of Lebanon tp. Jacob Donner of Lampeter tp.
200a Lampeter tp., adjoining John Bundely: HISTORY: Part of a larger tract that Collet, Quare & Gouldney of London granted 20 Feb 1718 to Felix Landus. On 25 & 26 Mar 1737, Felix Landus & his wife Rosannah granted the same to their son Felix Landus, Jr., the first party hereto.
--1 & 2 Dec 1747

C204: Jacob Downer & his wife Elizabeth of Lampeter tp. William Allen of Philadelphia
200a Lampeter tp., adjoining John Bundely: HISTORY: Same tract acquired by Downer via Deed B498 [sic: actually B497].
--22 Nov 1751
--William Allen ack.sat. 26 Jan 1761 from Jacob Downer.

X1: Ann Pinckle (or Pinckli), spinster, of Lampeter tp. her brother Felix Pinckle
--Her undivided share of 200a Lampeter tp.: HISTORY: Late the estate of her father John Pinckle.
16 June 1764: David Jenkins & GR

Y177: Christian Binckly (or Binkle, or Pinkle) and Henry Binckle & his wife Frena, all of Lampeter tp., their brother Felix Binckly, yeoman, of same
--Their undivided parts of 200a Lampeter tp.: HISTORY: Late the estate of John Binckly, yeoman, of Lampeter tp., the father of all parties hereto.
12 Jan 1768: JM & CW

Y180: Felix Pinkley, yeoman, & his wife Ann of Lampeter tp. Henry Pinkley, yeoman, of same
100a Lampeter tp.: HISTORY: On 26 Mar 1737, Felix Landes & his wife Rosina granted 200a Lampeter tp. to John Pinkley. Said John Pinkley died leaving a widow named Barbara and issue four children, to wit, Felix, Henry, Christian, & Ann. On 16 June 1764, said Ann Pinkley granted her undivided share to said Felix Pinkley. On equal date herewith, Christian Pinkley and Henry Pinkley & his wife Frena granted their undivided parts to the said Felix Pinkley. On equal date herewith, the widow, Barbara, released her dower in and of the property.
12 Jan 1768: JM & CW

Y183: Henry Binckly, yeoman, & his wife Frena of Manor tp. Christian Binckly, yeoman, of Lampeter tp.
100a Lampeter tp.: HISTORY: It being the same tract as given in the preceding indenture.
--17 June 1769: Rosina Hubley & JH

Y186: Christian Binkly, yeoman, of Lampeter tp. Felix Binkly, miller, of same
100a Lampeter tp.: HISTORY: It being the same tract as given in the preceding indenture.
--23 Mar 1772: James Ross & JR

GG-523: Partition agreement between Johnson Binkley, yeoman, and John Binkley, miller, both of Lampeter tp.
--Felix Binkley, the father of both parties hereto, died seized of 200a Lampeter tp. By his last will & testament dated 10 Aug 1775, Felix Binkley devised the same, including a mill, to his sons John & Johnson. Now, by agreement, the two brothers partition the property as follows: (1.) 50a Lampeter tp., including a mill, to John Binkley, and (2.) 150a Lampeter tp. to Johnson Binkley.
13 Sep 1788: CS & Abraham Newcomer

TT-421: Jacob Stoner & his wife Anna of Lampeter tp. [she being the late widow of Felix Binckly, late of same] and John Witmer, Sr., & Abraham Newcomer [the executors of the said Felix Binckley, as well as the guardians of his minor daughter Anna Binckly] quitclaim to John Binckly & Johnson Binckly
200a Lampeter tp., includng the mills: HISTORY: By his last will & testament, Felix Binckly devised 200a Lampeter tp. to his sons John & Johnson, the parties hereto, subject to paying his widow Anna and his daughter Anna certain legacies out of the valuation. The said John Binckly has since been allotted 50a Lampeter tp., including the mill, and the said Johnson Binckly has been allotted 150a Lampeter tp. They have since discharged the aforementioned legacies.
--13 Sep 1788

HH-199: Johnson Binkley, yeoman, of Lampeter tp. John Witmer & Abraham Newcomer, both of same [the guardians of Ann Binkley, minor daughter of Felix Binkley, deceased]
150a Lampeter tp.: HISTORY: Not given.
--13 Sep 1788: John Binkley & CS
--Abraham Huber ack.sat. 3 May 1798 [see the following record].

HH-202: John Witmer & Abraham Newcomer assign the within mortgage [see the preceding indenture] to Abraham Huber. Said Abraham Huber is now the husband of Anna Binkley, the late ward of Witmer & Newcomer, parties hereto. 23 Feb 1789.

LL-93: Johnson Binckley, yeoman, & his wife Elizabeth of Lampeter tp. John Binckley, miller, of same
101 ½ a. Lampeter tp.: HISTORY: Part of 150a that John Binckley, the party hereto, granted 13 Sep 1788 to Johnson Binckley, via a deed of partition.
10 Feb 1790: CS Jr., CS, & Johannes Meyer

Of interest:

Y174: Michael Downer (or Dauner), yeoman, & his wife Magdalena of Lampeter tp. John Binkle, miller, of same
--Overflowed lands: HISTORY: Part of 5,553a pat. 25 June 1718 to Tobias Collet, Daniel Quare, & Henry Goldney (Ref. PB A-5-306). By sundry conveyances, Jacob Kindrick acquired 400 acres. He died intestate without issue. By law, his brother George Kindrick took right to the property. On 24 Dec 1731, George Kindrick & his wife Barbara granted 200a, located on both sides of the Pequea Creek, to Michael Downer (Ref. Phil. Deed G-1-18). // Said John Binkle has erected a milldam across the said creek, resulting in part of Michael Downer's lands being flooded.
1 Feb 1755: Hans Guth & JB

Y3-483: Benedict Mellinger & his wife Barbara of Columbiana County, Ohio (she being a daughter of Christian Binkley, miller, late of Lampeter tp., deceased). The said Christian Binkley died intestate seized of 105a Manheim & Lampeter tps., including a gristmill and a sawmill. He left a widow and 12 children (see the next indenture). Reference is made to Orphans Court records dated 15 Jan 1806, at which time the real estate was confirmed to David Binkley, the eldest son.
--17 Dec 1807

Y3-489: The following are children & heirs of Christian Binkley [see the preceding indenture, Y3-483]:
1. Felix Binkley, yeoman, of Lampeter tp.
2. Abraham Binkley, yeoman, of same
3. Elizabeth Binkley, spinster, of same
4. Anna Binkley, spinster, of Manheim tp.
5. Mary Binkley, spinster, of Lampeter tp.
6. Christian Frantz, yeoman, of Manheim tp. [the guardian of John Binkley]
7. John Buchwalter, yeoman, of Lampeter tp. [the guardian of Henry Binkley]
8. John Rohrer, yeoman, of Manheim tp. [the guardian of Christian Binkley & Esther Binkley]
9. Christian Rohrer, yeoman, of Lampeter tp. [the guardian of Martin Binkley
--9 May 1808

In the name of God Amen: I, Felix Landis, of the Township of Lancaster, in the County of Lancaster, in the Province of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, being of perfect memory and sound judgment, thanks be to God for it, but weak and frail, and being satisfied to settle my affairs before it shall please God to call me hence. I do hereby give my soul to God who gave it to me, and my body to be buried in a decent manner at the discretion of my executors hereinafter nominated and; Item, I do leave and bequeath to my beloved wife, Rosina, one full third of all my real and personal estate that I shall die possessed of,
Item, I do leave and bequeath unto Abraham Miers, the sum of five shillings currancy to be paid immediately after me decease by my executors hereinafter nominated in full of all demands he shall or may have against my estate, real or personal, for or on account of being married to my daughter, Fronicka, Item, I leave and bequeath all the residue and remainder of my estate to my only son, Felix, to be used as hereinafter mentioned that is to say, to be equally divided, share and share alike between the said Felix, my son, Anna, Barbara and Fronicka my daughters, Savings always that the dividend of Fronicka is to remain in the hands of my executors for the use of the lawful heirs of her body, paying her the yearly interest thereof and no more. And in case the said Fronicka shall happen to die without such issue, her part to return and be divided between my said son, Felix and my daughters Anna and Barbara, or the survivors of them, share and share alike. Provided nevertheless that in case the said Abraham Miers shall happen to die before the said Fronicka, his wife, that then immediately after the death of said Abraham Miers, she the said Fronicka shall have a right to demand her dividend to her own use, and hold same forever. And, lastly I constitute and appoint Joseph Buckwalter and Michael Donner, my trusty and well beloved friends, as my sole and whole executors of this my last Will and Testament. In token whereof I do Hereby ratify the same by settling my hand and seal hereunto this 29th of April 1737. Signed, sealed and published in presence of Derick Updegraef, Henry Meckley and A.Percy
(Signed) Felix Londes, (Seal)
Lancaster County, the 29th day of December A.D. 1739. Then personally appeared Derrick Updegraef and Alexander Percy, two of the witnesses to the above written will and on their oath did declare they were present and saw and heard Felix Landis, the testator, sing, seal and execute the above will as his last Will and Testament and, that at the doing thereof he was of sound and disproving mind and under- standing to the best of their knowledge, before me.
(Signed) Sa. Blunston D. Regt.
Landis, Felix (I32428)
A genealogical record of the Dundore family in America: The full text of this work is availabe in via a catolog search.

--See Burgert’s Palatine Origins, page 78. She notes an Anna Barbara Dünndorf from Grosskarlbach who married Jacob Hahn enroute to America in May 1738.

Origin apparently identified in GOELZER, BERND. "Westrich Emigrants, 1709-1799." In The Palatine Immigrant, vol. 12:4 (Jan. 1988), pp. 147-162.

Jacob's substantially large yellow sandstone tombstone in the Bern Churchyard bears the following inscription:

Hier Ruhet dem Leibe nach Jacob Dondoer ist gebohr. D. 25 Jul. 1720 u. Starb D. 12 May 1789 hat Sein Leben Bracht auf. 68 Ja. 10 u. 17 tag mit einander kinder ergeugt 5
sohne u. 3 tochter in der Ehe gelebt 44 Jahr 
Dundor, Jacob (I89283)
A Maria Catharina Dielforter Sussmann allegedly arrived in 1749. She apparently appears in the Graceham Moravian records.

PALMER, MICHAEL. "German Origins of Some Moravian Settlers of Graceham, Maryland." In German Genealogical Society of America Bulletin, vol. 2:5 (May 1988), pp. 51-52; vol. 2:6 (June 1988), pp. 65-66.

Port and date of arrival, or date and place of settlement or of first mention of residence in the New World. Taken from the registers of the Moravian church in Graceham, Maryland, as abstracted in 1942 by Henry James Young in Moravian Families of Graceham

See Pioneers of Old Monocacy.

The Graceham Moravian Register gives her maiden name and date and place of birth as well as the names of her two husbands. Her second husband Jacob Lochmann named his stepdaughtesr Elisabeth and Margareth Seesman. 
Dielforter, Maria Catharina (I22284)
All German data on the Schwab family posted herewith is taken from the following text:

A History of the Origins of the First Schwab, Schwob, Swope Families
in Early Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
and Some of Their Descendants

The compilers of this work hired German researchers to consult original German parish records.
Schwab, Jost (I46354)
Allegheny Reformed Churchyard:
Hoschaar, John Peter March 17, 1729 Dec 17, 1801 aged 72y,9m; flag

Johan Peter Hoschaar 1 2 3 4 11 SmartMatches
Birth: 17 Mar 1728/29 in border of Germany
Death: 13 Dec 1801 in Alleghenyville Reformed Church,Brecknock Twp.Berks Co.Pa.
Sex: M
Father: Johann Theobald Huschaar b. 1697 in Diedendorf, France
Mother: Anna Barbara Weiders b. 1 Mar 1706/07 in Diedendorf, Alsace Region.Germany

Fact 1: served in the Revolution Militia. PA
Fact 2: 15 Dec 1801 buried in Alleghenyville church yard. Berks Co.PA
Fact 3: Buried;Brecknock twp.Lanc.Co.Pa
Burial: Dec 1801 Alleghenyville Lutheran Church Cem.Brecknock Twp.Berks Co.Pa
Burial: Dec 1801 #64 Alleghenyville Trinity Lutheran Cem.Brecknock Twp.Berks Co.PA
Residence: 1750 Brecknock twp.Lanc.Co.PA Tax records

Spouses & Children

Barbara Mintzker (Wife)

Catherine Hoschauer b. in Brecknock twp. Lancaster co.PA
Elizabeth Hoschauer b. Before. 1755 in Berks Co. PA
William Hoschauer b. 10 Sep 1760 in Brecknock twp. Lancaster co.PA
Maria Margaret Hoschauer b. 1762 in Brecknock twp. Lancaster co.PA
Barbara Hoschauer b. 16 Feb 1767 in Brecknock twp. Lancaster co.PA
Anna Hoschauer b. 23 Oct 1769 in Brecknock twp. Lancaster co.PA
Peter Hoschauer b. 2 Sep 1771 in Berks Co. PA
John Henry Hoschauer b. 3 Jun 1777 in Brecknock twp. Lancaster co.PA
Mary Hoschauer b. About. 1779 in Pa
Jacobus James Hoschauer b. 25 Jul 1783 in Berks Co. PA

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Peter Hoshaar; is mentioned in Ludwig Mintzker's Will, as being his son-in-law.
Ludwig Mintzker, dies; May 5.1776 in service American Rev.
source; Abstracts of Berks Co.PA. Wills. LCHS

Estate Records for Peter>Filename: Peter Hoshouer, aka; Peter Hushaar, year;1802 Berks Co. Cumru Twp. pg.14. Letter: To the honorable judges of the Orphans Court of Berks County. The Petition of William Hushaar, eldest son of Peter Hushaar, late of Cumru twp. in the aforsaid county. Humbly showeth, that your petitioners Father died about 2 months since Intestate, leaving a widow named Barbara and 10 children, to which your petitioner, Margaret, the wife of Adam Boehm, Catharine, the wife of John Nicholas Shup, Barbara, the wife of Abraham Ziegler, Peter Hushaar, Anna, the wife of John Bealer, Elizabeth Hushaar, Henry Hushaar, Mary Hushaar, and Jacobus Hushaar, the last named is yet in his minority, and that the said intestate died leaving 2 tracts of land situated in the township of Cumru. one of them containing about 140 acres more or less. Which there is erected a mansion house and other buildings adjoing lands of Wendel Bowman, Andrew Burkhart, and others, The other tract containing about 20 acres more or less. and adjoing the above tract and land of Henry Burkhart and others, your petitioner therefore prays your honor to award an inquest to make partition of the above tracts of land to and among the children and representation of the said intestate. if such partition can be made without prejudice to or spoiling the whole there of, to which the value and appraisel, than agreable to the laws of this Commonwealth.
signed: 2/13/1802 by his mark, William Hushaar.

Jacobus James Hoshauer was a minor at the time of his fathers death. Therefore, William, being the eldest son petitoned the court to appoint a guardian. James chose his brother; Peter, as guardian.
The following is a list of inventory in Peter's estate:
wearing apparel, riding horse, saddle & bridle, a roan horse, a sorral horse, an old roan horse, a bay horse, horse gears, 5 calves, 4 cows, 3 heifers, 1 bull, 7 swines, 8 sheep, 3 geese, a wagon & body, an old wagon, hay ladders, straw, hay, 3 rakes, boards, 5 old axes, post ax, hatchet, a maul, wedges, basket & old iron, plow irons, old iron, hammers, anvil, pinchers, an old saw, square,chizzle, old bells, ropes hemp & yarn, a barrel and 1/2 barrels, 10 planks, an English plow, hooked plows & shears, chains, corn hoes, 4 hay forks, 3 dung forks and cropper, showels and turnip cutter, old apple mill, hemp, 6 old barrels and stand, boards, an old windmill, a cutting box and 2 knifes, 3 pair of stocking and mittens,, a wagon cover, old trousers, shirts, an old blanket, bed cases, sheets, pillow cases, table cloths, hand towels, old wool cards?, a brush and lanterns, knifes and forks, a sheap shear and buttons, spectacles, looking glass, compass, voils, the widows bed and bedstead, 4 chairs, baskets, grind stone, 9 big and 2 small baskets, a small tub, 32 bee hives, a big wheel, fine and coarse tow, dry cherries, dry peaches, dry apples, dry beans, baskets and sundries, a keg of whiskey, a barrel and some vinegar,19 1/2 pounds of flax, a wine pipe and kegs, Krout stand, potatoes, tobacco, earthen pots and jugs, pots of lards, soals and upper leather, old churn, old kitchen dresser, coffee pots, lamps, candle sticks, 23 pewter plates, pewter dishes, spoons, bowls, cups saucers, glasses, tea pots and tin,sundry books, 2 rifles, 2 hatchets, a bag of feathers a reel, an old chest,3 beds & bedstead, 3 pots of honey, 65 bushels of rye, 23 bushels of wheat, 7 1/2 pounds of flax yarn, 8 pounds of tow yarn, a hogs head and about 9 bushels of oats, saddle bags, hemp seed, flax seed, 2 brass kettles, tub of meat, beef, basket of flax seed, basket of peas, 2 baskets of beans, a basket of timothy seeds, 3 old spinning wheels, 2 old oat cradles, poplar boards, 35 bushels of indian corn, barley, old sickles, a tar box, bread baskets, about 3 1/2 acres of wheat in growth, about 12 acres of rye in growth, a table, razors, 2 old chests, plus several persons owed Peter money w/interest.
I included this list(which is not a full account) to show how Peter came to this country (probably& no doubt) with nothing or very little, and became to live quite comfortable with indeed a well supplied farm.
source: Estate Records of Berks Co.PA.

Found record of a land patent dated; 1752 Cumru twp.Berks Co.Pa. near Reading, name on Patent; Peter Haws, could this be Peter Huschaar?

1750 Lanc.Co.PA. Tax Records-Brecknock Twp.-listed as; Peter Hoshar.

Berks Co.Patriots who recieved "Depreciation Pay" for services in the Continental Line during the Revolutionary War-included on pgs. 254-270 in Vol.IV of the 5th series of the publications of the PA Archives published in 1906.
listed; Peter Hoshauer & Frederick Hoshauer.
Source: FTP://

Peter Hoshaur-Berks Co.Pa. name appears as receiving depreciation pay. page 254-270 Vol.IV of the 5th series of PA Archives, published-1906

The Petition of William Hushaar, Eldest son of Peter Hushaar, Late of Cumru Twp, Berks Co.Pa.
Hereby showeth, that your petitioner father died about 2 months intestate, leaving a widow named Barbara and 10 children to wit, your petitioner, Margaret, the wife of Adam Boehm, Catharine, the wife of John Nicholas Shup, Barbara, the wife of Abraham Zigler, Peter Hushaar, Anna, the wife of John Bealer, Elizabeth Hushaar, Henry Hushaar, Mary Hushaar, and Jacobus Hushaar, the last named is yet in his minority, and that the said intestate died leaving 2 tracts of land situated in the twp of Cumru. The one of them containing about 140 acres, adjoining lands of Wendel Bowman, Andrew Burkhart, and others. The other tract containing about 20 acres, adjoining the land of Henry Burkhart and others. Your petitioner therefore prays your honors to award an inquest to make partition of the afore tracts of land to and among the children and representatives of the intestate, if such partition can be made without prejedice to or spoiling the whole thereof.
signed by his mark, William Hushaur, Feb. 13.1802

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Title: Will Books, Abstracts of Berks Co.PA

Note: Brøderbund Software, Inc., World Family Tree Vol. 1, Ed. 1, (Release date: November 29, 1995), "CD-ROM."Tree #1306
Title: Lancaster County Historical Society.Lanc.Co.PA

Title: Estate Records of Berks Co.PA
Hoschauer, Peter (I39436)
Andreas Kautz lived just across the Rhine River from Bischwiller in Baden. In 1751, he married Maria Elisabeth Hugel at Bischwiller Lutheran. They went to America in 1752 with a large emigrant party from the vicinity of the Northern Alsace.

I could not find Andreas Kautz in American records after his arrival. If he died, then his widow Anna Elisabeth may have married Christopher Jung in 1755 (see the Philadelphia Lutheran records below).

Philadelphia (St. Michael’s) Lutheran KB, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA:

Married 27 November 1755: Christopher Jung and Widow Maria Elisabeth Kautz. Witnesses: Henrich Jung, Moses Kok [?], Jacob Jung Jr., and Philip Jung.

Christopher Jung (Lutheran) and his wife Maria Elisabeth (Reformed) had baptized:
1. Maria Elisabeth, born 11 July 1756, baptized 25 July 1756, sp. George Dohle (Lutheran) and Maria Magdalena Schneider (Reformed)
2. Philipp, born 29 December 1758, baptized 14 January 1759, sp. Philipp Jung and his wife Christina
3. Margaretha, born 23 March 1761, baptized 3 May 1761, sp. Daniel [surname not given] and his wife Margaretha
4. Daniel, born 31 August 1763, baptized 30 November 1763, sp. Parents

A Christopher Jung died 13 September1776 at Philadelphia, aged 46 years
An Anna Elisabeth Jung died 15 March 1810, aged 79 years
An Elisabeth Jung married Conrad Gerhard on 4 April 1781
Kautz, Andreas (I78638)
Anna Barbara had a first husband named Michael Jacob. I found no children baptized to them. It seems that Anna Barbara either died during passage to America or shortly after arrival. I find no evidence of children with her second husband Paul Dollmann.

Waldmannshofen Lutheran KB (Dekanat Weikersheim):

Married 10 August 1734: Joh. Michael Jacob, son of Johann Jacob, and Anna Barbara Albrecht, daughter of Joh. Georg Albrecht
Albrecht, Anna Barbara (I76941)
April 29, 1783 June 27, 1783
Wife. Ursula Brunner. Children: Peter, Casper, George and
Margaret. Ex. Ursula Brunner and Jacob Stahl. Lancaster Borough.

This will seems to indicate Caspar's other children died young. 
Brunner, Casper (I37435)
At Seltenreich Reformed, a Michael Diebendoerffer and wife Christina Peck [sic Beck] had a son Samuel baptised in 1760. Peck must be an error for Jack.
Jock, Christina (I46048)
August 13, 1789 February 28, 1793
Widow of George Petry. Children: George, Ann and Catharine wife of
Philip Becher. Grandchildren: Rudy Bear and Magdalena wife of Philip
Measner (parents' names omitted).
Ex. Philip Measner. Cocalico Twp.

Lancaster County OC 1 June 1762:
RUDOLPH BARE, decd. (140)
Adm. Catharine Bare & Simon Wishong
PA-BAL-DISTR to the said Catharine Bare (the widow), Rudy Bare (e.s.), Magdalena Bare, & Catharine Bare
--MC: Rudolph, Magdalena, & Catharine Bare (all under 14) CA Hans Adam Grell and Martin Fry, both of Cocalico tp., GDNS

Lancaster County OC 2 Dec 1772:
RUDOLPH BEAR, decd., late of Cocalico tp. (68)
PET/o eldest son Rudolph Bear: Father died intestate seized in possession of a 152a tract in Cocalico tp., which the petitioner desires to hold. The deceased left a widow and three children, some yet minors. RTBM on the first Tuesday in Mar next.

Lancaster County OC 2 Mar 1773:
RUDOLPH BEAR, decd. (86)
REP/from SHF: 152a Cocalico tp. confirmed to eldest son Rudolph Bear; he to pay the other heirs.
--The widow Catharine Bear is to receive a yearly sum.
DISTR to said Rudolph Bear, Maria Magdalena Bear, & Catharine Bear

Lancaster County OC 3 Mar 1773:
RUDOLPH BEAR, decd. (91)
--Hans Adam Grell & Martin Fry, the GDNS over the estate of MC Rudolph, Magdalena, & Catharine Bear, PA of their guardianship: BAL approved by the court and ordered to be distributed to the said children.
Bear, Rudolph (I41327)
Böblingen Lutheran KB:

Johann Jacob Dannwolf, glaser, and his wife Maria Margaretha had baptized:
1. Rosina Margaretha, baptized 14 February 1716
2. Johann Friederich, baptized 1 July 1717
3. Maria Elisabeth, baptized 1 December 1719
4. Catharina Dorothea, baptized 28 June 1722
5. Christoph Albrecht, baptized 27 January 1724
6. Catharina Dorothea, baptized 6 March 1727
7. Henrich Friederich, baptized 30 November 1730---buried 29 March 1796
8. Jacob Friederich, baptized 1 March 1734
Dannwolf, Jacob Friederich (I70632)
Berks Deed 11-29: Solomon Neidig, yeoman, & his wife Maria Elizabeth of Robeson tp.; Martin Bender, yeoman, & his wife Eva of West Pennsborough tp., Cumberland County, PA; John Riehl, yeoman, & his wife Catharina of Middleton tp., Cumberland County, PA; and Mathias Albert, yeoman, & his wife Margaret of Salsburg tp., Northhampton County, PA; Abraham Klee, yeoman, of Maidencreek tp.
--Their right & title to the real estate of Nicholas Klee: HISTORY: Whereas Nicholas Clay alias Nicholas Klee (the father of the said Maria Elizaeth Neidig, Eva Bender, Catharina Riehl, Margaret Albert, and Abraham Klee) obtained three warrants from the Proprietaries, one dated 6 Oct 1742 for 100A Bern tp., one dated 17 Mar 1746 for two parcels to be surveyed adjoining his and John Althouses land in Bern tp., and one dated 13 May 1747 for 25A Bern tp. adjoining his own and said John Althouse's land. Thereafter, Nicholas Klee died intestate leaving a widow named Margaret and issue 12 children. After her husband's decease, the said widow Margaret Klee obtained another warrant dated 30 Aug 1765 for 100A Bern tp. to be surveyed to her in trust for herself and the said children. (This property adjoining George Ludwig and included an improvement made by her said husband in his lifetime.) Said eldest son Abraham Klee has since purchased the shares of the said widow and seven other children and now--by this indenture--acquires the shares of the remaining four children.
--13 Mar 1786
--[Berks Deed 11-31, dated 16 Apr 1786: Margaret Klee, widow, of Bern tp.; Jacob Klee; Christian Klee; Mathias Klee; John Klee; Jeremias Klee, yeomen, and Adam Blatt, yeoman, & his wife Barbara, all of same; Christina Klee, spinster, of same (the widow and children of Nicholas Klee) give their release to Abraham Klee. See Berks Deed 11-29.]
Klee, Nicholas (I33677)
Berks Will ????:
January 6, 1762.
Adm. to Elizabeth ESCHELMAN, the widow.
Eschelmann, Jacob (I17268)
Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Blair Co, PA: Samuel T. Wiley, Philadelphia, 1892.


Christian Sparr came from Germany about the year 1700, as near as can be
ascertained. Of the number of his family we know nothing, except one son,
Frederick, who was born in Chester county, Pennsylvania, and reared a family
of seven children; Christian, born November 6, 1752; Catharine, born October
17, 1755; John, born August 30, 1758; Susan, born November 3, 1760;
Frederick, born May 15, 1764; Margaret, born October 14, 1766; and George,
born June 18, 1770. The above record was taken from a German Lutheran Bible,
printed by John Andrew Endress, 1770, Newenberg, Kingdom of Bavaria, which
has been handed down from one generation to another, and is in the possession
of Christian D. Sparr, of Williamsburg, at the present time. George and
Frederick located in Virginia, John remained in Chester county, and we are
unable to give any record of the three daughters.
Christian Sparr, son of Frederick Sparr, became a wagon-maker by trade,
which occupation he followed for a number of years, and then turned his
attention to farming. He was married to Mary Sifert, near Reading, Lancaster
comity, about 1782, and afterward moved to Foutz's Valley, in Perry county,
where they remained a few years, and then went to the vicinity of Boalsburg,
Centre county, about the year 1815. Three years later, in 1818, they came to
the vicinity of what was then Akestown, Huntingdon county, now Williamsburg,
Blair county. Here he purchased from Adam Smith what is now known as the J.
D. Hick farm, where he remained during life. His family consisted of seven
children, five sons and two daughters: John, born, October 18, 1783, died
November 16, 1853; Elizabeth, October 18, 1783, died August 8, 1824; Jacob,
December 23, 1785, died November 26, 1877; Isaac, December 1, 1788, died July
8, 1847; Samuel, May 9, 1792, died March 14, 1867; David, September 13, 1795,
died March 5, 1857; Margaret, October 27, 1797, died May 15, 1832.
John Sparr, son of Christian Sparr, became a wagon-maker by trade, which
occupation he followed a number of years, and then turned his attention to
farming. He was married to Sarah Foutz, and reared a family of five
children: Mary, Elizabeth, Isaac, Lewis, and John, all of whom are dead at
this writing. He was married a second time, to Mrs. Susan Bar, formerly Susan
Everhart, and to them were born three daughters: Catherine, Ellen, and Rachel.
Ellen is dead, and Catharine lives in Boalsburg, Centre county, with her two
daughters, Florence and Sallie Riley. Rachel lives at State College, Centre
county, with her husband, Charles Shaffer, and family, two sons and three
daughters, all grown to maturity.
Elizabeth, daughter of Christian Sparr, married Edmund Jones, of
Philadelphia, and reared a family of six children: John, Jehu, Mary, Edmund,
Sarah, and Samuel, all of whom, to the best of tile writer's knowledge, are
Jacob Sparr was a farmer, and resided two miles cast of Boalsburg, in Centre
county, from 1815 until his death, in 1877. He married Catharine Hoffman about
1805, and to them were born thirteen children: Samuel, Elizabeth, Polly,
David, Peggy, Margaret, Susanah, and Nancy, who lived to maturity, the other
five having died while in infancy. Elizabeth, married David Reed, and of
their children only one is living, Sarah, who resides with her two aunts on
her grandfather's homestead. David married Mary Jones, of Philadelphia, and
after her death, Mrs. Rebecca Myers, and lives at Boalsburg. He had no
children by either marriage. Peggy and Nancy live on the old homestead, pear
Boalsburg, aged seventy-four and sixty-two years, respectively.
Isaac Sparr succeeded his father as a farmer on the homestead, where he spent
his life. He married Mrs. Eliza Hart about 1845, and to them was born one
child, Anna Mary, who married J. D. Hicks, and at death left two children,
Hattie and William B., who are the present owners of the old Sparr homestead
of four generations ago.
Samuel Sparr was a farmer, and purchased lands from A. Patterson and William
Potter, one and one-fourth miles south of Williamsburg, where he ended life.
He married Susan Dunlap, of Boalsburg, Centre county, February 22, 1819, and
they had seven children: Mary Ann, Christian, Christian D., Daniel,
Catharine, and Samuel. Mary Ann was born December, 1820, and died January 26,
1855. She married Jacob Kylor, April, 1841, and had three children: Rebecca
Jane, Samuel, and Jacob. Jacob Kylor died March 30, 1847, and she married
Christian Shinafelt in November, 1849, and to them were born two children:
Catharine and Polly Ann. Rebecca Jane Kylor was born August 3, 1841, married
Blair Woodcock in 1859, and they had three children: Adessa, Annie, and
Johnnie. Blair Woodcock was killed at the battle of Spottsylvania Court
House, May 12, 1864. She then married Matthew Flaig, in 1866, and they had
eight children: William, Dorothy, Julia, Lizzie, Harry, Samuel, John and
James, and resides at Williamsburg. Adessa Woodcock married Harry K. Hammond
in Altoona, and has six children. Annie Woodcock was born August 21, 1863,
and married James P. Baker, of Carrolltown, Indiana county, resides in
Dubois, Clearfield county, and they have two children, William and Foster.
Samuel Kylor was born august 5, 1844; at the age of seventeen enlisted in the
United States army and served four years, and then went to Iowa, where he
married Mrs. Winnie Stone. Jacob Kyler was killed at the battle of
Spottsylvania Court House, aged eighteen years. Christian Sparr died at the
age of two years. Christian D. Sparr was born May 9, 1828, married Martha J.
Dunlap, of Boalsburg, Centre county, November 1, 1850, and had seven children:
Sarah, James, Levi, Anna, a son who died in infancy, Samuel and Jacob
(twins). Martha Jane Sparr died January 15, 1871, and he married Catharine
E. Enyeart, November 21, 1872, and resides near Williamsburg. Sarah Sparr
was born January 2, 1852, and died October 8, 1861. James Sparr was born
august 11, 1853, and married Mary E. Stephens, of Kansas, May 14, 1880,
resides at Monett, Missouri, and has four children: James, Howard, Martha,
and May. Levi Sparr was born June 17, 1855, and resides near Williamsburg.
Anna Sparr was born January 22, 1857, married, October 18, 1883, Henry C.
Burley, of Tyrone, and they have two children, Delia S. and Jacob H. Samuel
Sparr (of Christian D.) was born September 3, 1863, married, July 7, 1885,
Alice M. Howard, resides at Williamsburg, and has one child, Mary. Jacob
Sparr, twin brother of Samuel, was born September 3, 1863, and died March 25,
1872. Daniel Sparr (of Samuel) was born July 1, 1832, and died October 12,
1834. Catharine Sparr was born March, 1836, married Joseph Kipe, about 1857,
resides near Williamsburg, and they have five children: John A., Samuel S.,
Joseph H., Susan, and William. Samuel Sparr was born December 21, 1839,
married Julia A. Bittle, and had four children, two dying in infancy, and
Peter B. and Blair living to manhood. Julia A. Sparr died October 10, 1873.
He afterward married Mary Ann Snively, and has five children by his second
marriage: Florence, Steel, Melda, Celia, and Junie, and resides near
Williamsburg. Peter B. Sparr was born December 30, 1864, married Mary A.
McGraw, January 30, 1883, resides near Williamsburg, and had two children,
Lawrence and an infant daughter, at the time of his death, January 14, 1892.
Blair Sparr was born July 9, 1867, married Maggie Daniels August 22, 1888,
resides near Williamsburg, and has two children, Orval and Grace.
David Sparr, (fifth child) was a farmer by occupation, and was married to
Catherine Boal, of Centre county, May 31,1821, and to them were born nine
children : a dead-born son, March 22, 1822; Susannah, born April 15, 1823;
William, June 16, 1824 ; Jesse, June 30, 1825; John, July 14, 1826; Isaac,
February 14, 1828; dead-born son, January 25, 1829; Levi, May 18, 1830;
Christian, January 18, 1832. Susannah died when small. William was married to
Rachel M. Hess, December 11, 1849, and William died May 20, 1865. To William
and Rachel were born six children: Mary C., born October 11, 1850; Elizabeth
H., May 5, 1853; Lucy B., January 24, 1857; Rebecca, November 13, 1859; David
B., May 29, 1860; John T., January 23, 1862.
Isaac Sparr was born February 14, 1828, married Mary Ann Buckwalter,
February 15, 1859. She died April 6, 1880, and he married Hattie Belle
Hammond, September 26, 1882, resides near Williamsburg, and has three
children: Hattie, Henry and Jessie. Christian Sparr was born January 18,
1832, married Catherine Snively October, 1853, has one child, Lizzie, and
resides near James Creek, Huntingdon county. Lizzie Sparr was born April 6,
1855, married John Collins, and they are both dead. Their two children,
Lizzie and Thomas, reside with their grandparents, Christian and Catherine
Sparr. Margaret Sparr (sixth child) married Jeremiah Yerger, February 10,
1820, and has five children: David, Christian, Polly, Elizabeth, and
Margarette. David Yerger was born January 23, 1821, married Mrs. Dunlap, of
Somerset county, and resided there until his death. He had one daughter, Mary
L., who resides with her mother at Myersdale. Christian Yerger was born August
19, 1823, married to Jane Toole, and has five children: Mary M., James, John,
Ellen S., and Annie E., all of whom are unmarried, except John. Polly Yerger
was born December 25, 1826, and died at the age of about twenty-five years.
Elizabeth Yerger was born September 24, 1829, married Robert Thompson of
Erie, and they have five children: Alice, Charles, Frank, Walter, and George.
Margaret Yerger was born May 1, 1832, married Jacob Ropp, and went to Iowa,
where she died May 15, 1852.
This race of people has generally chosen the Lutheran faith, are republican
in politics, and being of German descent, were naturally inclined to be
farmers, and dealers in the finest draft horses of their time, and in this
their superior judgment has always been commented on.

Transcribed and submitted to the Blair County, PA, USGenWeb archives by Judy

Deaths Between 1700 and 1799

Johann Casper, died at a very young age in approximately 1738 in Germany.

Johan George, died October 9, 1777 and is buried in Dover Township, York County, Pennsylvania.

Johann Wilhelm, died in 1787, buried in Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Johann Friederich, died 1789, buried in Caerarnon Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

. Johan Friedrich SPARR (Maria Catrina KAUFFMANN3, Anna Maria BUHLER2, Johann Georg BUHLER1) was born 1 Sep 1725 in Waldenburg, Neckar, Wurttenburg, Germany, and died in , , PA. He married Ana Margaretha SCHNAEDER 16 Apr 1750 in , Lancaster Co, PA, daughter of Johan Christian SCHNAEDER and Susanna Margretha. She was born 23 Feb 1729 in , , Switzerland, and died 8 May 1801 in , , PA. She was buried in Swartzwald Cem., Exeter Twp, Berks, PA.

Children of Johan Friedrich SPARR and Ana Margaretha SCHNAEDER are:
9 i. Christian SPAHR was born 6 Sep 1752 in Earl Twp, Lancaster, PA, and died 1836. He married Maria SEIFERT 1782.
+ 10 ii. Catharine SPARR was born 17 Oct 1754 in Earl Twp, Lancaster, PA, and died 25 Dec 1820 in , Monroe, VA.
11 iii. Johannes SPAHR was born 30 Aug 1758 in Earl Twp, Lancaster, PA.
12 iv. Susanna SPAHR was born 3 Nov 1760 in Earl Twp, Lancaster, PA.
13 v. Frederick SPAHR was born 15 May 1764 in Earl Twp, Lancaster, PA.
14 vi. Margaretha SPAHR was born 14 Oct 1766 in Earl Twp, Lancaster, PA.
15 vii. George SPAHR was born 18 Jun 1770 in Earl Twp, Lancaster, PA, and died 1820 in , Monroe, VA. He married Sally. She was born 1760-1770 in , , VA, and died After 1830 in , Monroe, VA.

Descendant Register, Generation No. 4

10. Catharine SPARR (Johan Friedrich SPARR4, Maria Catrina KAUFFMANN3, Anna Maria BUHLER2, Johann Georg BUHLER1) was born 17 Oct 1754 in Earl Twp, Lancaster, PA, and died 25 Dec 1820 in , Monroe, VA. She married Jacob W WICKLINE Abt 1774 in , , PA, son of Johan Georg WICKLEIN and Anna Christiana ROTH. He was born 25 May 1750 in Robeson Twp., Berks Co., PA, and died 26 Dec 1821 in Sweet Springs, Monroe, VA.

Children of Catharine SPARR and Jacob W WICKLINE are:
16 i. George W. WICKLINE was born 15 Sep 1775 in Robeson Twp., Berks Co., PA, and died 2 Jan 1864 in , Monroe Co., WV. He married Mary A MILLER Abt 1796 in , Monroe, VA.. She was born 1777-1778 in , , PA, and died 16 May 1863 in , Monroe Co., WV.
17 ii. Jacob WICKLINE was born 1 Nov 1777 in , , PA, and died 30 Sep 1860 in Gap Mills, Monroe, VA. He married Susannah MAGART 9 Apr 1805 in , Monroe, VA. She was born 1785 in , Adams Co., PA, and died 8 May 1863 in , Monroe, VA.
18 iii. Rachel WICKLINE was born Abt 1780 in , , PA, and died 14 Aug 1860 in , Monroe, VA. She married Thomas LOWE 8 Sep 1800 in , Monroe, VA. He was born 1775-1794 in , , VA.
19 iv. Margaret WICKLINE was born Abt 1783 in , , PA, and died 1874 in , Monroe, VA. She married Thomas BUCKLAND 3 Oct 1806 in , Monroe, VA. He was born Bef 1775 in , , VA.
20 v. Susanna WICKLINE was born 8 Nov 1784 in Robeson Twp, , Berks, PA, and died 17 Sep 1787 in Robeson Twp., Berks, PA.
21 vi. John WICKLINE was born 27 Jan 1787 in Robeson Twp, , Berks, PA, and died 24 Sep 1787 in Robeson Twp., Berks, PA.
22 vii. Susanna Elizabeth WICKLINE was born Abt 1789 in , , PA, and died 9 Dec 1854 in , Monroe, VA. She married John TIGART 14 Nov 1809 in , Monroe, VA. He was born 1770-1775 in , , VA.
23 viii. John WICKLINE was born 11 Mar 1791 in , , PA, and died 25 Aug 1851 in , Clark Co., IL. He married Elizabeth PATTEN. She was born 1802 in , , PA, and died 7 Nov 1855.
24 ix. Elizabeth WICKLINE was born 12 May 1793 in , Monroe, VA, and died 12 May 1871 in , Monroe, VA. She married John FURY 1817 in , Monroe, VA. He was born 1794-1804 in , , VA, and died 29 Aug 1867.
+ 25 x. Daniel W. WICKLINE was born 24 Dec 1795 in , Monroe, VA, and died 1 Aug 1869 in , Monroe, VA.
26 xi. Elijah WICKLINE was born 24 Apr 1799 in Sweet Springs, Monroe, VA, and died 27 Jun 1879 in Sweet Springs, Monroe, WV. He married Elizabeth LEWIS 11 Jan 1821 in , Monroe, VA. She was born Jan 1796 in , Monroe, VA, and died 9 Nov 1871 in , Monroe, WV.

Johann Frederick SPAHR

* Birth: 1 SEP 1725, Waldenburg, Neckar-Wuerttemburg, Germany
* Death: 1787, Lancaster Co., PA
* Burial: 1787, Strayer's Cemetery, Dover Twp., York Co., PA

* Partnership with: Anna Margaretha SCHNAEDER
Marriage: 16 APR 1750, New Holland, Lancaster Co., PA
o Child: Maria Margaretha SPAHR Birth: 14 OCT 1766, Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., PA

Descendants of Johann Frederick SPAHR

1 Johann Frederick SPAHR
=Anna Margaretha SCHNAEDER Marriage: 16 APR 1750, New Holland, Lancaster Co., PA
2 Maria Margaretha SPAHR
=Johannes ZULAUF Marriage: 28 MAR 1783, Zion Spies Lutheran Church, Alsace Twp., Berks Co., PA
=Mary Catharine KEPNER Marriage: AFT JUN 1820, Juniata Co., PA

Johann Frederick Spahr (Maria Catrina Kauffman3, Anna Maria Buehler2, Agatha Marie1) was born 1 SEP 1725 in Waldenburg, Neckar-Wuerttemburg, Germany, and died 1787 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was buried in Strayer's Cemetery, Dover Township, York County, Pennsylvania. He married Anna Margaretha Schnaeder 16 APR 1750 in New Holland, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, daughter of Johan Christian Schnaeder and Susanna Margretha. She was born 23 FEB 1729 in Switzerland, and died MAY 1801 in New Holland, Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She was buried 8 MAY 1801 in Schwartzwald Church Cemetery, Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Child of Johann Frederick Spahr and Anna Margaretha Schnaeder is:
+ 5 i. Maria Margaretha Spahr was born 14 OCT 1766 in Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and died 4 JUN 1841 in Port Royal, Juniata County, Pennsylvania.

Descendant Register, Generation No. 5

5. Maria Margaretha Spahr (Johann Frederick Spahr4, Maria Catrina Kauffman3, Anna Maria Buehler2, Agatha Marie1) was born 14 OCT 1766 in Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and died 4 JUN 1841 in Port Royal, Juniata County, Pennsylvania. She was buried in Old Hill Cemetery, Port Royal, Juniata County, Pennsylvania. She married Johannes Zulauf 28 MAR 1783 in Spies Church, Alsace Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, son of Walter Zulauf. He was born 1753 in Elberfeld, Germany, and died 23 MAY 1838 in Milford Township, Juniata County, Pennsylvania.

Child of Maria Margaretha Spahr and Johannes Zulauf is:
+ 6 i. David Zulauf was born 15 NOV 1799 in Newberry Township, York County, Pennsylvania, and died 19 MAR 1875 in Milford Township, Juniata County, Pennsylvania.

For over a year Johannes Zulauf was classified as a POW in Reading, during which time he and three other men served as attendants to the two Minnegerode Company officers, Captain Wiederhold and Lieutenant Breide. As officers' attendants, they would have been in the private employ of the officers, would essentially have been civilians with a pseudo-military status, and would not have worn military uniforms. Johannes' duty with these officers ended when the officers were exchanged and returned to New York Island (Manhattan) in November 1780, at which time Johannes remained in Reading. Between that time and 1783 his name appears on a few Hessian rosters with the consistent notation, "POW, Location unknown." His name does not appear on the rosters drawn up in the Summer of 1783 in preparation for return of the Hessians to their homeland.

Pastoral records explain what Johannes was doing instead of answering the musters that rounded up Hessian POWs for return to their homeland. Johannes' marriage record, written by Reformed Pastor William Boos and dated 28 March 1783 (pastoral acts book preserved in Reformed Church Archives, Schaff Library, Lancaster, Pa.), states Johannes was then a resident of Brecknock Twp., which lies adjacent to Robeson Twp. in Berks Co. His wife was Maria Margaretha Spahr, daughter of Johann Frederick and Anna Margaretha (Schnaeder) Spahr. The Spahrs were residents of Robeson Twp. according to tax records. Johannes' wife went by her middle name, Margaret. Her Spahr ancestry has been traced back to the late 15th C. in Germany and Switzerland. Tax records for 1783 and 1784 show Johannes was a farmer in Robeson Twp., Berks Co. On these records his name is spelled "John Sulouf," the earliest known deviation from the earlier surname spellings, Zulauf and Zulauff.

Johannes and his wife had at least a son, Jacob, and a daughter, Mary, born in Berks Co. before the family moved west across the Susquehanna River to northern York Co., Pa. in late 1791. A 1792 deed (preserved in Pennsylvania Archives, Harrisburg Pa.) shows that 142 acres in Newberry Twp., York Co., had been conveyed to Johannes on 11 March 1791. Since ownership of this acreage was transferred from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we presume Johannes built the 2-story log house situated on the property. The house is still in use at 471 Ironstone Road, which now lies in Fairview Twp., York Co. The old log house now serves as the front portion of a frame building that triples the size of the original residence. The 1798 federal 'glass' tax return listed the Zulauf house at this location as 18'x15' and the barn as 31'x20'. This listing in the 1798 federal 'glass' tax appears to indicate that the house had glass panes in the windows rather than the translucent window coverings of vellum or oiled paper which, at that date, were more frequently used for homes built in that area. The 1800 census shows Johannes with wife, five boys, and four girls in the Zulauf household at this location. 
Spahr, Frederick (I47637)
BLOOM, LUDWIK. Coventry, Co. of Chester, Pa. Innkeeper.
March 20, 1750/1. March 28, 1751. J.381.
Wife: Catherine.
Children: Elizabeth, Ephriam, John, Christiana, Mary and Catherine.
Exec: James Ingels, George Grup.
Wit: Jacob Engers, Johannes Brower, Jeremiah Jordon. 
Blum, Ludwig (I52730)
Brecknock tp.
John Lutz, 1772-1786, 50A, captain '79-81, also constable [inmate '72-73, '86]

Z159: George Heft, yeoman, & his wife Dorothea of Brecknock tp. John Lutz, yeoman, of same
48a Brecknock tp.: HISTORY: Part of 257a pat. 2 June 1768 to George Heft (Ref. PB AA-10-381).
--1 Apr 1779: AN & John Smuller

AA-61: John Lutz, yeoman, & his wife Barbara of Brecknock tp. Mathias Coldren, mason, of same
41a Brecknock tp.: HISTORY: Part of 257a pat. 2 June 1768 to George Heft (Ref. PB AA-10-381). On 1 Apr 1779, George Heft & his wife Dorothea granted 48a to John Lutz.
21 Feb 1784: William Wheeler & HR
Lutz, Johannes (I20674)
Brecknock Twp. Tax Records:
Thomas Segner, 1759, 1778-1781, 100A
Thoma Segner, 1783-1789+, 100A
Melchor Segner, 1781-1789+, 100A [inmate '85+]

1767: Berks County Tax Lists:
Brecknock Twp.: John Thomas Segner, blacksmith,

Note: It appears the land went from father Thomas, to son Melchior, to brother Thomas.

QUESTION: Did Thomas, the father, die circa 1781? His son Melchor's marriage record identifies him as deceased. If so, the Thomas Segner whose LWT was proven in 1794 is his son. Must verify that two Thomas Segner's existed.

The surname appears as Sechler, Segner, or Sigler--there may be other combinations starting with Z.


Thomas Segner of Brecknock tp. 25 Sep 1793-6 Sep 1794
children: Melchoir [others not named]
executors: Peter Shweitzer & Peter Baker

Schwartzwald Reformed KB

September 28 - Henrich Sägner [ Sagner ] and Anna Maria Weiss of
Brecknock, Lancaster County.

Johannes Lerch son of Andreas and --, b. May 30, 1794, bapt. June 15,
1794. Sponsors: Henrich Saenger and Barbara Gereth.

Allegheny Reformed KB

Anna Saener daughter of Melchior and Catharina, b. April 15, 1793,
bapt. --. Sponsors: Dorothea Franckh(aus).

Catharina Saener daughter of Melchior and Catharina, b. January 8,
1791, bapt. --. Sponsors: Margaret Frankh(aus).

M. Magdalena Saener daughter of Melchior and Catharina, b. August 30,
1788, bapt. --. Sponsors: M. Magd. May.

Jacob Wannemacher son of Daniel and Susanna, b. September 17, 1793,
bapt. November 3, 1793. Sponsors: Daniel Segler and Catharine Probst.

Anna Maria Segler daughter of Henry and Juliana, b. May 16, 1795,
bapt. July 19, 1795. Sponsors: John Sechler and Anna Maria

Maria Barbara Schneider daughter of Ludwig and Maria, b. April 23,
1789, bapt. Summer of 1789. Sponsors: Henry Sechler and Nancy Billman.

Wilhelm Seegner son of Melchior and Catharina, b. February 14, 1796,
bapt. April 10. Sponsors: Friedrich Schweitzer and Barbara.


Two marriages [not abstracted]

Melchior Segner & wife Catharina had baptized:
1. Elisabeth b. 1784 sp. Joh. Nicholas Schub, Jr. & Barbara Segner
2. Jacob b. 1786 sp. Philipp Funck & wife Catharina

Melchior Segler [sic: Segner] & wife Catharina sp ch/o Philipp Funck & wife Christina on 25 June 1786
Melchior Seqner & wife Catharina sp ch/o Conrad Hertz & wife Elisabeth on 2 Jul 1782 and 22 May 1785

New Holland Lutheran KB:

Conf. 2 June 1799: Peter Segner & George Segner 
Segner, Thomas (I36249)
BRINTON, JOSEPH. Thornbury. Esquire.
October 13, 1751. January 3, 1752. C. 334.
Provides for wife Mary. To son George the plantation whereon I live in
Thornbury containing 210 acres, also 25 acres adjacent purchased of
Samuel Bettle when 21. To son John a tract of land in Birmingham
containing 36 purchased of John Bennett, also my 1/4 part of water corn
mill called Gilpins in Concord. To son Caleb my plantation in
Thornbury containing 200 acres purchased of brother William. Executors
to sell 250 acres of land in Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, and
divide money to daughters Ann Cock, Mary Jones, Jane Temple, Hannah and
Phebe Brinton. To brother Edward £5. Sons James and Moses are
mentioned. Executors: Wife Mary and brother Edward.
Wit: James Dilworth, Daniel Gest, Richard Jones.
* Mentions deceased father, William Brinton, and sisters Mary Corbit
and Ann Bettle. 
Brinton, Joseph (I22715)
By John Schmeeckle August 18, 2013 at 02:08:56

In reply to: Re: Stickler/Stichler/Stigler in PA 1700s John Schmeeckle 2/25/13

This just in:

Johann Christoph Stiegler married Elisabeth Gertraud Geyer on 21 Apr. 1724 at Höchstenbach in the Palatinate area of Bavaria.The births of nine children are recorded at Höchstenbach.“Several Geyer's were sponsors at some of the baptisms including ‘Johan Bastgen Geyer’ at the baptism of the 4th son, Johann Sebastian Stiegler. The relationship of the mother, Elisabeth Gertraud Geyer, to the other Geyers is not stated.”(per

Johann Christoph Stiegler was a sponsor at the baptism of Johan Bastgen Geyer’s daughter Eva Margaretha in 1731 at Höchstenbach, and Elisabeth Gertraud Stiegler was one of the sponsors at the baptism of Johann Bastgen Geyer’s daughter Elisabetha Maria in 1734 at Höchstenbach.Johann Georg Stiegler (the 13-year-old eldest son of Johann Christoph Stiegler?) was one of the three sponsors at the 1738 baptism of Johann Bastgen Geyer’s son Johannes Peter.

“Johann Christoph Stiegler of Höchstenbach sold his estate for 170 Rthlr. and moved to America in 1744.”Johann Christoph Stiegler brought his family to Pennsylvania on the ship Aurora, and Johann Bastgen Geyer brought his family to Pennsylvania at the same time on the same ship.The Stiegler family was on the ship as follows (with ages for the children):

Johann Christoph Stiegler
Elisabetha Gertraud
Johannes Georg, 19
Elisabetha Catharina, 15
Johann Sebastian
Johann Jacob, 10
Kunigunda Elisabetha, 8
Anna Maria, 6
Elisabetha Gertraud, 5

According to the law at the time, male immigrants aged 16 and over had to take an oath of allegiance to the King of England upon arrival in the American colonies,so Johann Christoph Stiegler and his son Johann Georg took the oath at Phildelphia on 8 Oct. 1744.

On 9 Sept. 1748: Christ’r Stiegalaar received a warrant for 100 acres of land in Lancaster County.

Christoph Stiegler had three sons, George, Sebastian, and Jacob.

George was born in 1725, and I'm pretty sure he and his brother Jacob are the George and Jacob Stigler/Stichler (etc.) who lived in Brecknock Twp., Lancaster County.George "Strickler" (I'm sure this is a misspelling, because there just weren't any Stricklers in Brecknock) made his will 9 March 1791 (probated 2 May 1791), mentioning wife Rosina and children George, Daniel, Jacob, Catharine wife of Julius Groves, Mary, Ludwig, Rosina, Barbara, Veronica, Magdalena and Elizabeth.Executors Rosina Strickler and Peter Frankhouser(in Abstracts of Lancaster County, Penn. Wills 1786-1820).George's son Ludwig ended up in Virginia, and I'm pretty sure that his son George was father of one of the two George Stichlers of Brecknock Twp. in the 1800 census, both of whom apparently moved to Stark county, Ohio.

Sebastian Stiegler was born about 1731.On 17 Aug. 1758 "Johann Sebastian Stiegler” married Catharina Margrethe Seidenbinder.The wedding was performed at the “Moden Creek” (Muddy Creek) church in East Cocalico Twp., Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by the Rev. John Caspar Stoever.Several months later his brother Jacob was married at the same church by the same minister.
Sebastian Stickler appears on a (tax?) list in 1783 in Shenandoah County, Virginia.

Jacob Stiegler was born about 1735, and married Maria Catharine "Stobler" (probably should be "Stober" on 13 Nov. 1758.Jacob appears on a number of records in Brecknock Twp.He made his will at Brecknock on 10 Jan. 1793 (probated 28 Feb. 1793), listing children Jacob, George, Catharine and Mary.Executors were Christian Lessle and Christopher Hess (per Abstracts of Lancaster County, Penn. Wills 1786-1820, p. 207).I'm inclined to guess that Jacob was the father of the other George Stichler who appears in Brecknock in the 1800 census, later moving to Stark Co., Ohio.

I suspect that either Jacob or George was the father of a John Stiegler (etc.), born about 1760, adult in 1781, and apparently dead by 1790, when "Widow Stigler" appears on the census page next to Jacob and George, with two sons under 16.I now suspect that this John Stigler was the father of Jacob and John Stichler (Stickler) of Richland Co., Ohio.(New information has forced me to abandon my earlier supposition [see previous post] that the father of Jacob and John was a Steckley).

Brecknock Twp. Tax Records:
Christoph Stigler, 1750-1756, 100A
George Stigler, 1756-1789+, 100A
Sebastian Stigler, 1757-1763, inmate
Jacob Stigler, 1759-1789+, 140A [inmate '59]
George Stigler, 1781-1787, inmate
Jacob Stigler, 1778
John Stigler, 1781, freeman
Henry Stigler, 1788, freeman

Muddy Creek Reformed KB:

Jacob Stiegler & wife Catharine sp ch/o John Stober & wife Barbara on [1768]

Ludwidg Stiegler & wife Magdalena had baptized:
1. Daniel b. 1788 sp. Maria Eliz. Fischer

Muddy Creek Lutheran KB:

George Stiegeler, Marcus Klein, & Dorothea Hallerin sp ch/o Michael Bunckely on 20 Sep 1747

Joh. George Stiegeler & wife sp ch/o Friederich Tropff on 10 Sep 1749
George Stiegler & wife sp ch/o Johannes Rupp on 24 Mar 1751

George Stieglitz of Muddy Creek had five children baptized:
1. A. Margaretha b. 1751 sp. Fredk. Tropff & wife; Johannes Rupp & wife
2. Jacob b. 1756 sp. Joh. Jacob Stieglitz & Catharina Wellerin
3. M. C. b. 1758 sp. Ludwig Remmel & wife M.C.
4. Johannes b. 1759 sp. Johannes Bentz & Dorothea Freyin
5. Ludwig b. 1761 sp. Ludwig Remmel & wife

George Stichler & wife A. Marg. had baptized:
1. M. C. b. 1781 sp. Jacob Breitenstein & wife Cath.

Jacob Stichler sp ch/o Johannes Kuch & wife Cath. on 12 Apr 1784

George Stichler & wife Rosina had baptized:
1. Elisabeth b. 1783 sp. Elisabeth Freyin

Conf. 12 May 1782:
Johannes, son of George Stichler, age 21
Rosina, daughter of George Stichler, age 17
Catharina, daughter of Jacob Stichler, age 15

New Holland Lutheran KB:

Johannes Frey m. 3 Aug 1790 Fronica Stichler, daughter of George Stichler

Johannes Gotz, son of Leonhard, m. 6 Aug 1793 Barbara Stichler, daughter of George

Hains KB, Berks County:

Anna Maria of Jacob Stichler, b. September 21, 1781; bapt. December
9, 1781. Sponsors: Michel Fernzeler and Anna Maria.

Johannes of Ludwig Stichler and wife, b. August 30, 1787; bapt.
October 28, 1787. Sponsors: Johannes Fischer and Catharina.


Catharine of Jacob Stechler and Barbara, b. August 22, 1783, bapt.
October 5, 1783. Sponsors: Henry Hart and Catharine Stichler.

George of George Stichler, bapt. September 12, 1786. (This was the
last baptism entered by Waldschmidt. He died September 14, 1786.)


1758 August 17 - Johann Sebastian Stiegler and Catar. Margr.

November 13 - John Jacob Stiegeler and Maria Catar. Stobler.

Reading Lutheran KB:

Johannes Graff, widower, of Brecknock tp., L.C., m. 6 Aug 1769 Anna Margaret Stichler, d/o George, of same

Johannes Weiss, second son of George, of Earl tp., m. 8 Oct 1788 Catharina Stichler, second dau/o Jacob Stichler, of Brecknock tp., LC

Thomas Harris, oldest son of Howel, of Brecknock tp., LC m. 18 Nov 1788 Maria Barbara Stichler, widow of Jacob, of Earl tp. [NOTE: Currently not placed] 
Stiegler, Christoph (I38979)
Casper Werner Cemetery, Rapho Township


Recorded by John & Elaine Grace, 1980

Computer transcription:

Peggy J. Reichard


This cemetery is located on the MILLER farm on Echo Valley Road, Rapho Twp. The cemetery is along the fence row behind the house. It is near the top of the hill. The stones face NE. It is number 11 on map.





(Hier ruhet Henry Warner War Geboren den 6ten Martz 1798 und Starb den 7ten Januar 1864 War Alt 65 Jahre 10 Monat und 1 tage. Text Solomons 27:1. Ruhme dich nicht des Morgenden Tages, denn du weiszt nicht was Heute sich begeben mag.)





(Hier ruhet Barbara Eheweib von Casper Werner eine geb.

�urman (?) Sie war geboren 18 Marz 1769 und Starb den 7ten July 1844 1 hr alter war 75 jahre 3monate und 19 tage)





(Hier ruhet Benjamin Werner 1st. Geboren den 14 September 1828 Und starb den 7 Januar 1837 Sein alter war 8 jahr 3monat und 24 tage) Inscription.





(Hier Ruhet Casper Werner 1st Geboren den 18ten July 1762 und starb den 15 October 1821 Sein alter war 58 Jahr 2monat und 27 tag) Inscription





(Wife of Henry Werner. Aged 70 yrs.6mo.20ds.)





(Hier ruhet Jacob Werner. Geboren den 6ten Marz 1796. Starb den 28ten October 1864 Alter 68 Jahr 7 monat und 22 tage.) 10 line inscription.





(Hier ruhet Sarah Ehenfrau von Jacob Werner Geboren den 11 Nov. 1801. Starb den 11 Jan 1892, Alter 90 Jahre 1 mon. und 27 tag) Inscription

From a previously copied list, we find

Jacob H. Werner, died 1836 aged is illegible

Sarah Werner 1823-1837

These could possibly be our number 7 and 8 stones.

Contributed by Peggy J. Reichard
Werner, Casper (I61986)
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Estate Files:
Christian Zug (or Zeag), 1789, East Whiteland Township, Estate No. 3905.
1. Last will and testament (original) in German script.
2. Administration Account dated 12 December 1789.
3. Inventory exhibited 26 December 1787. Includes the following notables:
a. Receipts for monies paid to this children, viz.:
i. John Zook
ii. Michael Pickley
iii. Jacob Caufman
iv. Christian Zook
v. Yost Zook
vi. John Oleinger
vii. Jacob Zook
viii. Peter Miller (the father of Christian Miller)
b. Receipts for monies paid to my former wife’s children:
i. Jacob Swickler
ii. Joseph Swishler
iii. Christian Spiker
iv. Christian Miller
v. Jacob Perkey
4. English translation of last will and testament.
a. Written by Christian Zug “living in East Whiteland Township” being old and weak
b. The overplus of my estate shall be divided in equal shares to my children, viz.: Christian Miller (my oldest daughter’s son), Barbara, Elizabeth, John, Yost, Mary, Jacob, and Christian Zug.
c. My wife Anna Zug may continue to reside in the house where I now live during her widowhood. (Reference is made to articles of agreement between them.)
d. My wife Anna shall have the child that is bound to us called Elizabeth Gordon.
e. My wife has received 50 pounds of her first husband. I shall give her another 50 pounds. If this is not enough to provide for her maintenance, then I expect both her children and my children to provide for her out of Christian charity. Whatever remains of this 100 pounds after her decease shall be divided equally between my children and her children.
f. Wording indicates that his son John has previously received the testator’s land.
g. “In one year after my decease they shall begin to pay legacies and pay my son John his share and then every year pay one share according to their age and the last shall be Christian Miller his share which makes eight years after that they shall begin with my second wife Dorothea’s children and pay them 175 pounds including what they have already received to be divided in equal shares except Jacob Misler who is to have two shares one of which is to be Casper Teefebach’s share which he was to get and it is my will that they shall be paid after that if anything should remain it shall be divied amongst my children again….”
h. Executors: My trusty son John Zug and my trusty friend Michael Lapp.
i. Signed his name as Christen Zug in German script.
j. Dated 19 November 1786, probated 26 December 1787.
k. Witnessed by Daniel Durborrow and John Lapp.
Zug, Christian (I59610)
Christian Zimmerman of Earl tp.

PP-338: Christian Stoufer, Peter Stoufer, Jacob Stoufer, Henry Stoufer, Daniel Stoufer, Samuel Stoufer, Mathias Stoufer, Susanna Stoufer, Nicholas Noonamacher & his wife Esther, and Jacob Root & his wife Barbara [all children and heirs of Mathias Stoufer, deceased, late of Earl tp.] acknowledge having received their due share in and out of their late father's estate from their said brother Peter Stoufer and their uncle Christian Carpenter [their said father's executors].
--____ 1770


Earl tp.


October 30, 1787 February 1, 1788
Wife: (name omitted).
Children: Christian, Elizabeth, Barbara, Mary, Catharine,
Magdalena and Esther wife of Emanuel Newswanger.
Ex.: Christian Zimmerman and Emanuel Newswanger.

OC 6 Mar 1789:
CHRISTIAN ZIMMERMAN, decd., late of Earl tp., yeoman (116)
Ex. Christian Zimmerman & Emanuel Newswanger
PA-BAL-DISTR according to last will & testament; to wit, Barbara Zimmerman (the widow), said Christian Zimmerman, Elizabeth @ George Hoffman, Barbara @ Peter Shirk, Esther @ the said Emanuel Newswanger, Mary @ Joseph Shirk, Catharine @ George Weaver, & Magdalena @ Peter Light

MM-594: George Hoffman & his wife Elizabeth, Peter Shirk & his wife Barbara, Emanuel Newswanger & his wife Esther, Joseph Shirk & his wife Mary, George Wever & his wife Catharine, and Peter Lichte & his wife Magdalena [the six women all being daughters of Christian Zimmerman, deceased, late of Earl tp.] quitclaim to their brother Christian Zimmerman
--They acknowledge having received their full share in and out of the estate of their late father: HISTORY: By his last will & testament dated 30 Oct 1787, Christian Zimmerman devised his real estate to his son Christian, the party hereto. He further devised one-third of his estate to his wife Barbara for the rest of her natural life [she to be paid the interest annually on the principal amount]. At her death, the principal was to be divided equally among his children. The said widow has since died.
--19 Nov 1790

D3-191: George Hoffman & his wife Elizabeth, Peter Sherrick & his wife Barbara, Emanuel Neuschwanger & his wife Esther, Joseph Scherck & his wife Mary, George Weber & his wife Catharine, and Peter Lichti & his wife Magdalena [the six women all being daughters of Christian Zimmerman, deceased, late of Earl tp., yeoman] quitclaim to Christian Zimmerman [son of the said Christian, deceased]
--Their right & title to the real estate of their late father or father-in-law: HISTORY: See the preceding indenture.
--26 Dec 1797



The Landholdings of Christian Zimmerman of Earl tp.

1748: Patent to John Zimmerman, 468A (Patent A-13-410; total acreage of both adjoining tracts)
1752: John Zimmerman to Christian Zimmerman, 151A (F273; see F276 for the relationship)
1753: Patent to Christian Zimmerman, 126A (Patent A-19-36; Christian now holds 277A)
1759: John Zimmerman (via sheriff sale) to William Dowell, 317A (GG-275)
1759: William Dowell to Henry Weber, 317A (GG-268)
1760: Christian Zimmerman to his brother John Zimmerman, Jr., 86A (F276; see Deed D3-187; see also Deed D3-194)
1764: Henry Weber to the said Christian Zimmerman, 95A (U585; Christian now holds 286A)
1765: Henry Weber to David Evans, 64A (GG-268)
1769: David Evans (via sheriff sale) to the said Henry Weber, 64A (DD-22)
1771: Henry Weber to the said Christian Zimmerman, 64A (U593; Christian now holds 350A)
1771: ADD-IN: Henry Weber to Christian Zimmerman, 18A (U588; from adjoining patent land; Christian now holds 368A)
1771: Christian Zimmerman to the said Amos Evans, 16A (X632; Amos now holds 158A)
pre-1785: Christian Zimmerman to John Scherck, 7A (CC-534)
1785: Christian Zimmerman to Emanuel Neuschwanger, ~59A (CC-534)
1797: Christian Zimmerman's executor to his son Christian Zimmerman, Jr., 287A (D3-194)

Note: Christian Zimmerman's acquisitions above appear to match almost perfectly his known dispositions.

X632: Christian Carpenter, yeoman, & his wife Barbara of Earl tp. Amos Evans, yeoman, of same
15a, 140p Earl & Caernarvon tps.-excluding a milldam: HISTORY: Part of 364a Earl & Caernarvon tps. pat. 13 June 1761 to David Evans and his mother Ann Evans (Ref. PB AA-1-317) [the said mother's moiety for her natural life only, then to her son David]. On 8 Sep 1766, David Evans & his wife Bridget granted 18a, including a milldam, to Henry Weaver. On 30 Aug 1771, Henry Weaver & his wife Fronica granted the same to Christian Carpenter.
16 Oct 1771: SH & Henry Carpenter

CC-534: Christian Zimmerman (or Carpenter), yeoman, & his wife Barbara of Earl tp. Emanuel Newswanger, the younger, miller, of same
--Three tracts: (1.) 64a Caernarvon tp. [excepting seven acres that Christian Zimmerman granted to John Sherk], (2.) 18a Caernarvon tp., including a mill, and (3.) the privilege to erect and maintain a milldam.
1. HISTORY: It being the same tract acquired by Christian Zimmerman in Deed U593.
2. HISTORY: It being the same tract acquired by Christian Zimmerman in Deed U588.
3. HISTORY: It being the same privileges acquired by Christian Zimmerman in Deed U596.
--1 Jan 1785: Christian Zimmerman, Jung, & JJ

D3-194: Emanuel Neuschwanger [the executor of Christian Zimmerman] Christian Zimmerman [the son of the said Christian, deceased]
--Four tracts: (1.) 126 ½ a. Earl tp.; (2.) 151a Earl tp.; (3.) 29 ½ a. Caernarvon tp.; and (4.) 65a Caernarvon tp.
1. HISTORY: Same tract pat. 13 Nov 1753 to Christian Zimmerman.
2. HISTORY: Same tract that Hans Zimmerman & his wife Salome granted 9 June 1752 to Christian Zimmerman (F283).
3. HISTORY: Same tract acquired from Henry Weaver & wife Feronica on 27 Sep 1764 (Ref. Deed U585)
4. HISTORY: Acquired with the preceding tract via Deed U585.
--By his last will & testament dated 30 Oct 1787, Christian Zimmerman devised all his real estate to his son Christian, the party hereto, ordering his executor to make deeds good for the same.
--18 Dec 1797
--Memorandum: It was discovered that the deceased Christian Zimmerman & his wife Barbara had granted two tracts out of the above-said 151-acre tract to his brother Hans Zimmerman; to wit, (1.) 41a and (2.) 45 ½ a. Those two tracts are hereby excepted from his indenture. [Note: See Deed D3-187 above.] 
Zimmerman, Christian (I40791)
Clue for further research:

"Their son Johannes/John Link (born about 1749) married Anna Margaretha Zumwalt and died testate in Shenandoah County, Virginia, rather than in Pendleton County as you list.

Full information with citations and links to records is on my page:

Rick Saunders" 
Linck, Johannes (I16581)
Clue only--not sure about this...

"NICHOLAS MYERS, wife and sons migrated from Amsterdam, Holland, in 1753, and located in Lancaster County, Penn.; ten years later Nicholas bought 900 acres of land in Adams County and moved to the tract, building near Round Hill, in the vicinity of York Sulphur Springs. Their children were John, Jacob, David, William, Ludwick, Nicholas, Jr., Elizabeth, Susan, Margaret J. and Mary. John, the eldest, was born in Amsterdam, married Miss Sherman, of York county, and had issue. Jacob, our subject’s grandsire, was born in 1760, married Hannah Smith, and in 1796 removed to Canowago Mills, and later to New Chester. Their children were John, Philip, Henry and Elizabeth. The father lived to be eighty-five and the mother seventy-five years of age, and their remains were interred in the Bermudian Cemetery...."

See York newspapers for burial of Mrs. Hollinger, wife of Valentin Hollinger, in January 1836. It is believed that her tombstone in Mummert's cemetery--which gives the death date as 17 January 1856--is errant and should read 17 January 1836. Age at death: 66 years, 10 months, 21 days, which extrapolates to a birth date of 27 February 1769.

The newspaper burial record gives her death as "Wednesday last." Newspaper dated 27 January 1836. 
???, Anna Maria (I55734)

Jacob Koger was appointed as administrator of his [his brother Nicholas's] estate. It took Jacob ten years to settle this estate. On May 24th of 1753, Jacob Koger made a report to the Court of Orange County stating that he had traveled twice to Pennsylvania to settle the estate of his brother. He also states that he had paid to the widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Koger, her part of her husband's estate, "that being her dower." On the same day, he entered into an agreement with Thomas Macredie to pay b. 59.12.3 by June 1, 1754, to the orphans of Nicholas Koger as their part of their father's estate. Quality or Certainty of Data: 2
Koger, ??? (I70079)
Dauphin Will A150:
David Levenston of Heidelberg Township, Lancaster County, writ 22 Aug 1789, probated
1. “being very sick and weak in body”
2. He makes provisions for his wife Elizabeth.
3. Executors: Wife Elizabeth and Christian Susser (?)
4. My son-in-law Frederick Miller shall have possession of the plantation whereon I now dwell. The said plantation is bequeathed to my daughter Elizabeth and to her and her children. (Note: Presumably Elizabeth was married to Frederick Miller, but the testator does not say so.) My wife Elizabeth shall have a room in the house for the rest of her natural life.
5. To my daughter Anna Mary: The plantation that I bought of Michael Nees.She is to provide her mother yearly with two barrels of cider.
6. To my daughter Catharine: The sum of 1,200 pounds in bonds.
7. I authorize my executors to sell my piece or tract of land containing 33 acres.
8. Signed his name as David Levinston.
9. Witnessed by George Cook and George Cook, Junior.

Lancaster Deed Y284: David Levenstein, the elder, yeoman, & his wife Elizabeth of Heidelberg tp. his younger son David Levenstein, yeoman, of same
--Four contiguous tracts in Heidelberg tp. totaling 209a, 131p.: HISTORY: (1.) 130a Heidelberg tp. pat. 30 Jul 1741 to David Levenstein [Ref. PB A-9-346]. (2.) 28 ¼ a. Heidelberg tp. pat. 16 Aug 1763 [Ref. PB AA-5-174]. (3.) 30a Heidelberg tp. pat. 16 Aug 1763 [Ref. PB AA-5-174]. (4.) 21a, 91p Heidelberg tp. pat. 16 Aug 1763 [Ref. PB AA-5-174].
16 Mar 1769: Casper Sweytzer & Valentin Viehman

Dauphin Deed H1-161: George Becker, yeoman, & his wife Anna Mary of Heidelberg Township in Dauphin County John Royer & his wife Catharina
--Their right & title to 209A, 131P Heidelberg Township, it being one moiety of four contiguous tracts: HISTORY: On 30 July 1741, David Levenstein, the elder, obtained a patent dated 30 July 1741 for 130A Heidelberg Township, adjoining George Knap, Michael Bright, Jacob Becker, and Andrew Ellick (Ref. Patent A-9-346). By another patent dated 16 Aug 1763, the said David Levenstein obtained right to three contiguous tracts or parcels of land situate in Heidelberg Township described as follows: (1.) 30A Heidelberg tp., adjoining vacant land and David Levenstein’s other land; (2.) 28.40A Heidelberg tp., adjoining vacant land and Andrew Illick; and (3.) 21A, 90P Heidelberg tp., adjoining David Levenstein’s other land and George Miller [Ref. Patent AA-5-174]. // On 16 Mar 1769, David Levenstein, the elder, & his wife Elizabeth granted the aforesaid four tracts of land to their son David Levenstein, the younger (Ref. Lancaster Deed Y284). By his last will & testament written in the German language, dated 22 Aug 1789, David Levenstein, the younger, directed that his son-in-law Frederick Miller should take possession of the plantation “whereon I dwell.” He added: “It is my will and I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Elizabeth the said plantation unto her and her children….” The plantation referred to in the last will and testament was the same land as the aforesaid four contiguous tracts or pieces of land, which he did bequeath to his daughter Elizabeth, the wife of the said Frederick Miller. Thereafter, the said Elizabeth Miller died without children or any issue. Whereupon and by reason and means whereof the above described four contiguous tracts descended to her two sisters, to wit: the above-named Anna Mary Becker and Catharine, the wife of John Royer.
Frederick Miller has since sold his estate, title, and interest in the four contiguous tracts to the said John Royer. On equal date herewith, the said John Royer & his wife Catharine granted 135A Heidelberg Township (part of the aforesaid tracts) to George Becker, the first party hereto. [Additional details follow.]
--25 June 1793
Lowenstein, David (I52600)
David Davies received land in Earl tp. from his father Evan [who had the original warrant in his name]. The connection with the David Davies in Caernarvon tp. and Amity tp. is based solely on his wife's given name, which is uncommon in the region at that time.

Residences gleaned from deed records:

1751-1762: Earl tp. [apparently taxed as "Red David Davis"--usually on 200A]
1762-1767: Caernarvon tp.

X449: Robert Wallace, shopkeeper, & his wife Martha of Earl tp. Peter Grim, yeoman, of same
12a Earl tp.: HISTORY: Part of 238a pat. 24 June 1760 to David Davies (Ref. PB A-19-621). On 16 Apr 1762, David Davies & his wife Jane granted 12a to William Douglass. On 19 Mar 1763, William Douglass & his wife Sarah granted the same to Jacob Weaver. On 27 Aug 1766, Jacob Weaver & his wife Catharine granted the same to Robert Wallace.
9 Nov 1778: Philip Schnider & William Grof

W316: Jacob Huber, yeoman, & his wife Barbara of Earl tp. his father John Huber, yeoman, of same
238a Earl tp.: HISTORY: Same tract that David Davis & his wife Jean granted 2 June 1762 to Meredith Darlington [excepting 12 acres previously granted to William Douglass & three-quarters of an acre previously granted to the Presbyterian congregation]. On 17 Dec 1768, Meredith Darlington granted the same to John Huber. On equal date herewith, John Huber granted the same to his son Jacob.
1 May 1784: Samuel Carpenter & John McConnaughy
--John Huber ack.sat. 7 June 1788 [partially obscured-hard to read]

QQ-240: Henry Martin & his wife Maria of Earl tp. and George Martin & his wife Elizabeth of Earl tp. John Bear, innkeeper, of same
--One quarter-acre and thirteen perches in Earl tp.: HISTORY: Part of 238a pat. 24 June 1760 to David Davis (Ref. PB A-19-621). On 5 June 1762, David Davis & his wife Jane granted 1a, 25p to the trustees of the Presbyterian congregation [to wit, Robert Smith, Charles Vance, Thomas Cochran, & Thomas Kittera]. On 2 Apr 1787, the trustees [now Robert Smith, John Jenkins, James Gault, & James McConnel] granted the same to Jacob Weaver. On 6 Mar 1792, Jacob Weaver & his wife Catharine granted the same to Henry Martin & George Martin.
--8 Sep 1792

RR-131: David Davis, yeoman, & his wife Jane of Amity tp., Berks County, PA, Jacob Yoder of Caernarvon tp.
--Two adjoining tracts: (1.) 102a, 98p Caernarvon tp. and (2.) 69a Caernarvon tp.
1. HISTORY: Part of 341a pat. 17 Mar 1743 to John Bowen (Ref. PB A-11-340). By court order, the sheriff seized and sold 190a to John Ford [see the preceding indenture]. On 20 Sep 1762, John Ford & his wife Jean granted 124a, 68p to David Davis.
2. HISTORY: Same tract pat. 13 Sep 1762 to John Ford (Ref. PB AA-3-393). On 20 Sep 1762, John Ford & his wife Jean granted the same to David Davis.
--17 Apr 1767

According to an abstract of his father's last will & testament, David received his father's 400A plantation [he being the eldest son]. 
Davies, David (I20483)
David Musselman Family of Hempfield tp.

Hempfield tp. tax records:
David Musselman, 1751-1763, 200A
David Musselman, 1770-1783, 250A
Christian Musselman, 1773-1777 (freeman '73-75; junior '76; listed twice '76) [see Deed R394; later presumed to be in Warwick, then Manor]

ANALYSIS: David Musselman of Hempfield tp. received his father's plantation (see Christian Musselman's last will & testament dated 29 June 1734). David was not taxed in 1726; therefore, one might presume his date of birth circa 1706-1713. Deed Z415 states that David Musselman died intestate leaving two sons, David & Christian. Deed U134, in which Christian releases his right & title unto his said brother, confirms only two heirs. There is no reason to suppose any other children.
Curiously, David, Sr., does not appear in intestate records or the intestate index. He signed a 1766 release for his brother Peter's land (see Deed M3-542); however, he does not appear in 1769 tax records. A death circa 1767-1768 is presumed. Both of David's children can be followed definitively in deed records. Son David is included in the analysis below. See Christian Musselman of Manor tp. for the other child.
David Musselman moved to Bedford (now Huntingdon) County circa 1784. He was murdered by a robber in January 1787 while traveling between Camp Hill and Carlisle. See Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, January 1789, p. 21, for proof of migration and death. The researcher indicates that estate records prove David's migration, marriage, and murder.


This indenture proves the spouse of son David Musselman, Jr.:

AA-456: David Musselman, yeoman, & his wife Barbara of Hempfield tp. [she being a daughter of Daniel Neff, deceased, late of Manor tp.] Henry Neff [eldest son of said Daniel Neff, deceased]
150a Manor tp.: HISTORY: It being the same tract as given in the preceding indenture.
--12 June 1777: Johannes Neukomet & WA


Fully searched land file for David Mussel--/Mussl---/Mosem---/Moz--. All hits integrated into appropriate files.

194a Hempfield tp.
war. ----
sur. 9 May 173-
pat. 16 Jan 1744 to David Musselman (Patent A-11-441)

Patent A-11-441: Not yet compiled.

173?: Survey to ???, 194A
1744: Patent to David Musselman, 194A (Patent A-11-441)
1773: David Musselman's heirs to his son David Musselman, Jr., 194A (U134)
1780: ADD-IN: Adam Tate to the said David Musselman, Jr., 51A (U132; adjoining land from Patent A-12-232; David Jr. now holds 245A)
1783: ADD-IN: John Weller, Jr., to the said David Musselman, Jr., 15A (U34; adjoining land from Patent P35-336; David Jr. now holds 260A)
1784: David Musselman, Jr., to Martin Greiter, 260A (Z415)

NOTE: The last will & testament of Christian Musselman, dated 1734, bequeaths a plantation to his son David-subject to paying equal shares to the other heirs. Patent A-11-441 will likely identify the 194-acre tract delineated hereto as originally surveyed to the said Christian Musselman.

NOTE: I have omitted several legal conveyances between David Musselman, Jr., and his trustees. The said David Musselman, Jr., became indebted, deeding his property to various trustees in order to satisfy his creditors.

U134: Christian Mussleman, yeoman, of Hempfield tp. quitclaims to David Mussleman, yeoman, of same
--His undivided share of 194a Hempfield tp.: HISTORY: 194a Hempfield tp. pat. 16 Jan 1744 to David Mussleman (Ref. PB A-11-491). Said David Mussleman died intestate leaving issue two children, Christian & David [the parties hereto].
2 Mar 1773: John Huber & CS Jr.

T112: David Musselman, yeoman, & his wife Barbara of Hempfield tp. George Graff, merchant, of Lancaster Borough
--194a Hempfield tp.: HISTORY: Not given.
5 Apr 1776: Johannes Liebrich & WA
--George Graff, executor of George Graff, ack.sat. 8 May 1779.

U34: John Weller, yeoman, & his wife Mary of Hempfield tp. David Mussleman, yeoman, of same
15a Hempfield tp.: HISTORY: John Weller (father of John Weller, the party hereto) died intestate seized in possession of a 229a, 87p tract in Hempfield tp. He left issue four children, to wit,, Mary, Margaret, Barbara, & John. By mutual agreement, the heirs partitioned the property, with a 95-acre tract [being part of the larger tract] being allotted to the said John. On 17 Sep 1779, Yost Heyneman & his wife Mary, Adam Girdle & his wife Margaret, and Barbara Weller [being the aforesaid three daughters and their spouses] released the 95a tract to the said John Weller.
18 Mar 1780: David Forry & CJ

U132: Adam Tate, yeoman, of Hempfield tp. David Mussleman of same
51a [location not given]: HISTORY: Same tract that Hugh Podden granted 8 May 1754 to John Lata (Ref. Deed D124). By his last will & testament dated 21 Aug 1768, John Lata devised the same to his son Joseph. On 3 Dec 1779, Joseph Lata granted the same to Adam Tate.
1 Aug 1780: Jacob Lauber Froelich & CJ

W7: David Musselman, yeoman, & his wife Barbara of Hempfield tp. John Hopson, merchant, and Christopher Reigart, innkeeper, both of Lancaster Borough
194a Hempfield tp.: HISTORY: Not given.
--18 May 1782: Godleb Youngmann & CS
--John Hopson & Adam Reigart [the executor of Christopher Reigart] ack.sat. 15 Mar 1784.

X251: David Musselman, yeoman, & his wife Barbara of Hempfield tp. Christian Swar & Andrew Hirshy of same
51a Hempfield tp.: HISTORY: It being the same tract that Adam Tate granted 1 Aug 1780 to David Musselman (Ref. Deed U132). -Also see Deed X244.
--13 June 1783: ES & CS

X254: Alexander Lowrey of Donegal tp. David Musselman
51a Hempfield tp.: HISTORY: On 3 Dec 1779, Adam Tate mortgaged the said tract to Alexander Lowrey (Ref. Deed T394). On 1 Aug 1780, Adam Tate granted the said tract to David Musselman (Ref. Deed U132). Now, with this indenture, Alexander Lowrey releases the property from the said mortgage. [See also the preceding indenture.]
8 Aug 1783: ES & CS

Z542: David Musselman, yeoman, & his wife Barbara of Hempfield tp. Alexander Lowrey of Lancaster Borough and Jacob Neave & John Hoover, millers, both of Hempfield tp. in TRUST
260a Hempfield tp.: HISTORY: The said Lowrey, Neave, & Hoover are granted the land in trust to use and/or sell as necessary to satisfy the debts owing by the said David Musselman.
12 Feb 1784: Henry Broobaker, Samuel Neff, JY, Sophia Kauffman, & Frederick Berg

Z410: Tripartite agreement between the following parties:
1. Christian Swar (or Shwar), yeoman, & his wife Elizabeth of Hempfield tp. and Andrew Hershy, yeoman, & his wife Mary of same
2. David Musselman, yeoman, of same
3. Alexander Lowry, yeoman, of Lancaster Borough; Jacob Neave, yeoman, of Hempfield tp.; and John Hoover, yeoman, of Hempfield tp.
--On 12 Feb 1784, said David Musselman & his wife Barbara granted 260a Hempfield tp. to the said Lowry, Neave, & Hoover in trust. They were given the authority to sell & dispose of the said property in order to discharge debts owing by the said David Musselman. // On 13 June 1783, David Musselman & his wife Barbara granted 51a Hempfield tp. to said Swar & Hershy (Ref. Deed X251). This 51a tract is part of the aforementioned 260a tract. It was understood between both parties that said Swar & Hershy would re-convey the property to David Musselman once he had satisfied debts that he owed them. // Now, by this indenture, the party of the third part pays the debts owed to the party of the first part, who now re-convey the 51a tract to the party of the third part under the conditions of the agreement between the second and third parties.
--22 Mar 1784: WH & William A. Atlee

Z415: Tripartite agreement between the following parties:
1. Alexander Lowry, yeoman, of Lancaster Borough; Jacob Neave, yeoman, of Hempfield tp.; and John Hoover, yeoman, of Hempfield tp.
2. David Musselman, yeoman, of Hempfield tp.
3. Martin Cryder, yeoman, of Hempfield tp.
--The parties of the first & second part release the following properties to the party of the third part: (1.) 194a Hempfield tp., (2.) 51a Hempfield tp., and (3.) 15a Hempfield tp.
1. HISTORY: Same tract pat. 16 Jan 1744 to David Musselman (Ref. PB A-11-491). Said David Musselman died intestate leaving issue two sons, David Musselman (party hereto) and Christian Musselman, to whom the property descended. On 2 Mar 1773, Christian Musselman released his right to the property to his said brother David (Ref. Deed U134).
2. HISTORY: Same tract that Adam Tate, late of Hempfield tp., granted 1 Aug 1780 to David Musselman (Ref. Deed U132).
3. HISTORY: Same tract that John Weller, yeoman, & his wife Mary of Hempfield tp. granted 18 Mar 1780 to David Musselman.
--On 12 Feb 1784, said David Musselman & his wife Barbara granted the said three properties (totaling 260a Hempfield tp.) to the said Lowry, Neave, & Hoover in trust. They were given the authority to sell & dispose of the said property in order to discharge debts owing by the said David Musselman. The said party of the first part has recently sold the same at public vendue to the party of the third part. Now, with this indenture, title to the same is officially transferred.
--22 Mar 1784: WH & William A. Atlee
Musselman, David (I39698)
Death Registers of the Ephrata Cloister:

Weydebachin , Sister Eimicke^ wife or widow of Philip Hanselman. " On the 24th (of) October in the Lord fell asleep ; her age was 70 years. She was once (a) very devout, God-fearing widow, who had already much in Germany suffered." (She came to the Community together with the wife of Christopher Sauer).

Note: Sachse added that she was the wife or widow of Philip Hanselman. The Death Register abstracts available to me only give her name as "otherwise Weydebachin." 
Hanselmann, Philipp (I59009)

« Diderich Marchal, 29 ans » :

Un bon candidat serait en théorie Didier Marchal, né le 5 12 1706 à Waldersbach de Marchal Jean-Jacques et Bernard Marie-Salomé ; pas d'acte de décès au Ban de la Roche ; x Sara Banzet le 9 9 1732 à Waldersbach .

Cependant, j'hésite fortement à faire, du Didier Marchal du Ban de la Roche, le Diderich Marchal de la Princess Augusta. En effet, un Bandelarochois est en principe protestant. Or, nous trouverons des Marchal en Amérique à Pigeon Hill, dans ce qui est en principe une colonie catholique. Mystère, mystère …

Cependant, à toutes fins utiles, j'indique ci-dessous l'ascendance du Didier Marchal du Ban de la Roche :

Généalogie de Didier Marchal : 1 Marchal Didier ; 2 Marchal Jean-Jacques ; 3 Bernard Marie-Salomé ; 4 Marchal Dimanche ; 5 Loux Dimanchette (Mougeotte) ; 6 Bernard Didier ; 7 Caquelin Catherine ; 8 Marchal Nicolas ; 9 Steff Odile ; 10 Loux Nicolas ; 11 Christmann Christine ; 12 Bernard Jean ; 13 Millan Catherine ; 14 Caquelin Didier ; 15 Vonier Marguerite ; 16 ? ; 17 ? 18 Steff Etienne ; 19 Charpentier Catherine ; 20 ; 21 ; 22 ? ; 23 ? ; 24 Bernard Dimanche ; 25 ? ; 26 Millan Nicolas ? ; 27 ? ; 28 Caquelin Nicolas
Généalogie de Sara Banzet : : 1 Banzet Sara ; 2 Banzet Jean ; 3 Verly Anne-Marie ; 4 Banzet Christophe ; 5 Neuviller Jeanne ; 6 Verly David ; 7 Becker Barbe ; 8 Banzet Jandon (Jean) ; 9 Apfel Marthe-Anne ; 10 Neuviller Jean ; 11 Thon Marie ; 12 Verly Jean : 13 Stoll Christine 14 ; Becker Pierre ; 15 Eichelberger Véronique ; … 20 Neuviller Joseph ; 22 Ringelsbach Anne ; 23 Thon Jean

Dans l'hypothèse où Didier Marchal ne serait pas du Ban de la Roche même, il importe de noter que ce nom et ce prénom sont très courants dans la région.

Didier Marchal meurt vraisemblablement pendant la traversée. En effet, noté malade sur une des listes du capitaine, il est absent de la liste d'immigrants finalement soumise à l'approbation de la Cour.

Marschall, Dieterich (I19420)
Died intestate, in the county of Lancaster, Province of Pennsylvania, in 1739. Letters of administration were granted March 17, 1739, to his widow Isabelle, John Sterrett and Andrew Mayes, sureties. No children mentioned. 
Sterrett, Benjamin (I41020)
First appearance on 10 October 1747 Lancaster Lutheran communicant list where he is identified as a servant of Huberin [Mrs. Huber].

A Georg Muckenberger arrived at Philadelphia on 9 October 1747 on board the Ship Restauration. I otherwise do not see the surname in Philadelphia passenger lists. 
Muckenburger, Abraham (I24500)

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