Port of Philadelphia, 1752


Database Last Updated March 2024. After 20 years of genealogical research in the South Central Pennsylvania region (viz., Lancaster, Berks, Lebanon, Dauphin, York, Cumberland, Adams, and Franklin counties)I have decided to make my research more public.

My late night passion is piecing together the families of the early settlers and then tracking them to the 1790 Federal Census. Ideally, I can also pinpoint their European origin. Presently, I am working along several creeks in Lancaster County (Mill Creek, Conestoga Creek, Cocalico Creek, and Muddy Creek--with corresponding branches).

I have several thousand pages of research and analysis to share--although it will take considerable time to prepare for web publishing. I have long intended to share my work via the printed press; however, I have decided that my work will never be done as I continuously await new online databases to update and improve my manuscripts.

Because I do this work out of love and not for profit, I have chosen to share it with you.

On this site, I have uploaded my master database (also available as "Central Pennsylvania Families 2015" on Ancestry.com). Essentially, I merge all data that I find into the file. Please note that--as I have been building this database for 20 years--it does contain some of my early research (meaning: poor quality). I am currently working to improve the source citations.

Please understand that--while I intend to respond to any queries--I have a young family and it may take weeks to months for a response.

Best wishes in your research.
Ed Wevodau
April 2020

Feature Articles

feature 1 Eighteenth Century German Emigrants to the American Colonies Following in the footsteps of Annette K. Burgert, Henry Z. Jones, and Brigitte Burkett, I enjoy documenting German emigrants who later settled in the Americas. Please click on the link above to visit an offshoot website where I currently have research monographs posted on eighteenth century German emigrants from the following villages: Edenkoben, Lomersheim (Enzkreis), Reichelsheim im Odenwald, Leistadt (Kr. Bad Durkheim), Hochdorf bei Horb (Kr. Cawl), Rimbach (Kr. Heppenheim), Russheim in Baden-Durlach, Graben in Baden-Durlach, Eggenstein & Schrock in Baden-Durlach, and Teutschneureut & Welschneureut in Baden-Durlach. Plenty more to come when I find the time to finish them!

feature 2 Archion Wish to have access to old German church books but don't have the time or money to go to Salt Lake City or Germany? The German website Archion gives a full year's access to countless original church books for about half the price of a plane ticket. This is where I like to spend my time while my wife and children are sleeping.

feature 3 Lancaster County Will Abstracts Please follow the link above to view my abstracts of early Lancaster wills. I am seeking collaborators to create new abstracts of Lancaster will books A through M. A note at the start of the file explains the proposed project. The original abstracts done under the direction of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania frequently omit important genealogical information.

feature 4 Closson Press I have 12 books of compiled early records available via Closson Press. If you find something of value on this website, I encourage you to purchase any book published by Closson Press compilers. Plesae support and encourage those persons who make early records available to the public.

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